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Obama Has Played Golf Every Day of 2014

Updated at 4:49 pm ET

I mean, really. I don’t play golf, so maybe I don’t get it. But you golfers out there, is this not obsessive?

If Obama went to church two out of every three days on vacation – I know this would never happen, but stick with me here – wouldn’t he be labeled A RELIGIOUS FANATIC and watched carefully by the MSM for signs that he’s a lunatic?

Obama is golfing like there’s no tomorrow – and who knows? Given his foreign policy, he may be right – playing today in Hawaii for the eighth time on a vacation that’s 13 days old, for the second time in a year that’s two days old, and for the 159th time in a presidency that’s getting old.

Obama is golfing with New Zealand Prime Minister John Key, the prime minister’s teen-aged son, Max Key, and White House aide Marvin Nicholson. The New Zealand media has reported that Mr. Key owns a home in Hawaii.

Obama was not as successful in front of the pool as he was yesterday. From the pool report:

At 9:56 a.m., the pool was escorted to the second green of the Kaneohe Bay golf course to glimpse President Obama on the course.

The foursome pulled up in two golf carts with the president and the prime minister riding together. Obama, in a lavender golf shirt, khaki pants and khaki baseball cap, grabbed two clubs from his bag before striding toward the green. The group joked as they golfed and appeared to be playing a fairly casual round.

Obama initially putted from just off the green, announcing that he was opting to putt. When he left his ball well short of the flag, Obama said, “I guess I should have chipped it after all.”

The president’s second putt rolled close to the hole, and he opted for a gimme shot rather than putting a third time.

Nicholson and Max Key appeared to be partners. When Max sank a putt, Obama joked, “He’s doing it in front of the cameras, too.” Obama told Max it was a good shot and gave him a high five.

The four continued to banter as they played, with Obama ribbing Nicholson when a putt went astray.

As the pool was led away from the green, Obama was joking with the prime minister about the challenge of beating the younger players in their group.

The round with the New Zealand PM is a rare example of Obama combining some work with play on the fairway. He usually golfs with youngish aides when at the White House or friends while traveling.

43 thoughts on “Obama Has Played Golf Every Day of 2014”

  1. 20 days is a long time to be stuck in a house even if it’s a really nice house in Hawaii. It’s not a resort, it doesn’t even have all the amenities that we provide for them in the WhiteHouse.
    So there he sits; wifey, mother-in-law and her friends, surly teenagers and their friends, wifey’s friends, their rug rats, and a platoon of security agents who keep saying ‘you can’t do that’. Then there’s the staff that keeps pushing papers in front of him, or policy wonks who want to talk about serious stuff.
    Can’t go fishing, can’t go swimming, can’t can’t can’t.
    I’d go golfing, too.

    1. He could go fishing or swimming. He can do anything he likes. The security detail for a stroll on the beach can’t be much different from that on a golf course.

        1. Yes please. But let’s give him the full experience far out at sea…not one of those “anyone can walk on water beaches” to start out.

    2. Did the entire Obama family go snorkeling or did Obama go himself or with his buddies? All I can say is I’m thankful there were no photos of the first family in their itty bitty bikinis.

    3. If I was vacationing in Hawaii, I wouldn’t waste it on Oahu. I’d rather chill on the Big Island. Check out the volcanoes from inside Marine One. Spend time in the water with the dolphins. Drive up to the observatories on Mauna Kea. Kick back on some secluded black sand beaches on the north shore.

      If all he wanted to do was golf, he could have done that within driving distance to the White House. It would have saved the taxpayers untold millions of dollars, while allowing his secret service detail to spend Christmas with their families for a change.

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  2. Apparently our active POTUS is also heavily into “spinning”.

    Today’s email from the White House boasts of the Affordable Care Act (I guess “Patient Protection” has outlived its usefulness) saving a woman — by putting her on Medicaid.

    At least Obama walks his talk when it comes to recycling old stuff.

      1. The author of Forbe’s Apothocary blog, Avik Roy, wrote that Medicaid is worse than no insurance. People with no insurance have an 84% chance of dying from an illness vs. those on Medicaid with a 94% chance. He also brought up the point that Medicaid in its current form costs $50Billion/yr but it will cost at least $250Billion/yr with Obamacare.
        He has a new book out – How Medicaid fails the Poor.

      2. The author of Forbe’s Apothocary blog, Avik Roy, wrote that Medicaid is worse than no insurance. People with no insurance have an 84% chance of dying from an illness vs. those on Medicaid with a 94% chance. He also brought up the point that Medicaid in its current form costs $50Billion/yr but it will cost at least $250Billion/yr with Obamacare.
        He has a new book out – How Medicaid fails the Poor.

  3. It seems the good guys and bad guys in real life and on films, always go outside to discuss their next move. So there is no record and no one was listening to what they were saying.
    The men at the club in my area, play quite a bit, but they also hang out in the club. However they are not O’s position. Most of them are retired and have already spent their life working hard, doing their job, taking care and spending time with their families. They deserve to do whatever they want.
    As far as Michelle, what is she and the girls doing all this time?

