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Obama’s Hawaiian Idyll Ends Tonight

Today is President Obama’s last day of vacation, though he’ll take a late checkout time and get a full final day in.

Air Force One is scheduled to depart Honolulu this evening, which would put him in the White House around midday Sunday, and he’ll be back at work Monday.

It’s been fifteen full days of vacation for the president and his family.

Saturday the president stayed in at his vacation rental home, venturing out only for dinner at Morimoto Waikiki, where he also dined at the beginning of his stay in Hawaii.

31 thoughts on “Obama’s Hawaiian Idyll Ends Tonight”

  1. I caught Mike Huckabee bringing up the fact that GWB always waited til the day after Christmas to leave for the holidays so his staff could spend the holidays with their families. Had the GWB’s pulled an Obama and tore families apart at Christmas, the media would have crucified him.

    I think it was more an attack on the media than the Obamas. :) He also said NYT is losing subscribers, not because of the internet, but for their crappy content. Zing!

    1. I seem to recall Ronald Reagan giving his staff the same consideration. No way this first family would think about others! Goodness knows the WH must be an awful place to spend Christmas Day!

      1. Speaking of the NYT, Andrew McCarthy has another great takedown of the Times and the whole Benghazi scandal on NRO. It’s also on RealClearPolitics.

    2. I don’t get his approval numbers:

      “The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Saturday shows that 48% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Obama’s job performance. Fifty-one percent (51%) disapprove.”

      48%! Where are they living?

      1. Don’t believe the pollsters – any of them. They’re all part of what Ronald Reagan called the iron triangle. “The iron triangle of the liberal media, liberal special interest groups, and the massive bureaucracy.”

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  2. I’ll happily be the first to contribute to a fund to keep him there for the next three years.
    Yes, it angers me we’re spending future generations’ money to pay for his arrogant lifestyle but in the long run the peace of not having him on TV every day demagogueing and dividing the nation would be well worth the price.

    1. We should just give him the Big Island and a crown in return for never setting foot on the main land again. I’m even willing to throw in a crown for Mooch too.

  3. So soon?
    He’s already blaming the Repubs for cutting off unemployment benefits in the budget passed with bi-partisan votes and that he signed.
    He just can’t help himself, it’s always the other guy’s fault.

  4. Did anybody miss him? It was so nice not to see the liar on chief on TV every other day. He couldn’t help himself though, he had to enact a few Executive Edicts regarding gun control from Hawaii.

  5. Perhaps I’m not informed and someone can set me straight, but of all the presidents in my lifetime from FDR to Obama, Barry is the only one who has been arrogant enough to shut down hugely popular tourist sites like Hanauma Bay and the Honolulu for the personal use of himself and his family.

    He’s been criticized for this before, but he comes up with the excuse that he doesn’t want to do this and it is the Secret Service which insists on it for his personal safety.

    1. Here is a funny thought, but wouldn’t put it past him:
      Mardi Gras is coming up: Can you imagine him blocking off Mardi Gras to everyone except him and his crew?
      Throw me something Mister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Hmmm. I recall LauraBush went on personal camping/hiking trips with friends, but where? dunno.
      Other than that, the Bush family, younger and older, seemed to be happy to return to their homes during holidays or breaks in Congress.
      The Clintons never went anywhere notable.
      The Carters went back home, the Reagans the same.

      You might be right. It seems the former Presidents and their families were content with “official” trips and visits as a kind of vacation.

      1. I remember that about LauraB, I believe it’s her high school or college buddies and they’ve had a reunion at a National Park every year, well, since college. I remember reading that story thinking how she’s maintained that tradition from Laura Nobody to First Lady Laura.

        She may have brought them to Camp David once or twice, but the plan was usually to move it around for the adventure. They hiked, camped out, and other “normal” stuff.

    3. If blocking access to tourist venues by other vacationers and sightseers was really a concern to the petulant potentate, he wouldn’t use them as photo ops for his burgeoning portfolio of Souza idolatry. He’d be insisting the family vacation at Camp David where there are no tourists in sight. No doubt he relishes the ability to disperse the riffraff with a snap of his fingers.

    4. Past Presidents never ventured out into the world of the unwashed masses. There was a certain mystique surrounding the Office. Obama has become a national PEST !
      He needs to show the world how ‘special’ he is. A day without the roar of the crowd and the smell of the greasepaint is a day without sunshine. He cares nothing about the mundane duties of being POTUS – only the superficialities. He hasn’t graduated from the ‘President-Elect’ status.

  6. I’ll bet my last dollar that once out of office, the annual “family” treks to Hawaii will stop. Funny how having to actually PAY to fly everyone and the dogs there can put a damper on how important it is to really be on Oahu. I predict Florida will be their new residence. If Michelle doesn’t file for divorce in 1113 days. That’s January 21, 2017. :-) Then Florida will be HIS new residence.

  7. Obama’s vacation was just another example of his Conspicuous Consumption at taxpayers’ expense. He’s had a couple of weeks to dream up even more ways to screw up the economy, our institutions, the US Constitution, our freedoms, our healthcare delivery and the country in general. I fear he did more than play golf.

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