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The Obama Morning News || January 7, 2014

Why the GOP could win it all this year . . . Larry Sabato
Will Obama drag down Hillary? . . . Politico Magazine
Tapper: Hillary will have to answer for Benghazi . . . Daily Caller
Dems to focus on income gap for 2014
. . . Washington Post
Senator sues over Congress’ Obamacare deal . . . Fox News
WH: Obamacare slowing health spending . . . The Hill
Iraq violence may undo U.S. effort
. . . Washington Post
Critics: Obama fail on Al Qaeda Iraq comeback . . . Examiner
Kerry slammed for suggesting Iran role in Syria . . . Fox News
Obama push backfires: gun sales soar . . . Washington Times
Senate confirmes Yellen for Fed . . . New York Times
Cheney campaign: The final hours . . . Politico
Claim: Deep freeze due to . . . global warming! . . . The Hill 

18 Responses to The Obama Morning News || January 7, 2014

  1. I just read the Daily Caller article: That HIllary will have to answer to Benghazi. She needs to answer NOW!
    I just read also on Fox that Family members of victims of Benghazi terror attack demanded Monday that House Speaker John Boehner
    create a select committee to investigate the assault that killed four Americans.
    We have millions of people in the service and people who work overseas who deserve this investigated as well. Not covered up.
    I hope the fellow readers at this site are not fed up with me discussing Benghazi again.

  2. By the way: We can handle the heat and humidity down hear in Louisiana. NOT the cold. We closed our schools. My miniture Schnauzer is sitting on my lap with a sweater on, and she is still shivering. I would rather 95 degrees with high humidity rather than this cold morning. In the heat I can always grab a hose to cool off!

    • I can’t handle either extreme well butt…I can throw on another layer to keep warm/warmer – I can’t rip off my skin to cool off.
      I’ve lived in both types of climates heat/humidity and the FMAO one. I am ready for a year-round one that is about 68-72 degrees – any suggestions?

    • Down to -11 early this morning for me. We did not get walloped by the snow though, for once. Thought my legs were going to stop moving on the two block walk into work. Call me crazy but I would rather have one day of this in the winter than 95 and humid all summer.

    • I did not know (but should have guessed) Obamacare penalizes people for not participating by raising insurance premiums. That I definitely do not agree with. But my company has a wellness program that is voluntary. If you participate, you get a very small monetary reward. Nobody is penalized through higher insurance premiums. I think it’s a good idea. Overall it may not look like much of a savings because the majority of people are healthy, but the study does seem to support it for the smaller group of people with chronic conditions. I wonder what % of people were diagnosed with a chronic condition through the screenings?

  3. I received that email from Gen Wes Clark about getting a Hillary bumper sticker. She’s running, no doubt about it. Remember that ad she made about Obama not being ready for that 3AM phone call? Well, she wasn’t ready either when Benghazi called. The only question I have is whether the Republicans can message against her effectively.

  4. I suggest a video of her 3 AM phone call ad edited with bodies being dragged through the street and her infamous “What difference does it make” testimony.