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Michelle Staying At Oprah’s Maui Estate

First lady Michelle Obama has transferred from Oahu to Maui and is staying at Oprah Winfrey’s vast 12-room spread on the island, according to reports.

Oprah is said to be in attendance, of course. The Daily Caller reports that CBS’ Gayle King, White House advisor Valerie Jarrett and Sharon Malone – wife of Attorney General Eric Holder – have joined Michelle to spend several days pre-celebrating her birthday, which occurs January 17.

Michelle will return to Washington by then and plans to have a huge bash in at the White House – Beyonce and Adele are rumored – on January 18.

Security is said to be very tight on the island. Though described as a “birthday gift” from Obama, taxpayers will likely be ponying up in excess of $200,000 for Michelle to remain in Hawaii after the vacation and travel home separately from the president.

You can find a photo of Oprah’s estate here.

43 Responses to Michelle Staying At Oprah’s Maui Estate

  1. So her entire entourage, including aides, handlers, secret service, and accompanying limousine fleet, had to be loaded aboard military transports and flown from Oahu to Maui at a substantial additional cost to taxpayers.

    • I’d also like to know how many are in her entourage. Are we paying for her makeup artist and hair stylist to stay on Maui too? What about all her aids or assistants, all the security personnel. It’s not just about a separate flight back to DC, there’s a whole lot of expense for all that support – meals, lodging, etc.

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  2. Another commenter here called it: this is not a vacation, it’s an intervention.
    No way would ValJar abandon her proximity to MrObama for a mere “vacation”. Something’s up.

    • I want to know who is running things back at the WH if ValJar is in Hawaii with Mooch. And where is the First Grandmother? I didn’t see her in the picture with Zippy & the girls walking from the copter into the WH yesterday.

    • If not an intervention, perhaps an offer from Oprah she can’t refuse (her own talk show? Oprah’s a queen maker for those) in exchange for hubby and our tax money bailing out her network?

      Val, Gayle, Mrs. Holder would add to a View-like panel talk show? Between the pitch, development and airing, could easily be ready for a Spring 2016 launch.

      • Hillary Clinton did that when the Clintons left the WH and she was a newly elected Senator from NY. Wealthy Democratic contributors from as far out as Lincoln, Nebraska bought her gifts for her new house in DC. I remember the china pattern she listed. It was a Royal Copenhagen botanical pattern that was originally made for Catherine the Great. No disclaimer: I kid you not.

        • Oh, my! I had no idea.. Here I thought I was joking about a registry but Hillary has already done it. Just when I think they’ve stooped as low as possible, they always dig the hole deeper.

    • Oprah wants to educate these women and gain their support for her statement thal “old white people need to die.” She wants the DNC to include that as a plank in their platform.

      • The Jewish people have been hurt for centuries.
        They picked themselves up and prospered.
        They did not complain and say gimme, gimme, gimme.
        Everything was moving forward for everyone. Till someone stayed up late and said I miss the late 50’s and early 60’s, let’s do that all over again.
        Bill Cosby years ago disagreed highly of the students wanting to have their own ignorant language.
        Finally can you imagine the Fine First Lady Bush (either one)
        pulling this type of activity on the Tax Payers expense?

      • Oprah really ticked off some of the local white police in Hawaii by making that statement “Old White people need to die”. The next day she was busted by those policemen. They pulled up her dress and found 5 pounds of crack.

  3. I hope Michelle gets her rest because it’s only about 5 weeks away from her all girl’s ski vacay to Aspen or Vail or who knows where this year.

    On other news, I see that Jay Carney has a beard….too.

  4. Before they left D.C. the WH let the cat out of the bag, sort of. They said the ‘family’ might be taking a side trip to Maui. I remember thinking ‘what nerve’! Lavishing themselves on the taxpayer dime!
    Looks like the ‘ghetto girl’ (as she is known in some Chicago circles) is leading a secret life at taxpayer expense.
    We know is isn’t interested in us, the country, or her ‘duties’ as FLINO. But dammit, I resent everything about her and her hedonistic lifestyle.
    We know nothing about her activities at the WH – she is flying under the radar. Little tidbits have surfaced over the years such as her phone calls to celebrities inviting them to ‘come visit’ her at her new residence.
    Worse yet, she has a sissy husband who allows her to get away with her shennanigans. A ‘birthday gift’ – my arse!

    • AMEN!

      Michelle just seems so stuck-up & arrogant and really hates her job as “FLOTUS” (re: dealing with US Military families, that scam called ‘lets move’ & her messing up school lunches)

      BTW, has anyone seen the ‘First dog’ Bo or Sunny lately…???
      Seems like Michelle & daughters do not like those dogs (aka; photo props for the family)

  5. Perspective. I just brought my 90 year old mother home from the hospital
    she’s got Alzheimer’s. Now the taxpayer money they will give Michelle
    for her birthday would help a lot for research and to aid people who aren’t
    able to put their parents in costly care homes. I really hope she enjoys

  6. Aww. So Michelle gets a couple of extra days in Hawaii. You all seem so butt-hurt. Didn’t hear any of you poor souls crying when President Bush spent over a year of his eight year run on vacation, with full security and transportation included at taxpayer expense. Bush took 879 vacation days, which included 77 total trips to his Crawford, Tex., ranch. including Air-Force One and lots’o’security. We all paid for each and every one of them too.

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