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Let’s Move, But Not Too Far

President and Mrs. Obama today went on a fifteen minute hike.

The couple tackled the Na Pohaku O Hauwahine trail, which runs for a half mile and includes a total ascent of 88 feet.

Here’s a look:

Hawaii trail

Not for the timid!

The trail is also interesting because someone was found dead there in 2012.

17 thoughts on “Let’s Move, But Not Too Far”

  1. A hike is just a walk. 15 minutes is hardly worth lacing up my walking shoes :)

    15 minutes of walking my husband up and down the hospital corridor the day after his hip replacement surgery.

    Oh, and probably much longer than 15 minutes for security to lockdown the trail.

    15 minutes!!!! They left a bigger carbon footprint I’m sure.

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  2. This would probably fit better in the Fallujah or vacay link, but the NYT thinks the Obamas had a swell vacation with nothing important interrupting them……

    In related news, Fallujah fell and Obamacare is still a disaster. No active duty military, doctors, hospitals and insurance providers were available for comment in fear of retaliation by the administration.

    1. Good story, good picture. Looks pretty comfortable and competent in the ski gear. I wonder if he will be bringing a gun to the biathlon trail?

  3. I am surprised that they weren’t carried like Roman Emperors were on this “hike”. Between this, and their 4 minute visit to Grand Dads grave, I don’t know how they had time for anything else.

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