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Your Birthday Gift to Michelle

First Lady Michelle Obama failed to accompany President Obama and their daughters home from Hawaii today, a decision that will likely incur taxpayers at least a couple of hundred thousand dollars in costs.

Michelle happyThe White House described the move as a “birthday gift” from President Obama to his wife,  allowing her to “spend times with friends ahead of her upcoming 50th birthday,” which occurs January 17. But for this gift, you are footing much of the bill.

I estimated some costs a year ago when, on their previous vacation to Hawaii, it appeared that Michelle was going to stay in Hawaii while her husband went home to deal with a problem he was having with Congress:

Assuming Mrs. Obama uses the type of plane she has flown before to Hawaii, the Air Force C-40B Special Mission Aircraft, the cost of a flight from Honolulu to Washington would be about $63,000. If the C-40B must be flown out to Hawaii to retrieve Mrs. Obama, as would seem likely, the first lady’s travel costs could amount to about $126,000, assuming the jet is dispatched from Washington.

And the cost would be much higher still if a supply-carrying cargo jet comes home along with Michelle in addition to the cargo jet that accompanies Air Force One – particularly if that jet too must be flown out to Hawaii just for Mrs. Obama.

Once you throw in the tens of thousands of dollars that must be dished out to house, pay, and support the military and Secret Service assets enlisted to protect Mrs. Obama – as well as other support staff – the price tag for her stay is probably in excess of $200,000, and possibly much more, depending on how long she remains on vacation.

Instead, last year Obama returned to Hawaii to resume his vacation after finishing up with Congress, at a far greater cost to taxpayers due to the much higher price tag for flying Air Force One.

That would seem unlikely this year, but anything’s possible.

111 thoughts on “Your Birthday Gift to Michelle”

    1. I know you are joking. However I do not even give them the satisfaction of Joking about them trying to be or live as a King or Queen.
      I think everyone should make clear to her that she don’t even deserve us paying for a extended trip to some 50 year old run down motel, on a old hwy. in the middle of no- where.
      If she wants to PAY for this, fine. A trip to the moon would be nice as well.

  1. The White House described the move as a “birthday gift” from President Obama to his wife

    A birthday gift paid for by the US Taxpayer. Democrats are so generous when it comes to spending other people’s money.

  2. Let’s see, a vacation in paradise to get over the first part of the vacation in paradise and THAT was to get over being waited on hand and foot in the WH. Good work if you can not be elected to it.

    1. If I were First Lady, I would never leave the White House. Just tinkle my little bell for all my needs beyond my wildest dreams.

      She may think she’s living “over the store”, but there’s a 5-Star kitchen down there too. Yummo.

      1. I think its very obvious Michelle is one unhappy camper. Her image makers forced her into Let’s Move lame campaign, followed by the even more stupid let’s Drink Water campaign. She never really defined herself as First Lady, rather she deferred to what she thought would make people think she’s just a regular gal from Chicago. Sure.

        She’s caught in a trap, hating living in the WH, hating more having to say nice things about our troops, she’s suffers from serious Mary Martyr Syndrome, that woe is me, I must be the single mother to two spoiled rotten girls while she has someone to do everything for her in life. She needs a serious personality adjustment.

        1. Breaking the cycle of families in poverty would have been a worthy FLOTUS project, especially that she still tries to convince us she rose out of them (did not, middle class neighborhood).

          My friend who works in social services says she’s now doling out food stamps to a 5th generation of the same family.

          Of course MO’s friends made their millions being slumlords with friends in high places to ignore their neglect. There’s the problem.

        2. If anyone ever deserved to be “caught in a trap”, she’s it. The trouble is, it’s our $$, and the “trap” is 5-star.

  3. I wonder how many hard-working American families annual tax contributions it took to pay for this “gift”. Just think how many folks worked all year just to pick up the tab on “the vacation (the birthday extension) from the vacation (Hawaii) from the vacation (life in the White House)”.

    Just gross.

    1. These are the same people who shut down national parks, museums and monuments to “make it hurt as much as possible”. They sure ruined a lot of vacations for the little people who forked out expenses from their own pockets.

  4. For Keith: My Michelle quote of the Day:

    I stand by Barack in making income Inequality the defining challenge of our time. Excuse me, did someone say surf’s up?

