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Unemployment Benefit Extension Sinking Fast

The White House is pushing aggressively – at least rhetorically – for an extension of expiring long-term unemployment benefits, but it does not appear the bill will emerge from the Senate, let alone the House, where it has virtually no chance, according to Politico.

“I hope a few reasonable and empathetic Republicans will join my colleague from Nevada, Sen. Heller, and help us advance this bill,” said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Sperling: Hmm, maybe we can pass this bill and help these poor people without calling any Republicans.
Sperling: Hmm, maybe we can pass this bill and help these poor people without calling any Republicans.

Well, demonizing Republicans sure will help round up votes, won’t it? But then again, maybe demonizing Republicans is the point.

“If Republicans block this renewal, I think it will have an effect on their chances for the 2014 elections,” said Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.).

Oh, I see!

The $6.5 billion legislation is being brought to the floor without consideration in committee and without the possibility of amendment on the floor. That’s what’s called, in Washington, ramming it through. And the money is being supplied directly by the Chinese. That is, the bill includes no tax increases or spending cuts to pay for the extension.

Outgoing White House National Economic Council Director Gene Sperling gave one of his typically plaintive performances in the briefing room, lamenting, “today and tomorrow are the days that the 1.3 million Americans will find their temporary lifeline not in their mailbox.”

But Sperling said the White House might talk about how to pay for it only after it’s passed.

And, asked if he’d bothered to call any Republicans other than the bill’s GOP cosponsor, Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada, Sperling couldn’t come up with any: “I would say many of us have been in contact with many people.”

But the president himself – the president, I tell ya – called both Heller and the Democratic cosponsor, Jack Reed of Rhode Island, according to Sperling, “FROM HIS VACATION,” to find out how he could help.

Apparently their answer was, “play golf nine times.”

Obama will continue this entirely-nonpolitical-only-meant-to-help-people effort in the East Room Tuesday, imploring Republicans to pass the bill. He’ll no doubt be surrounded by desperately unemployed citizens who carved some time out of their job search schedule to make it to the White House.

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  1. I need some help here/maybe advice. Income inequality : how does that equate to the money spent by TAXPAYERS for that vacation of theirs?

    Any information will help enlighten me.

    1. $200,000 could have been saved by flying the First Lady home with her family.
      Which is basically enough money to pay for 10 people’s unemployment for a year.

      Of course those 10 people are people currently employed in the senate.

  2. I don’t mind paying taxes to help out people who’ve lost their jobs, but I’m getting tired of the multiple-generational entitlements.

    1. tired of all the freebies illegals get. Less for them, more to the unemployed and then I wouldn’t mind losing some of my 1 point COLA towards my pension.

      My youngest had to leave his job (long story, and not of his fault), it took him 3 months to find a new job that not only will expand his training, but also get him his certification. He was starting to get discouraged that he would not find a new job, because most of postings required a special certification he did not hold. Although his new job is only 32 hrs, he is at a teaching hospital, he has full benefits, and loves the new change. He has been out of college for 2 years, but banked allot of his $$ earned with his first job, has already paid off one loan and has $$ in savings to get him by. It’s not a high paying job, but he can advance, and getting his certification will open allot more doors in his future. And he could have received unemployment, but refused.

      1. That’s fine.

        I’m talking about people who’ve lost their jobs through no fault of their own. I’m talking about people who are the heads of their house-holds.

        1. Otis–congrats to your son. He sounds like a fine person. And he is doing the coming thing (in my opinion), certificating up for a job, then perhaps doing that again in a few yrs for a different type of job. But this does not work too well for the over-55s and those who have been “looking” for months and months. The person just laid off will get the job before the long-term person. This may result in a permanent unemployed underclass–not sure yet. The whole structure of this mess has changed. But–word to Pres Obama–trying to put the employed v the jobless is stupid. Pretty soon, everyone will say HEY, and they will all be against you!

  3. This is such a sham. They just made a big deal of their “bipartisan two-year budget,” and never mentioned wanting to do this. Now, of course, it’s all the fault of the Republicans that these billions are not going to be spent on extending unemployment yet again.

    Maybe this will put a little extra heat on the Dems to actually vote for something that would be good for the economy, rather than just passing out Chinese money at every turn.

  4. If the Chinese have to pay for our unemployment money to the slackers, isn’t that crazy? I have come to the conclusion that as long as Obama himself isn’t paying for anything, he just loves taking the poor taxpayers’ money?? And to want to get rid of and murder babies so much, I will say again, he must be a sicky. How come he never says the word “abortion”, just lies and says its womens health?? There is nothing medically wrong with a pregnant woman, but there is something wrong with our government at this time. Just like the Nazis, extermination of babies and I am not being dramatic. I thought America was a civilized country, it can’t be if the so-called president has no regard for human life.

  5. Could someone clarify how long the benefits are originally set up for in a job loss situation? I have heard of some people receiving benefits for over two years. The economy is struggling to create good jobs as a result of failed policy by Obummer and his clueless team. Eventually people see through the lies and now they are even more desparate. “Don’t look at me, quick look at those bad Republicans”! Yep thats him in a nutshell a real reach across the aisle kind of guy.

  6. The Dems have showed their hand for 2014: Class Warfare part 273.
    They didn’t give a damn about the 6 million and counting who had their health insurance cancelled but take less than one half of one percent losing long term unemployment and it’s a national emergency.
    That unemployment mind you primarily caused by the very democrat policies they’ve rammed through during their 7 year control of the Senate and 5 of the White House.
    I’m as fiscally conservative as they come but after 2012 I’ve been forced to accept the reality is it exists today. And that reality is that if we don’t take back the Senate we probably won’t win the White House in 2016. Harry Reid will continue to run the Senate like a tin pot dictator and no meaningful legislation will ever make it out of that chamber and the Democrat/media spin machine will spew forth propaganda that would make Goebbels blush.
    Pass the 3 month extension and during that time pass a transition bill in the house and force a vote in the Senate.
    Class warfare and division is all Obama has left and if you think he’s used it well in the past, he’s just getting started for 2014. Those with brains know it’s all B.S. but after November 2012 we must face the reality that there are currently more brain dead voters than thought.
    So for the next few months, this conservative says “hold thy nose and do what is needed politically in the short term to take the messaging stick away from the Dems and then clean their clocks in November, take back the Senate in a major way, and use 2015 to assemble the longest list of impeachable offenses ever compiled against a U.S. President.
    What’s that? Then we’d just have Biden? Oh come on, he wouldn’t take over till the end of 15 or beginning of 16. Just think of all the fun we’d have with Uncle Joe in the Oval for a few months!

    1. As much as I’d like to boot out every worthless RINO in 2014, at this point I have to agree that the focus needs to be on getting rid of the Dems.

  7. All I can say–again, I am becoming a bore–is the Reps will pay for this.

    As for the income equality thing–I make under $20K–and squeeze by. Most people make more–but most people have always made more. I don’t resent it. Good for them–they prob have other problems I don’t know about.

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