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Video || Obama Putts on the 18th

I know this is going to be a shock to you, but President Obama began 2014 with a round of golf.

The White House let the press take a look for the second time of Obama’s Hawaii vacation. Seems like a nice gesture, but it turns out parts of the course are viewable from the street, which suggests the White House is at least partially making the best of a bad situation by giving reporters “access” they had anyway.

Here’s the president putting the 18th green. Nice one, under a bit of pressure, since he surely knew the press was watching and a major screwup would become and instant YouTube classic. The press pooler pegged the distance at about 22 feet.

Obama’s first round of 2014 is also the 158th of his presidency and the seventh of a Hawaii vacation that has been mainly about golf.

This latest outing was at the Mid Pacific Country Club in the Lanikai area of Kailua. Obama played with his standard Hawaii crew or friends and aides and aides who are also friends – Marty Nesbitt, Bobby Titcomb, Sam Kass, Marvin Nicholson, Andrew Dibble

29 thoughts on “Video || Obama Putts on the 18th”

  1. Nero had his fiddle. Obama has his 7-iron.

    (OK, I admit, the fiddle wasn’t invented until nine centuries later. But Nero did have the lyre. And Obama is a liar.)

  2. Yawn. Saw the shaved ice picture yesterday they did the family ‘hike’
    too. Boy what a boring bunch does Harvey Weinstein write the same
    script for every single year?

    1. Harvey does not write scripts–but I see where you are going. It reminded me of a Sam Goldwyn quote: “Can anyone here write–give me two $5000-a-week writers and I will write it myself.”

      1. Yeah–they are in a rut vacay-wise–but do we really want some SS guy in a suit body surfing next to him or hang-gliding or cliff diving or anything?

        Speaking of the unreal world, I binge-watched The Incredible Doctor Pol–no-nonsense Mich vet–pull one cow out of another cow. Now that is real life. Forget the duck kazoo folks. His wife got a .38 Police Special for Mother’s Day.

  3. Hee hee, good one Owen. That group sounds similar to the famous law firm of Dickem, Dunkem & Taxem (Clinton, Kennedy & Kerry)…
    ….Oblamer, Titcomb & Dibble.

  4. All right, so now that his first round is on the books, let’s talk over-under for the year. I’m guessing he slows it down a bit because of the mid-terms. So my line is going to be 35.5. Over or under–who’s got what?

    No money on this, this is just for purposes of discussion.

  5. There is a little known ACA provision that every insurance plan must cover 157 rounds of golf at no cost…as long as there is a doctor somewhere out on the course.

  6. There comes a time in many public figure’s lives that doing something commonplace, or a misspoken phrase can signal the beginning of a downward spiral they can’t stop.
    As MrObama and his minions have set in motion an earthquake that is rattling millions of Americans and destroying the health care system that most were happy to be part of, was no time to travel to the farthest land mass from mainland USA. It didn’t matter that much last year, but his time in Hawaii now seems more like an escape from the US than a trip to a sunny clime.

    A photo op of MrO romping in the snow with the dogs on the WhiteHouse grounds, or a setup photo of him shuffling papers on his desk might have helped his dismal polling numbers.

    As millions of Americans wring their hands in worry of how they can afford the more expensive health insurance for their families, and millions more are shivering and shoveling in the latest winter storm, photos of the President in a sloppy golfing outfit are just grating.

    1. Didn’t anyone notice that he didn’t actually get it in.

      After the long putt, he was still 2 feet from the hole, he tried to push it in and missed.
      so he picked up the ball and left, with the ball not getting in the hole.

      Doesn’t that sum up his Policies?
      He makes his best effort but can’t finish, can’t complete a single thing.
      IT’S ALL about the appearance of the effort, not the RESULTS

        1. Exactly where I was headed too. Noticed he didn’t finish the hole….and I didn’t hear anyone concede the putt. He’s a quitter and a cheater plain and simple.

          Golf is a game of personal honor. There is no other sport where you keep your own sore, call penalties on yourself, and take the other guys word for it on their score.

    2. I cannot remember the last photo of him doing anything that looked important at his desk. I suggested the times he has spent playing golf should be spent on the long list of things that needed to be tended to. We all know the list starting with Benghazi. People up north will be stuck in snow on the way home from work today, to go home and spend hours on the computer with the Health Mess.
      I we were not in fear of what is happening in our Country, and if he would have paid for these TRIPS himself, no one would care what he was doing on the beautiful Islands.
      By the way how many of you have told your children: Don’t worry you can just hide all your school records, and become whatever you want in life?

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