  5. On a more serious point, we count the cost of the plane on here, we count the golf games, but do we ever see what they pay in personal expenses–I think by Law, they have to pay part of the food made upstairs in the residence and some other things. This is never raised. Do they pay the kids’ school–$40K per kid a yr or something like that…

    1. Maybe she’s already had the facelift and the scars aren’t healing well.

      It wouldn’t surprise me one whit if she refused to come back ever.

    1. Did you see that photo of the two riding in a car together in Hawaii? Both had very obvious down-turned mouths. Something is afoot.

      1. Yessss–my DH’s first reaction when I told him of this “gift” this morning was “trial separation” probably as a result of that South African selfie. the final straw in a oncoming breakup. You will notice there were no pics of this couple holding hands, looking “lovingly” into each other’s eyes, etc. . .

      2. Yes, I did. They both looked unhappy also at that basketball game.
        And who goes on a fifteen minute hike? That would not be worth dressing in hiking clothes and boots.
        I agree that something is afoot.
        Off topic, my favorite line that I have seen today today was “Yesterday Putin played a game of ice hockey at the Socci rink. Yesterday Obama ate a snow cone.”

          1. Well the new Mayor of New York’s wife attests that you can be both. Depending on which way the political winds are blowing through your bedroom window.

        1. Looks like that woman now must be bribed to stay in this political “marriage”. Will be very interesting if the charade unravels. Seems like she has very high ideas about herself, she might be difficult to rein in.
          Thank you Keith, for your ongoing efforts to be a hair in their eyes.

          1. You could almost feel sorry for Obastard. He’s got a tiger by the tail. She hates him and everything about their life together. Two questions: How much longer will she co-operate and how far are they willing to go to keep her around?

      3. I don’t think they’ve been a happy couple for years. Remember she complained about Obama being too stinky and snorey and that she did not have blind adoration for Obama, he couldn’t make the bed or put his dirty socks in the hamper. If that’s what she publicized, I can only imagine her grievances run much deeper. Especially after his flirty selfie with the blonde at Mandela’s memorial.

        1. Stinky and Snorey, I remember reading about that the daughters couldn’t stand his smell. Af far as Michelle goes, she is a real selfie, another few days in Hawaii, she laughs at all of us, but you know what? one day she will get hers, we all get what we deserve in the end!

      4. Spot on, Julie. That pic was worth a trillion words. So many red flags – the pic of Mooch at the Beaver’s game looking like a bag lady; the pic where she is walking 20 ft behind Obama and the girls into the Honolulu arena; the absence of photos walking out of the 5 Star restaurants…the list goes on and on.

        There’s more too it than just the blonde PM from Denmark. Methinks there’s some really bad stuff coming down the pike re Obamacare and the Big Lie that threatens his presidency. Something we are not privy to…at least not yet.

        1. I don’t think Barry’s “flirting” with Denmark’s PM has anything to do with Mooch’s bad humour, except for the fact that he humiliated her in public. I’m sure Mooch is well aware of Barry’s sexual proclivities, and isn’t worried about him straying with another woman. Maybe she’s like everyone else and is just sick of Barry’s BS.

  6. Has the IRS ever done an audit on their personal slush fund, OFA?They actually could be double-dealing – getting reimbursed under the table by OFA after charging everything off to the US Treasury, i.e. the taxpayers. I wouldn’t put anything past these two Chicago crooks.

    1. Using OFA as their personal slush fund is the only way I can imagine them being able to afford this lavish lifestyle. Their net worth is not all that much compared to many former Presidents yet they have all these parties that are supposedly paid out of their pocket. Adele costs $100,000 per minute (according to news reports). How can the Obama’s afford both her and Beyonce plus all the food and decoration costs for Mooch’s birthday, especially when they throw parties nearly every week.

        1. But I’m sure there’s a couple hundred thousand to put them up in a fine hotel with their entourages and to meet the terms of their “riders” (how the rooms will be stocked down to the fabric content of their bath towels and robes). Of course, their rich ladies and will probably pick up their own tabs for such a historic event ;)

          1. Interesting MM, for the past few years you do not hear of anyone being a guest in the Lincoln Bedroom. Did they rename it the ValJar Room?

  7. It’s either a splintering or a tune up for Mooch before the cameras roll for the 50th.

    Either way her self indulgence is costing us a boatload of bucks. And it is as much a gift to Mooch from President Revenge as Obamacare is to America.

