In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Sunday Open Thread || January 5, 2013

105 thoughts on “Sunday Open Thread || January 5, 2013”

  1. Uggh… that blonde on “Fox & Freinds Weekends” again.
    Tucker & Clayton make snarky-witty remarks about news stories and just sits there and smiles with those clueless doll/bimbo eyes.
    I can only deal with her on mute as I stare at her legs ;-)

    1. Agree. Alyson Camarota (sp?) was so good; F&F Weekend was the best when Dave Briggs was around before Tucker.

      Anna Kooiman is an adventure jock and talented as a segment host, but not as overall host. She can’t read cue cards for beans.

      1. I don’t love Alison that much, eitherl I watched MTP for you guys, aren’t I nice? Two smugbags from Cleveland Clinic and Mayo, both of whom, I believe, have cut off insurance plans or Medicare to their hospitals–saying people need to take care of themselves, etc. Hope they can survive on sheiks and rich Canadians.

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  2. BTW:
    Whats the story with Michelle staying in Hawaii to celebrate her birthday? (how much more will that cost us? USAF, Secret Service, etc.)
    What does that say about the Obama & Michelle “marriage”…?
    And you all know that means she will HAVE to have a SECOND birthday party at the White House (on OUR dime again)

    1. Thanks for the head-up @MrSpook, I hadn’t heard of this.
      Of course, there’s no mandate that she return to live in the WhiteHouse, or that she must live there at all.
      She’s free to live wherever she chooses.
      However, the WhiteHouse propaganists saying that her refusal to return to DC is a “birthday present” from MrO is bunk. Unless he plans to spend some of his enormous wealth to pay for the extra security and staff in Hawaii, and the complete cost of the air travel, then we are paying for this most lovely of “gifts”.
      I had no problem with MrO remaining in Hawaii for the next three years, but wasn’t even consulted about MrsO’s stay there.

      1. It’s a crock, total crock, that Michelle’s extended stay is a gift from Barack. Show me the money or credit card receipt! The fact that she gets to stay in that mansion alone, or with her girlfriends, at our expense, makes me so mad, I had to have an extra TWO slices of bacon with my eggs.

        Why can’t she go to Vegas to celebrate her 50th like normal people do?

        1. Several years ago my brother moved to Hawaii.
          He has asked me to visit many times. I do not want to go without husband, and two sons.
          My husband has told me several times to go visit.
          I would feel selfish going without my family.
          NOW I find out that I am paying for her to make an extended stay, after the kids and husband having to leave.
          They don’t stop!

          1. I would feel guilty to not come back to see my daughters off to school tomorrow morning.
            Being a mom should be more important to her than she is showing.
            Something is wrong there?

          2. Answer: Yes. Many things. I thought they were twiddling their thumbs in Hawaii. Now she wants to stay? I agree with “65”–show us the money paid out of their own pocket!

          3. I, too, would feel guilty, but I would want to be there. That’s the difference: I don’t believe she wants to be there.

            I had to go out of town twice when I was working. I felt so bad about not being home even though my husband was quite capable of taking care of the home front.

        1. I agree. You’d think they were toddlers who needed constant care as she did the family shopping, cooking and cleaning. “mom-in-chief” yeah, right.
          What a terrible thing to say about the First Daughters; they are so…something…that she needs time away from them. Assuming they are typical teenagers, the last thing they want to do is be anywhere near their parents.

      1. Sorry, ImNoDhimmi, it´s Sweden-Finland in the final tonight. The Canadians who are here are some really nice hockey-fans, therefor I had wished for a final against Canada. But I guess they will go to the game anyhow, it will be a great hockey night.

    2. No word on when Mooch is returning to the Mainland, lol. Well, she does have a Fabulous 50 b-day party coming up in a couple of weeks. Judging from recent photos, her face is not cooperating with the party theme. More nips and tucks on the docket? Or is the ‘single mom’ really sick and tired of her ‘prison’ cell at the WH? Either way, she is a first-class biotch and we need to rip up her American Express Black card!

  3. Obamacare vs Little Sisters of the Poor:
    There can’t be a more terrible PR situation for the WhiteHouse than to keep insisting that the Good Sisters approve contraceptives and abortificants for their employees.
    When Justice Sotomayer approved a “stay” in favor of the Order the question arises; is she having regrets about her decision on the ACA, or is she following her religious beliefs, or has she finally found that the Constitution trumps everything?

