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Live Stream || Chris Christie on NJ Traffic Scandal

The event has concluded.

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  1. The Dems are salivating, calling this the end of his presidential campaign hopes. But the progressive rag, the NYTimes so despises Christie and so want Hillary, that months ago they began the anti-Christie articles, creating for their readership an image of Christie as a bully, not as an outspoken moderate. This story just confirms their imagery.

    As a NYer myself, I am on the fence about Christie and his chances for taking the R presidential nomination. I don’t think his press conference today will make or break my decision about his political future, but I will watch and listen.

  2. I’m no Christie fan but the way the “press” is now all about “he should have known, how could he NOT have known, he is ultimately responsible, someone’s gotta get fired” considering how Obama is STILL getting passes on Fast and Furious, IRS, Benghazi, NSA, Obamacare, Healthcare.gove and on and on and on pretty much proves once and for all just how far in the tank for the DNC the “mainstream media” truly is.

    • Have you noticed how quiet the RINOs are, Geoff? Christie will soon find out just how shallow and spineless his establishment cronies really are…

      • You and Julie are both oh, so correct. Keith’s piece in Politico perfectly laid out the 2016 opportunity for the Republican party but the Roves and Christies of the party are more worried about their own power and pockets than the fate of the nation.

          • I put this comment on another thread on this site but it was sucked into moderation.
            I think we need some form of permanent “Special Committee” in the wings to rectify the obvious lies that are being given to congressional committees.
            Boehner should not have the authority to block the formation of a committee.
            It should be the decision of a majority of congress.
            One man should not have that power.

    • A New Jersey politician abusing their power? I’m shocked, shocked I tell you. Just as shocked as hearing that a former Chicago politician is punishing his enemies with the IRS. So many similarities…but on a national scale. I don’t care about NJ, and I doubt that Christie will make it past the primary season.

      • …NJ is my Homeland (Turnpike Exit 11 and Parkway Exit 117)
        NJ has a US Navy battleship.
        Being a proud! New Jersey boy I am always amused with the way the ‘Nation’ views New Jersey.
        Best view of NJ I always saw was the intro to “The Sopranos”… that is what I grew up on :-)

  3. No wonder the WH was so sanquine regarding Gates’ book. They must have known the lane closures on the George Washington Bridge were going to take center stage overnight in the news. Marco Rubio was sent out to take the first volley of questions on morning tv and he deflected the questions with ‘I am not going to comment on headlines.’ I am not sure when the ‘event’ happened, but it must have been early in December, which we all realize is a million years ago in a news cycle.

    • Good point! CNN definitely took the bait (or read the memo). Do I really need or care to see some state committee inquiry live for hours on end? Did they even broadcast any of Issa’s committee inquiries?

  4. What a waste of time and energy; the Gov will just fire the guy he thinks is responsible for putting up orange cones. Then the MSM will find some other “scandal” to pin on him that won’t mean beans either.

    • The purpose is to suck the air dry and protect Hillary. We all should assume this will be one of many games of dodge ball to be played.

      • Sadie, I’ve no doubt Hillary has her thumb in this pie too since the NYT is leading the charge against Christie. Her ‘most likely’ 2016 opponent has been damaged beyond repair. She’s had her drones working pretty effectively for her lately. I still say that the Gates book just gave her a slap on the wrist and said she was terrific in all other respects, but the book also drove many nails into Biden’s presidential coffin.

      • She needs to clean the air after her comment:
        WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Is her grown child in the service. Is her grown child working over seas.

  5. This one is easy peasy. Christie has matched or beat Hillary in recent presidential preference polls. Hence, Christie has to go. Democrat operatives mysteriously produce emails and feed them to the MSM. MSM runs with the story. Hillary stays above the fray. Makes little or no public comment, but is very pleased.