  4. It takes him about 5 hours a round, plus travel time, so that’s over 40 hours in 13 days away from his family. He could have done the same thing in Florida at a much cheaper price to us.

    He never seems to play with Pros (well, Tiger that one time) who could probably help him improve his game. All they fancy-schmancy golf courses around here have pros/instructors on staff. Or has he ever brought his daughters with him? Just for fun, let them drive the cart. My husband loves doing that with the grands.

    1. Yes, my parents/grandparents used to make me play with them. He’s not interested in that. And he constantly plays with basically the same people.

      I think his obsessive golfing his weird. And hilarious given his populist speaches. When he spoke about the American dream turning into having health care and not going broke (vs the big house) – it’s a fricken joke.

      1. He does seem to be a fanatical golfer, but he also likes the attention he gets from the press. That was quite a performance he put on with the New Zealand PM. The sycophant press was right there, breathlessly reporting the details of the dapper demagogue’s dress and every stupid joke he told.

      2. Ive asked before…
        Where did this corrupt, no-body local politician from Chicago, who claims he went to “Columbia & Harvard”, and claims he was raised in Hawaii by whomever, learn to play-like golf???

    2. I agree Denise. Michelle could have sat in the hotel room in Fl. and he could have played golf all day as well. I mentioned yesterday, he could have invited any family members he is visiting to the trip to Fl. All of that entertainment would have been much less expensive.
      Just to mention as well. I am not upset with the notion of someone being in Hawaii. There are thousands of people that go to Hawaii, that is wonderful. The difference is that the tax people did not contribute to the expence of their trip.

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  6. Bush did not play golf while troops were dying. More troops have been killed AFG under Obama then Bush. Code Pink…where are they? Drone On Mr. Comander & Chief

  7. How many days has he played president? Has he gotten any better at it?
    How many days has he played golf? Has he gotten any better at it?
    He is consistent!

    1. He must have NPS searching its surveying records to determine whether there is an appropriate streak of granite adjacent to the four figures at Mt. Rushmore.

  8. Actually it doesn’t bother me so much. Obama imagines that everyone is envious of the time he “dedicates” to the game and the courses he accesses. In fact, be cause he is excessive and ungracious he and his golf time are really just matters of ridicule now. He is not taken seriously.

    He golf with sycophants. Every shot we have ever seen he looks less than graceful. If as ValJar has pointed out he is just so bright that he cannot be contained, and because we know him to be authoritarian and intolerant , I would imagine that his patience with the disobedience of the little ball is limited.

    Moreover if he were any good I am fairly confident that the word would go forth throughout the land.

    Rather I suspect he golfs as well as he shot baskets at Easter — not all that well.

    So golf away — far from the prying eyes of the public and in the company of yes men and criminals.

    That little white ball has beaten

  9. For a while, he was on pace for 240, and it’s been a while since I ran the numbers. So:

    345 + (365*4)+1+2=1,808 days in his presidency
    158 rounds/1,808 days = 0.08738938053097345132743362831858 rounds/day
    Multiply by 2,922 days in an 8 year term, and that puts him on pace for…

    …drum roll please…

    255 rounds in an 8 year term, more than ten times as much golf as Bush played.

    264 would be eleven times Bush’s 8-year total.

  10. I wonder how he is going to treat his ‘withdrawal’ symptoms when he returns to the Mainland. He has such an addictive personality. Is the putting green that Ike installed at the WH still there?

    He will just have to substitute one addiction for another. More trips on AF1 with his usual 40 vehicle motorcade snaking in and out of traffic while the adoring crowds gather in the streets. Well, it used to be that way…lol.

    1. Well…in Obama’s defense–sincerely meant, by the way–there is precedent for heads of state talking about affairs of state on the links. New Zealand is a good US ally, they’re right next door to Australia, and the Americans and Kiwis do have some mutual interests in the South and Central Pacific. New Zealand can’t be happy with China’s recent expansionism, for one thing.

      Do I think all the talk was geostrategic? No…and I’d be surprised if more than a quarter of it was, quite frankly. But at the very least, this had the appearance of a “working” round of golf. Too many play days with Titcomb and Nicholson et al. might have been too much even for MSDNC.

  11. What do you expect from a moron? He’s in charge of thousands of things and just plays golf and let everybody go to hell. what does he care? He laughs all the way to the bank and the rest of the government is no better to let this imbecile get away with golfing instead of working, vacation or no vacation, he acts not like a President but like a jerk. I blame the Republicans who act like scared babies and Congress and all of the politicians who are also hurting our country by looking the other way. We will not recover from this presidency and thats just what Obama wants to happen.

  12. He should take up a career in golf, he isn,t worth a you what as a president. Maybe he should go to work for one of those outfits that shreds documents for Corporations , he has done a pretty good job of shredding our constitution.

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