    It would be most gratifying to learn that the Supremes are appalled at the havoc caused by this miserable ACA, and are now willing to revisit their decision.

    1. While I applaud Sotomayor’s action in this case, I remain skeptical
      IF Sotomayor’s action was based only on papers submitted by the nursing home operators, it could be that she just wanted to wait until she heard the govt. response.
      On Friday, U.S. Solicitor General Verrilli filed a response saying it was ‘ inconceivable that Catholic nursing home operators suing the govt would suffer any burden by the mandate’.
      Now that the Gov’t has spoken, the Court will likely vacate Tuesday’s order.
      I hope I am wrong!!!

    2. O will soon be telling people of other faiths they have to eat all types of meat!!!
      He needs to take this O Health Mess shove it on a shelf. Than he nees to go back to school. I am hoping he is just stupid and does not know anything. Otherwise I fear he is just taking over this Country one bit at a time.

      1. Who is that woman who plays a liberal on Fox all the time–long black hair, husband a surgeon, she has a radio talk show…can’t remember. Anyhow she reached a new low discussing this a few days ago–said the nuns paid staff with money they might use for birth control, so this was the same. How stupid ARE these people. Uh…kinda different, gal.

      2. It won’t be long before they’ll try to force us to eat halal meat. School lunches in the UK went halal and caused a storm of protests. Butterball turkey faced a huge backlash here after going halal and returned to the traditional methods.

    3. I wouldn’t put much hope in her, srdem. Besides, it’s just a temporary stay. Sotomayer is a member of the left. They have no virtue, only the desire for absolute power and control – by any means necessary. In the end, leftists always do what they “feel” they must do and make the decisions they must make for the greater good of the collective. There is little chance Sotomayer, or even Chief Judas Roberts, would strike down the holy grail of the left – nationalized healthcare.

  4. Julie, are you there ? You had a question for me some days ago. Why so many Romanians and Bulgarians in Britain and Germany . Well, for some reason ( when ordinary citizens weren´t looking ) these two countries slipped into the EU ( however not in the Euro and the Schengen zones ) and therefor they can travel around within the EU . Hopefully they are looking for jobs and not up to something else but I doubt they will find many jobs . Europe is tough enough for young people with relevant education. But we, and other countries in the EU, have problems with gipsys from these countries. They arrive, we suspect, in big organized groups and go begging on the streets. It looks sad, they are kneeling, with a papercup in front of them, maybe a child next to them. But this imported poverty is also so disturbing. Someone makes money on it, and these people remain poor and uneducated. It is difficult to discuss gipsys in our politically correct world without being labeled something. However, a good problem oriented discussion would be helpful for them. Now, media is white washing and ordinary people are having an “underground” debate.

    1. Not to stir the pot, but Rom are everyplace. One day in DC, a man with a baby in a stroller stopped my daughter and me by the subway on Conn Ave and said his child was hungry. The kid looked kinda bedraggled. I reached to get out a dollar and he nipped over and grabbed a five from my wallet and bustled off. Heeeeyyy. My daughter said, Mom–was he Spanish?” He looked back–“Gypsy,” he declared. Another day, we saw the same kid with a diff guy. No pt in talking to the cops–they would not even stop a man brandishing a steak knife by that some subway stop.

      1. Star, these poor kids forced to accompany the grown ups like this. What will become of them ? Well we all know, another socially maladjusted person.

        1. There was a reality show–so-called–about gypsies here in the US–their life was cash and carry, gold, flashy dresses, older men with teenage girls, very clannish. A subculture. We also have Irish Travelers here in AZ–they offer to resurface your driveway and just paint it, etc. They come to the door after a big wind–we will fix your shingles… I guess one could argue it keeps life interesting.

    2. Gypsies bad news. There will be lots of talk and perhaps attempts at assistance, and suggested solutions. Their reputation is earned. As for the poor little boy and the poor mom – beware. Stop for a sympathetic moment and the horde behind the corner will swarm, take you down and strip you of your belongings faster than you can draw a breath. Good luck.

      Thanks for your comments. Always enjoy the perspective.

      1. Thanks Grace, and I think you are right. Media always discuss in terms of unemployment, prejudice, discrimination, but many of us wonder, why this bad reputation all over the world ?!

