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The Obama Morning News || January 3, 2013

14 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || January 3, 2013”

  1. Lavish vacations – I’m all for a vacation, but Camp David is near the White House. I’m sure 99% of the US citizens would rate Camp David as a great place to be, if only they could (on taxpayers dime) stay there.

    I found it interesting that it was important for the staff to point out he’s still working each day. As if no other president worked when they went on vacation.

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  2. “GOP to target Obamacare Security Risk”. The media is really torturing themselves trying to demonize the GOP. Shouldn’t the headline be “Security Risks in Obamacare”? Ugh, like Obamacare would just be humming alone like a fine tuned machine if it wasn’t for those meddling kids.

    1. They (the MSM) can’t help themselves. They must, absolutely, blame all failures on Repubs otherwise they would have to admit that Dems are responsible.
      Assuming that those who produce what “news” will be reported and how it will be presented have serious IQ numbers, they know that Obamacare is a hacker’s dream and that the American health care system has had a Federal nuclear bomb dropped on it.
      It’s hard to admit mistakes, hard to say they were wrong, when they spent all their good-will on a puppet in the WhiteHouse who admits he knows nothing of interest.

  3. From the ‘Family gets accidental gift from Obamas’ story:

    Eleanor “Kaye” Wilson of Olympia Fields, the godmother to Malia and Sasha Obama who is known to the family as “Mama Kaye,” told the Tribune that she was supposed to get the gift, a book of Obama family photos, but there was a “mix-up.”

    The Narcissist-in-Chief strikes again. In this season of giving, he gives out photos of himself.

    1. I thought that too at first but I guess they give her photos of the girls every year. I guess it’s like a souped up version of including pictures in the Christmas cards.

  4. re: the O’s “lavish” vacation
    Aside from the enormous outlay of taxpayer’s money to insure the O’s safety, the planes, the staff, and obviously the tech hookups, their vacation seems so mundane and well, sad.
    Security closes a lagoon so that they can swim/snorkel alone without prying eyes checking out how they look in a swimming costume, closes a first-rate zoo so that they can stroll without seeing anyone not family or friend, and a few trips to get some ice or a dinner out, so that altogether it just sounds so boringly middle-class Americana.

    No exotic cruising on some billionaire’s yacht, no A-list cocktail party, no surfing or water-skiing, nada, nothing. All that money spent for an experience that could have been any middle-class family’s vacation in Florida, or the Gulf Coast.

  5. The Obama Box…

    “Ironic, isn’t it: A man whose senses of ego and ambition are continually inflated by his rivals, his supporters, and himself is just another member of a comfortable and confused elite, enjoying television on his large, high-definition set, watching movies in his private screening room, and eating fine cuisine in the most fashionable restaurants while brooding over the prospect of American decline.”

    1. I like that.
      Five years to find himself disliked and not trustworthy by his own people, shunned by world leaders, stymied by others deemed less worthy or intelligent, and looking at a dim future.
      The decline might be America’s , but he slid down with it.

  6. Keith, I appreciate the article regarding Eleven Attorney general slam Obama Healthcare fixes are illegal.
    I am fed up with him violating the law, by making changes to Obamacare without going though Congress.
    How many days does he have left on his trip? He should have postponed the trip to begin with to tend to this MESS.
    I have a relative who was laid off with 24 othe employees before this Healthcare kicked in. He was a fine employee, worked there for years.
    Owners of small buisness thought ahead of the Health Mess kicking in.

  7. Obamacare use to spike next week. The left press is like Lenny in Of Mice and Men. “Tell me about the rabbits, George, come on, just one more time, tell me about the rabbits.”

    1. “Tell me about the young, healthy enrollees, George, they are young, aren’t they, they never get sick, do they, they just pay their premiums and forget it, right?” I like it, Julie!

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