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Pelosi: Don’t Call it Obamacare

Pelosi: First of all, it’s the Affordable Care Act.

Ahh, those libs, always regulating our speech. Nancy, THE WHITE HOUSE CALLS IT OBAMACARE. Also, it’s not affordable.

H/T Washington Free Beacon.

19 Responses to Pelosi: Don’t Call it Obamacare

  1. Here’s the deal Nancy. You read it before you pass it, and I will call it what you want. If not, you have no right, standing or ability to tell me what I will call it. Stupid cow.

  2. Fancy Nan from San Fran is wrong; it’s the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act”.
    Not only did she not read it before she endorsed it and voted for it, she doesn’t even know what is it’s official title.

  3. I have a “News Flash” for Nancy Pelosi. In the past (before “Obamacare” was fully implemented), Democrats and even the President were calling it “Obamacare.” Granted, they may have not named it that, but they seemed to like it when it suited their (and the President’s) Political Ends. Well, the name stuck, they own it, and they’re going to have to eat it! Now, would you like a nice glass of “whine’ with that “Obamacare,” Nancy???? ENJOY and Bon Appetit!!!!

  4. The reporter should have told her, I do not appreciate being spoken to like you were better than anyone in this room.
    Phil Jourdan made another clear point, READING!.
    The reporter should have also told her, I would appreciate someone taking the stage who has read this mess. I did not sit and wait on you, to come out with a new name.