          1. Starting over — My first encounter with them was a small village in Slovakia where my father’s family is. They were very anti “cigany” and I was all “oh give peace a chance”:) – then I met a gypsy woman in a field who got all up in my face, literally spitting out my name. And since then I have had numerous personal encounters with them throughout EE and Central Asia and Russia. Their reputation throughout history is not commendable.

            Of course, I encountered a lib America non profit worker along the way who was all about providing them with legal rights. So two different perspectives.

    3. Thanks, SL. The people I am referring to are being called immigrants, not tourists, and many Brits and Germans are unhappy about the situation. I’ve read an explanation for why the Democrats and establishment Republicans here are so for amnesty: it’s supposedly part of deal with Mexico for the US to get cheaper oil from them. I know Roumania has oil–or it used to–though I don’t know about Bulgaria. Maybe the UK and Germany will get a deal on attar of roses. As you say, it all comes down to money for someone.

      1. Julie, I am sure these people want to move to the Western Europe but I think they have to get settled and find a job first. They can´t just go here and start receiving welfare. So maybe they move in with relatives or live in trailer parks and start working for extremely low wages , dumping the market for others. I haven´t heard of oil in these countries. Amnesty for oil sounds very short sighted but you never know with these politicians.
        Attar of roses, is it that famous fragrant rose used in perfume ?

  5. Rolling Stones Article:
    America should replace capitlism with socialism.
    Guaranteed work for everyone.
    Social Security for all.
    Take back the Land, No private owned land.
    It was discussed on Fox this morning

        1. I have not read a Rolling Stones magazine for years……
          and if I should see one, I will simply turn the magazine over, and place back where I see it.
          All teens and or adults that may read it. I would like you to show the article to your parents. The same people who worked hard all their lives and ask them if they would like to give up their property.

    1. Cubans awoke on Friday for the first time in half a century with the right to buy new and used vehicles from the state without special permission, but markups of 400 percent or more quickly dashed most people’s expectations.

      At the state-run Peugeot dealership in Havana on Friday morning, where prices ranged from $91,000 for a 2013 model 206 to $262,000 for a 508, people walked away shaking their heads in disgust.


      The average monthly wage in Cuba, where four out of five of the 5 million-strong labor force work for the state, is $20.


      Under a reform two years ago, Cubans can now buy and sell used cars from each other, but until Friday had to request authorization from the government to purchase a new vehicle or second-hand one, usually a rental car, from state retailers.


      Newer models are largely in government hands and were sold used before Friday at a relatively low price to select individuals, for example, Cuban diplomats, doctors and teachers who served abroad.


          1. What–we are headed for an open-air used car market? We already have those–we got a car at one once. True, living in Cuba would not be like living here…still don’t get the pt.

          2. Headed toward socialism/communism. Cars for me but not for thee… Besides, what person making $20 per month could afford a car payment?

          3. I used to joke that the US was going to be like Waterworld without the H2O. Now I wonder if I was joking. Someone in a story I read bought a pizza in Brooklyn with Bitcoin.

  6. Speaking of parents, it’s not the fault of her mother that little Dasani is homeless. Noooooooo. It’s the fault of Bloomberg and evil capitalism.

    Dasani Coates, the 11-year-old homeless child profiled in Andrea Elliott’s highly praised five-part New York Times feature, arrived on stage at Wednesday’s inauguration ceremonies to serve as a poignant symbol of—in Mayor de Blasio’s words—“the economic and social inequalities that threaten to unravel the city we love.”


    Chanel, Dasani’s mother and herself the daughter of a welfare-dependent drug addict in Brooklyn, has six children by three different men, a long history of debilitating drug use, an explosive temper, and numerous arrests. Her husband, Supreme, has brought his own drug addiction and two more children by a deceased wife into the mix; Elliott makes vague reference to previous children as well. At some point, Supreme worked as a barber, but as far as we can tell, Chanel has never held a job. In truth, she isn’t much of a mother, either. She is often “listless from methadone”; the family’s room is filled with “piles of unwashed clothes.” Dasani appears to be the primary caretaker of her seven siblings. She wakes up early to change and feed her baby half-sister and get the other children ready for school; understandably, though her school is only two blocks from the shelter, she is chronically late. What role, if any, her parents play in this morning chaos known to every mother and father, rich and poor, is left unsaid.


        1. The NY Slimes romanticizes communist leaders. They’ve been doing it for decades and it’s about time they got called out for being the propaganda arm of the radical left that they have always been.