  6. All Christie has to do is change that letter after his name from an ‘R’ to a ‘D’, and this scandal will no longer be one.

    btw, closing down a lane on a bridge pales in comparison to using the IRS to punish anyone who speaks out against this Administration. It would also be a scandal if this Administration was marked with an ‘R’. But since it is marked with a ‘D’, we won’t be seeing any press coverage of IRS power abuse.

  7. I don’t care how many bad things FCMABBHO or any other Democrat has done. What Christie’s aide did was to use her political power to harass and mistreat the residents of a city whose mayor did not endorse her boss. I don’t know about the law in New Jersey, but this is called “official oppression” and is a crime in many jurisdictions. I’d like to see her sorry, vindictive ass locked away.

  8. At first I liked Christie. I began to have doubts about him when he went before the Republican Convention. His speech was about him.

  9. Character counts! If in fact Christie did the dirty deed, it is the sign of a petty, mean-spirited bully. We don’t need another one in the WhiteHouse.
    OTOH, closing lanes on a bridge is a mere peccadillo compared to leaving four brave souls to die on sovereign US territory in Benghazi.

    I am no fan of CC, especially after he gleefully signed the NJ Dream Act giving illegals in-state tuition. How much is that going to cost NJ taxpayers? What an insult to neighboring states, NY and PA.

    • OTOH, closing lanes on a bridge is a mere peccadillo “compared to leaving four brave souls to die on sovereign US territory in Benghazi.”

      It’s still wrong. To give him or his aide a pass because FCMABBHO has done dastardly deeds is to make a mockery of the law.

  10. That old adage that you’re only as good as the people you surround yourself with is appropriate here. Christie’s top aide is Christie personified. Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely. This temporary bridge closing is insignificant compared to the destruction and carnage left by Preezy and his foot soldiers, but that won’t stop the state-run media from their mission of destroying any opposition to their chosen ones.

  11. Let Gates and Christie talk to each other. I am sick of both. Grump grump. I hope Christie does not run–for selfish reasons–I am fat and I don’t want to spend a yr or more of fat comments, explaining it, etc.

  12. The GOP has been pushing a meme that a President of the United States should have executive experience, something which Obama lacks. But on the other hand, the GOP cannot have a candidate who illustrates that he has been a poor manager. Maybe Christie himself had nothing to do with the scandal, maybe like Obama he will say many times over “I did not know”, but managers should know what the people who work for him are up to. Surely, the shutting down of a bridge and creation of such a traffic nightmare was visible to his eye. BTW, even though OT, Christie has been a poor manager in general: his schtick was that he was going to lower NJ taxes but their property taxes remain the second highest in the nation and he has caved to the unions to be reelected.

    In a sense the left wing media created him as the front runner GOP candidate, and now they are taking him down. He was never the GOP choice. I don’t shed any tears for him, but the GOP needs to take a lesson from this episode and start protecting its good, conservative candidates from being picked off by the liberal media one by one.

    • Great advice, but the GOP won’t take it. The leadership is spineless and deathly afraid of state-run media. They’ll run for cover until the coast is clear, and then they’ll join in on kicking the candidate while he/she is down.

    • “I’m not a bully, I’m a victim.” Is that what you mean? I don’t think it will work. He won’t recover from this, and the MSM will not let us forget it.

      • Christie will be fine. I am no fan, but he fired the aide of long standing, and took the opportunity to promote himself. Hillary is going to have to work harder to get rid of him.

        • Boehner has just come out and said that Christie is still a presidential contender. I disagree with you, Boehner and PBB below, but we shall see. I think the left will not let go.

  13. The press actually can cover a scandal. Who knew , after years of the scandal free Obama Administration, it could rise to the occasion.


  14. I believe short term Christy goes up in the polls……..

    The question is whether the aides will write their books, testify or take a dirt nap in the Meadowlands.

  15. My husband commented that Gov. Christy should have done what Pres.
    Obama usually does. Just say he doesn’t know anything about anything
    and the first he heard of it, it was in the newspapers.