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Carney Beard Takes Washington by Storm

It’s all over Twitter. It’s already been reported by Politico, the Washington Post, and the Daily News. The New York Times, so far, has turned up it’s nose.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney has a beard. No Pajama Boy he. Hopefully he won’t get any spin stuck in it.

Here’s some video of the press corps reacting as he unveiled it at the daily briefing. No doubt they’re trooping to his office this afternoon to tell him how great it looks. That’s how we journalists roll.

Here’s a photo.

Carney Beard

He says his wife, ABC News reporter Claire Shipman, likes it. Which I suppose is redundant, as it wouldn’t be worth the trouble if she didn’t. Or maybe he’s having a midlife crisis, and she’s humoring him.

Maybe he’s looking for a new, more rugged image.

Carney Duck Dynasty

Sorry, you can take the man out of Yale, but you can’t take the Yale out of the man. This is one of those beards that has Primal Chardonnay Man with a second house in the country, not a hunting shack, written all over it.

Carney beard 2

H/T to @rebeccagberg, @Matthops82 and @jbendery for the photos.

40 thoughts on “Carney Beard Takes Washington by Storm”

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  1. His beard even has its own her Twitter account, and last I saw, it had tweeted 13 times. Now I can’t find it, or what I thought it was says “hasn’t tweeted yet”. Anyone else see the beard tweets and can find the @?

  2. Being two weeks into my first beard since my wife and I were dating three decades ago, I am not sure how to take this. Doing anything at all that relates me to Jay Carney is somehow offensive.

    I think I will just assume he’s copying me.

    1. I guess he was looking to much like pajama boy?

  3. Maybe? when SOMEONE in the “WH press corps” asks a REAL question to ‘Propaganda Sec’ Carney & DEMANDS a REAL answer about the Obama regime I will care about this punk/b#tch Jay Carney…

  4. Squirrel !!!! Keith, I swore your next post would be on Michelle’s Maui Oprah Girlfriendapalooza ;) Something’s up.

    Add the cost of transferring her to Maui’s Oprahland, with her damage control entourage from the WH and her motorcade. This birthday present we’re giving her is getting a little more expensive …..

    As far as the new face ‘do on Jay, he looks like a squirrel and that guy, Anthony Rapp from Rent ;)

    1. Funny how NO ONE in the “media” is talking about FLOTUS Michelle having a seperate “birthday party” in Hawaii… (on our dime)
      And in the next few weeks Michelle will have a “birthday party” at the White House, and we will pay for that, and the “media” will NOT report that.

  5. I have a beard six months out of the year. I also let my hair grow out past its normal half inch length the at the same time. For me it is not a fashion thing, as much as a warmth thing. Right now it is -5 degrees where I live, and the extra facial hair and the longer hair on my head add some warmth and protection. Come spring, it all goes, and I’m back to high and tight, with a trimmed ‘stach.

    Marjo, a lot of men wear facial hair as a statement, a sort of “I’m rugged and can take care of things.” Others just follow the fashion trends of the Hollyweird crowd and grow them out. Some for religious reasons. And others, like me, for warmth and protection from the elements.

    The only time I have ever had long hair and a beard during the hot seasons was when I was on some assignment and had to go “native” to fit in with some group. Personally, I hate long hair and a beard in the heat. It can be a killer. The longest I ever had it as an adult was shoulder length with a four inch beard, and that was for an assignment I was on for a year. It felt great to finally hit a barber when all was done.

    Carney is probably following the West Coast/Left Coast trend right now of scruff and stuff. He strikes me as someone who is easily influenced by the current trends. Or maybe he’s just trying to look like Clooney or something.

      1. Cold, huh. That’s your story and sticking to it? Some of us women were actually talking the other day about how crummy older men look in those beards–even Clooney!

    1. I understand cold. It was -6 here last night. Guess following your theory that the extra hair keeps you warmer all we women should just let our hair leg and armpits go unshaven—–ala German women and MO.

  6. I just wasted four minutes of whatever’s left of my time on earth reading about a man who didn’t shave his face.
    Tomorrow, maybe we can discuss Secy of Defense Hagel’s haircut and what it means to the military.

  7. Hey Jacie. You can run but you can’t hide.

    This is not a good decision. Is he bored? Men always grow hair on their faces if they need a new gimmick to draw attention.
    It is so attractive to engage in a conversation with a man who has food in his beard. What do I remember most?
    Put me in the column that does not like.

  8. Carney looks like the always hungover fraternity brother who was always paying others to do his homework for him, yet wouldn’t loan you a dime when you needed it.

  9. Carney thinks he’s so cool now — truth is he’s hiding behind that beard and should be. His lieing eyes tell it all.

  10. Carney looks like he went on a bender with that beard. It looks awful on this skinny pale-faced loser. He looks dirty now.

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