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Quote of the Day || January 8, 2014

“The income gap between the rich and the poor concerns me greatly. That’s why I’m vowing, here and now, never to take more than a million bucks a speech after I’m president. I just won’t do it.”

– Barack Obama

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

19 Responses to Quote of the Day || January 8, 2014

    • I’m not surprised. As a private individual with a large 401K and IRA, we’re also raking it in. The only thing that’s doing well is the market because there’s nothing else to do with your money. Companies are not reinvesting their profits, they’re holding on to their cash just in case the economy continues to crash and burn. That and all the money the feds are pumping into the economy, I’m surprised the market’s not doing better than it is.

      • The Feds are set to cut $10 billion a month from the money-morphine drip of bond buying to $75 billion a month. Whether or not it’s a ‘quake’ or a ‘shake’ we’ll soon find out.

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    • Ditto. I can’t imagine this imposter hitting the speaking circuit when (if) he leaves office. First of all, he has proven that he gives a poor speech. Sure he can read a teleprompter. But organizations that fork over big bucks for high-profile speakers do not feel they will be getting their money’s worth when the speaker has to bring two teleprompters with him.

      Secondly, Obama is unqualified to speak about anything. He has no leadership ability or experience that he can pass on to his audience.

      And thirdly, he is just plain lazy. If he is not willing to work while collecting a President’s salary, then I can’t see him willing to work when he doesn’t have to.

  1. BHO personifies The Peter Principle, which a minor correction. Replace Peter with Prick! That is at least a 10x magnification of the subject.

  2. From todays “Zero Hedge”:
    “Recently the FBI made a significant change to it´s self-proclaimed primary focus in its fact sheet from “law enforcement” to “national security”. This change merely confirms what I and countless others have claimed to be true for quite some time. That the entire regulatory, security and intelligence apparatus of the US has been redirected away from protecting the Constituion and the rule of law, towards a narrow focus on protecting the economic and social positions of the oligarch class at all costs under the guise of “war on terror”.
    An alarming shift, I must say. A lingering smell of a new KGB in the air. Well, Snowden went on stage just in time.

  3. From the White House Spokeswoman, Caitlin Hayden:
    “Deliberations over our policy on Afghanistan have been widely reported on over the years,’ the statement continued, ‘and it is well known that the President has been committed to achieving the mission of disrupting, dismantling and defeating al Qaeda, while also ensuring that we have a clear plan for winding down the war, which will end this year.”

    Has anyone informed al Qaeda, Pakistan, Afghanistan that the war is over?

  4. I gotta’ get Robert Gates’ book about FCMABBHO and Clinton. From what I’ve heard this morning, it’s a butt-kicking read.

  5. Preezy Revenge isn’t plan on leaving Gomorrah on the Potomac when he and the Mooch are dragged out of our White House kicking and screaming in 2017. Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh made a frightening prediction about the grifters. Should America be blessed with a conservative president in 2016, Preezy will never allow his transformation of America to be reversed by him/her. Just imagine his demagoguery; holding court with his loyal sycophantic state-run media, a backdrop of true believers, and the audience of paid clapping seals in the audience every time the new president reverses one of his tyrannical edicts. What a nightmare!

  6. MrGates is like “Mikey”; he doesn’t like or approve of anyone in DC.
    He slaps everyone he worked for and with in DC, with the curious exception of MrsClinton. He hated it there, thinks way too much of himself, and believes that he was always right.

    We might all agree that MrBiden is a clumsy gaffer, or that he doesn’t know diddly about foriegn affairs, but since he doesn’t make the decisions on policy there’s no need or reason to make him the goat in this opinionated tale from a disgruntled former insider.

    • Gates — disgruntled or not, and Biden, fairly or unfairly, taking shots is no matter to me. My view is that this Republic is under fire by ideologists who want to take us down a destructive leftist path toward socialism. Therefore, anything short of outright lies and illegalities, that causes this Administration to pause, defend itself and lose momentum works for me. And finally, I find Obama’s ambivalence toward Afghanistan and the resulting high number of fatalities and wounded abhorrent. So, if Gates is just some disgruntled former insider that’s fine by me, as long as the brakes are put on, if only temporarily, the hell that is this Administration.