  8. They have no respect of the taxpayers money. The sad part is there is absolutely no realization of stewardship or responsibility in their positions. I include all of Congress in this statement as well. Somewhere, the Presidency became skewed in their trappings of their office. Personally, I believed this occurred during the Clinton years. I believe GW followed his Fathers Role of Stewardship.

    I keep making the asking the same question over and over. Would the US government allow a CEO of a Fortune 500 to spend monies of the corporation on such personal activities and include them into a tax return. Perhaps, the government should send the Obama’s a 1099 for these activities as income. At least, we would receive taxes from it. I had a corporate vehicle at one job and I was taxed for personal use on a percentage basis.

    A favorite Idiom ……..Pig’s get fat ……Hog’s get slaughtered………The Obama’s and The Clinton’s are the Hog’s of The American Presidency.

    1. They are the biggest Hogs and have no shame, could care less, the first welfare family is what they are and that includes grandma, the nerve that we the taxpayers have to pay for the granny too? Meanwhile, Obama can’t wait to tax all of us for his disgusting medical plan, so he can waste more money on himself.

      1. I personally don’t have a a huge problem with Granny………….In theory, if the children of a President are underage then it is reasonable for the kids to have some type of parental presence while POTUS,FLOTUS and TOTUS are traveling on behalf of the country.

  9. It’s been decades since I read Michener’s book, Hawaii. If I recall correctly, didn’t they once sacrifice females to volcanoes. I’d like to offer up Michelle for her 50th.

  10. Ok, so the handlers at the WH reported – “described the move as a “birthday gift” from President Obama to his wife, allowing her to “spend times with friends ahead of her upcoming 50th birthday,””

    I guess they flew in friends for her? She’s not from Hawaii. Little is know about those who vacation with her, other than the trip to Africa.

    1. “birthday gift”…?
      So who will pay for Michelle’s “birthday party” at the White House over the next few weeks…?
      And who will pay for Michelle’s ‘spring vacation’ to Ski in Colorado (where the H#ll did a she, as a Black woman learn to ski in Chicago?!)
      Maybe Michelle will take another Spainish ‘luxury’ vacation on OUR dime.

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  12. Nobody in America will believe that it was HIS idea that she stay in Hawaii and that HE is paying for any of this extended vacation.
    And….since when does he decide if she can vacation..isn’t she the strong modern woman?

    This is a big, leggy story and today’s news is only the beginning.

  13. Wouldn’t a White House divorce be a huge and useful distraction from the continuously rolling bad story of Obamacare? And wouldn’t carrying on as a single father make O look sympathetic?

    1. Divorce? Surely there is some magic liberal progressive solution other than that old hat conservative by the law dissolution. Maybe they can just ring up that oh so clever Roberts guy and he can call it something else.

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  16. the Enquirer has been saying for some time that their marriage is just a sham and that she stayed for the last election for appearances and to milk this for all it’s worth. And we all know that other power/money hungry couple, Bill and Hillary, only play nice when the cameras are rolling too.

  17. I agree with MOTUS and others. Michelle will come back looking “refreshed”. It takes time to heal. Then she’ll be ready for 50. I can’t wait to see the before and after pics.

    1. …or she could come back looking like Hillary – the Pillsbury Dough Girl. Remember when MO’s cheek implants/botox started shifting? Hilarious.

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  19. Aw, cut the wookie some slack, folks. With Barry gone to the gym or the course everyday, she just got used to that ‘hawaiian pork’ – if you catch my drift – and wanted to enjoy a few more days of it…

  20. it’s not like it’s REAL money;it’s only taxdollars. they have to spend them anyway. plus the poor thing could probably use the break from the a$$hole she’s married to. I sure know I could.

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  26. Dear Michelle,
    I just wanted to take the time to wish you a beautiful Happy 50th Birthday today!! I’m 9 years older than you so just know that especially where you have such a wonderful husband and beautiful children, you have so very much to look forward to! Fifty is the hew 30 anyway…..right?! However, to be honest, I would not want to be 30 again in today’s world. Please take care, have a great day and enjoy tonight with your dear husband at your birthday party! ENJOY!!!!!! Love, Your Boston friend, Sue

  27. I don’t think THEY can afford their personal expenses. They did second mortgage the Chi town mansion when in the Senate.

    Other then making the embassies purchase his books. I highly doubt the presidential salary and maybe some dividend income and or royalty from making foreign embassies buy his books.. they can cover THEIR costs.
    So I call BS on that.

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