  7. MM — heh. I was wondering when you would just cut to the link. Also there is a good and critical article there on the DeBolshevik inauguration.

    Mooch is one in your face selfish vain Marie Antoinette.

  8. It was already discussed about Michelle staying behind in Hawaii, which is rather selfish IMHO. I just thought I’d add this video to refresh your memories of Michelle’s most awesome dancing skills. She’s dancing with Jimmy Fallon, by the way. Michelle’s big 50 birthday is the 17th and her big party is the 18th. Rumor is that Beyonce and Adele will perform. Invitations have been sent to her sip and snack event, guests told to eat before they go and to wear comfortable shoes. Last time Adele performed she received $100,000 per minute. How can Obama afford those fees???

  9. Jeff Bezons got a kidney stone while vacaying on Galapagos…wonder what his Double Platinum Insurance did for him in that situation. Those puppies HURT! Of course, he is in a good position to enter the cash economy.

    1. Interesting article. Roberts would have had to decide to sacrifice his reputation to get the ultimate victory over the Democrats. I have to agree that at the time of the SCOTUS decision, had it gone against Obama and the Democrats, public sympathy might have cheered for Obama. Public support for Obamacare was higher then but has tanked since.

        1. Roberts succumbed to political pressure from the WH. Nothing more. What has since happened is the law of unforeseen consequences–that everyone reading this saw.

  10. More on the adventures of the S.S. Schendenfreude. The academic adventures of the globull climate scientists continue. The science is settled – settled into huge chunks of ice. The “clowns on ice capades” continues. Tickets are very expensive.

    Stuck on stupid doesn’t cut it – nor have any ships been able to cut through the ice. Help is on its way via the American taxpayer.

      1. Schadenfreude–happiness over sadness. My former bro-in-law was on a Coast Guard icebreaker with scientists aboard in the 1960s. He said it was amazing the hardship they put up with to study penguins. They would be standing on deck in a whiteout, peering through binocs and yelling, “There’s a crab eater.” He could not believe it!

      2. No problem. I’d hate to think that I am the only one paying attention. Might as well have optional spelling on schendenfreude and Anglo-size it as shameful-fraud.

    1. The hapless Australasian Antarctic Expedition is finally homeward bound – and thousands of trees will have to be planted to offset the carbon footprint from the prolonged rescue effort.


      The expedition had pledged to plant about 800 kauri trees in Northland to cover its carbon footprint. Environmentalists believe planting trees helps to offset the impact of burning fuels such as diesel.

      But former Act Party leader and Herald on Sunday columnist Rodney Hide said that would have to increase to about 5000 trees to make up for the fossil fuels burned in the rescue.


      1. The Defense Department announced plans Friday to cut off imminent danger pay of $7.50 daily up to to $225 per month for servicemembers in nations and areas no longer considered to pose a grave risk.


        Imminent danger pay would be discontinued after June 1 for service in the Persian Gulf, the Gulf of Aden, the Gulf of Oman and the Red Sea. Airmen flying above the Persian Gulf also would no longer be eligible for danger pay.


        Danger pay will remain in effect for Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Jordan, Pakistan, Syria, Yemen, and Egypt within the U.S. Central Command area of responsibility under the new rules, said Lt. Cmdr. Nate Christensen.


    1. I got it to work from above.

      WOW. Amazing. And if has survived other attempted cuts. So, here’s hoping.

      But I can see why Obama’s military might want to retire it. First, it’s flexible and provides amazing air support to the guys on the ground and it carries Special Forces to rescue guys left behind.

      You can see why leave ’em behind I gotta get to Vegas Barry would not consider this for his future Drone Air Force.

      Thanks for this and for your continued service to the country.

      As an aside, ever fly one?

      1. Never flew an A10, although I have flown a plane solo.
        Cessnas and Pipers.
        To get the private pilot’s license was too expensive at that time.
        We could not afford it.

  11. File this under Friday document dumps or holiday dumps or any week that has a Tuesday.

    The Justice Department is spending more than $500,000 to “enhance” its company profile on LinkedIn and increase its “brand awareness.”

    The contract, awarded on Christmas Eve, gives the government “unlimited access” to each of the networking site’s 250 million users through LinkedIn’s “Recruiter” service.
    (Free Beacon)

    You can’t polish shit. This DoJ pulled this stunt just days before releasing Lynne Stewart. The DoJ brand awareness looks like the Mark of Cain.

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