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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, January 6, 2014

10:45 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:40 am || Delivers remarks on unemployment benefits extension; East Room
4:15 pm || Meets with Secretary of Defense Hagel

All times Eastern
Live stream of Carney briefing at 12:45 pm

30 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Tuesday, January 6, 2014”

  1. Well, at least Obamacare is still safe. The Supreme Court — including, and especially John Roberts, denies physicians group’s emergency request to block portions of Obamacare.

    After all, they are just medical professionals, how could they know what is best for their field or their patients. And they certainly aren’t qualified to speak about the “Roberts Tax”.

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  2. 10:45 Check I-Pad (Blackberry?)

    11:40 Pander to a hand selected group from OFA and attack the GOP for actually caring about paying for spending. Watch for the lady fainting at around the eight minute mark — likely the amount of time Obama will be late, since it will take him more than 40 minutes to walk to the briefing room and get “ready for prime time”.

    4:15 Discuss ways of defending against more pesky reporters still seeking the facts on Benghazi after nearly 16 months of transparency.

    1. 12 noon – Try to call Michelle again and see if she will take my call this time.

      4:30 pm – Try to call Valerie and see what I’m supposed to do next.

    2. Update: POTUS started 15 minutes late for a 16 minute talk. Got the ideal human prop — a working mom of two soldiers who has to wear a coat inside to stay warm. Also mentioned another letter writer, a good lady in CA. No mention of the make-up of the human props behind him (most likely OFA fawns) — or the crowd in the room who applauded at the merest hint of Obama’s greatness of the ugliness of Congress.

      ODD: He noted that Congress might do the right thing and might even get some things done this year, but somehow NEVER said a word about the idea that somebody might want to actually PAY for these benefits. Just the emotional: They’re not looking for a hand out — just a shot. Never met anyone who wants a paycheck instead of the pride of working (What are YOU going to be doing in 2017, Barack?)

      Another tug at the emotions to make the GOP look bad. Good news, nobody fainted (that he noted, at least. With a room full of OFA worshipers, likely half the room had the vapors).

    1. Does it take this man 3 or 4 hours to get dressed in the morning? Did anyone pay attention to what time his days started while on vacation? If I found out he was spending 3 or 4 hours catching up on desk files, news, etc., I could possibly understand his days starting so late. If everything here in America was just dandy, and if all international news seemed to be just dandy: I wouldn’t mind if he got started at 3:00 pm.

      1. Lee, I’ve long believed that Obama spends his early morning hours (before 10 or 11 am) in meetings with people he doesn’t want us to know about, i.e., corrupt union leaders, Muslim Brotherhood leaders (with whom he’s actually met more often than with Congressional leadership), leaders of hard left groups–we know the types. He’s willing to take the hit for appearing to being lazy and undisciplined in order to refine and develop his socialist strategy with his cohorts.

          1. We know that the MB has been working in the White House got some time, so there’s no secret there.
            But when we look at Obama’s Daily schedule, there is no public disclosure of union or Muslim Brotherhood.
            We’ve also read that both D and R leadership have complained that Obama has very little contact with them, truly a bizarre situation. At any rate, for your reading pleasure—;+}








            Lots more on the MB visits, but this is just a sample.

            On the union leadership meetings visits–





            And many more.

          2. If memory serves, if the President schedules a meeting with someone off the WH campus, it does not necessarily get publicly logged. It’s up to POTUS or his chief of staff. There are connecting underground passageways leading from the WH to various locations around the city and there are small office areas along the passageways. So meetings could be held, but not “in” the WH. Sounds like a Matrix movie in the making.

          3. I think there are tunnels from WH to Old Exec–as to all around the city—I never heard that in 35 yrs in DC and on the Hill. On the Hill, of course, there are private offices and hideawards tucked here and there and senior members snag them.

  3. 11:40 am || Delivers remarks on unemployment benefits extension; East Room

    Since he’s never on time, shouldn’t it read: 11:40 am-ish.

  4. The “WH press corps” MUST know Obama’s “real” ‘daily schedule’… (aka; getting up at 9-10am, secret meetings with Val Jar, partying late…)
    I wonder when SOMEONE will tell us the truth about life in the Obama White House…

  5. It could be the pres is not a morning person. This is a very distinct charcteristic. My daughter and her dad both were not, and of course, being one, I was very judgmental–you slugs, etc. But it comes from within. And it seems pretty immutable. Both of them liked to work second or third shift–and I could not imagine doing that.

    1. Looks like Carny’s not a morning person either. Today he showed up at this presser with a scruffy beard — although likely more than a single day’s hair

      Perhaps he’s growing some “gravitas”.

    2. Entirely possible. Especially since he grew up in Hawaii time zone. Could be why they like to go there. And it just occurred to me that maybe Mrs O is also househunting while staying behind. Maybe they can build on Oprah’s land…..

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