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The Joy of Income Inequality

President Obama has promised to spend the rest of his term addressing the putatively grave problem of income inequality.

IN  A WORLD . . .  where politicians indulge their private obsessions and political agendas, this makes sense. But what if, just, what if, instead of worrying about income inequality, Obama merely worried about INCOME.

Because that’s what those still out of work aren’t getting. They’re not part of the income inequality problem, because THEY DON’T HAVE ANY INCOME AT ALL. And there are still lots of them, despite the supposedly declining unemployment rate.

George Will put it nicely last night:

The recession began in December 2007. Since then, we’ve added 13 million more Americans are in the country and have 1.3 million fewer jobs.

We’ve lowered the unemployment rate largely — not entirely, but largely — because the workforce participation rate has gone down as more and more workers have been discouraged and are no longer counted anymore cause they’re not looking for work.

If the workforce participation rate were as high as it was when the recession began the unemployment rate would be 11.3 percent. We wouldn’t be calling it a poor recovery, because we wouldn’t be calling it a recovery at all.

Let’s go to the videotape.

But what fun is creating jobs? That’s hard work. How much more satisfying to bash rich people and parade around as the champion of the proletariat. Now that’s something a Socialist can really sink his teeth into.

31 thoughts on “The Joy of Income Inequality”

  1. I never visioned the champion of the proletariat spending so much time on luxury vacations and golf. Just the price alone of his Hawaiian rental exceeds the annual income of a vast majority of Americans. And once you add the cost of their air fare, the price exceeds the annual income of over 99.9% of the people.

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  2. Finally, something MrO wants to do that I can support, wholeheartedly!
    If he can get Oprah to put me on a yearly allowance of, say, $20K, it would really help. I’ve been dreaming of a really nice vacation in Hawaii, and Oprah’s $20K would sure guarantee that.
    I do realize that Oprah might think I’m a racist as I truly am an “old White” person and be reluctant to share her goodies with me.
    If that’s the case, perhaps Al Gore would be agreeable to sharing his enormous wealth, as I would be willing to testify that it gets really hot here in Phoenix during the summer.

    Oh, this is so exciting. Enormously wealthy Dems sharing their money with those who aren’t, and all due to the kindly, most generous Dear Leader.

    1. Nice dream, srdem. Don’t mean to burst your bubble, but the ruling class has no intention of sharing their wealth with US. They want US to give them all our wealth and they will decide where it goes…after they skim their fair share off the top, of course.

  3. President Obama is, as we speak, showing by example the problem with income inequality.
    He is spending $4 million dollars on a a17 day vacation.

    Anyone else here ever been on such a vacation?

  4. As for unemployment being a horrible problem still, these guys need to get out of The New Dubai and smell the coffee–or something. My niece, college grad, 41, starts her new $13 an hr job Monday.

    1. As they were saying on MJ this morning, most of these problems could be solved by growth in the economy–and not the penny ante 2% kind either.

      Incidentally, after 5 yrs of having to pussyfoot around my sister (Obama voter), she announced yesterday that she could not stand him now and that no one could. Then she said, “But this doesn’t mean I want you to ‘start.'” I didn’t.

          1. PS Sis just called and said they got a letter that their United HC Medicare plan had cancelled three of their medications. The ones suggested are ones she is allergic to or knows conflicts with her others. She says Medicare has some March 31 deadline for raking people over–not sure of the details.

  5. In the 70’s my girlfriends and I all got a job at a mall. We did not go to work there to make it our life time career. We all went to school as well for a better education. We did not say to one another, this job is wonderful, I would like to do this forever! We DID NOT SAY lets go to work at the mall, then we will demand a large salary!

    1. Remember the term “career path”? You don’t hear it much anymore–there isn’t one for most people. People will have seven distinct careers now–not just jobs…train up, certificate, short course, something, then work, then try to get into something new…learn it… My kid works at Wendy’s–they hint at her going into management–she doesn’t want to, too big a hassle, and we don’t have a car . One gal has been at Wendy’s 15 yrs. My kid used to work at a cleaner’s–her coworker had been there 15 yrs. Low paying jobs are not stepping stones–it isn’t the same pattern anymore.

  6. Income inequality is the new civil rights scam the left will focus on this year. Minimum wage, higher taxes, blah, blah. This is why they are so high for 2014 even though Obamacare is spiraling down the toilet. They have this income inequality card to play now. They create the chaos that makes the plight of lower income people that much harder, give them benefits, then take away the benefits, then give them back with a special fix the right wing is blamed for blocking… all while blaming “rich” people. Economic chaos breeds class envy… everything seems to be going to plan.

    1. Inequality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I am not filthy rich! I am not jealous of people who are!
      They either worked for it, got lucky and won it, or inherited it,
      I appreciate what I had, and was not raised to expect from others.

  7. The government doesn’t create anything. We know Obama’s policy is to grow government with more government employees while using tax revenues to distribute to the growing number of government dependents. That is his economic policy in a nutshell.

    1. True. the Gov’t should not be involved with creating jobs.
      it should be involved in creating and enabling the opportunity for people to work, gets jobs, or be able to support themselves

  8. It amazes me how many supposedly intelligent people in this country DO NOT understand this concept, which George Will explains (and you have written/summarized) quite clearly. I have emailed around the FRED database labor participation graph so many times I’ve lost count. The message is lost on most people, but most particularly by those on the Left. It’s sad.

  9. Very good points as always. The commander in chief is definitely “Say as I do not as I say” individual. Reading his tomes provides many clues as to this nonsense of income equality…right from the communist manifesto.

    1. I think if other people get our money, we should get their time and energy to replace what we traded for our education and income. We should get their vacation time for the time we worked on holidays and weekends. Who wants to trade?

  10. Let’s not forget that so many of the entry-level jobs are filled permanently by those opportunists known as “undocumented immigrants.” They had the opportunity to come here illegally and work here illegally and assist their relatives to come here illegally and they took full advantage of the chance to jump the line.

    College students can’t find a summer job? Could it be because the restaurant kitchen is filled with latinos and not only do they have stolen jobs, one must now speak Spanish to work there at all. Ditto crop harvesting, and so forth.

    And these people are NOT living in the shadows — they have hardly any fear of being deported. They are just waiting for the next opportunity to drop like ripe fruit from the sky: legal residence and citizenship.

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