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New Year’s Open Thread || January 1, 2014

Happy New Year, everyone. I hope you all had a nice holiday, and my best wishes for a joyous 2014.

I’ll be back full time tomorrow. In the meantime, you guys run the shop for one more day.



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  1. Happy New Year everyone and congratulations on the blog award, Keith ! I enjoyed reading about where many of you are from. You know where I am from, but I must add that I lived eight years in the US,( Santa Barbara and Boston), during the Reagan years. My two children, born in the US, are American citizens. Those years affected me greatly and made me very interested in American politics, therefor, here I am , interfering in your matters ! I appreciate your tolerance !
    Sweden won against Russia yesterday, 3-2, and we look forward of meeting either Canada or US in the games ahead. Lots of nice Canadians over here, ImNoDhimmi ! Hockey is “religion” in Canada, isn´t it ?
    DarkAngel, I really didn´t mean the NHLgames, I know that they are exciting, fast and furious , played in smaller rinks. Many Swedes play in the teams, so the games get a lot of coverage over here. No, I meant the World Championships and the Olympics, when these professionals are called home to do their duty for king and country. But, I am not much of an expert in any sport, so, let´s forget about it. Again, Happy New Year !

    • Happy New Year, Swedish Lady. I’ve often wondered where you learned English so well. Of course many Europeans study it in school–it is almost the ‘lingua franca’ of today–but there’s no better way to learn than living in a country for an extended period. I don’t know when you lived here, but at one time there would have been a great contrast in political makeup between Santa Barbara and Boston.

      • Julie, I lived in the US almost during the entire eighties, the wonderful Reagan years. Well, Santa Barbara was an earthly paradise, sometimes you had to pinch your arm to remind yourself that this place was for real.The Reagans had a ranch nearby. They often visited S B but but I don´t remember that this disturbed the traffic much at all. It was nothing like the army that escorts this paranoid president , disturbing so many people.
        Boston is in my opinion a rather European city. I liked the cafés, parks and the bookstores but I found out that I really don´t like living in big cities, I prefer small towns, or the countryside. Although our children are back in Europe my daughter ,( born in CA ), turned out to be a real California girl and my son,( born in MA ), a book reading Bostonian. Must be something in the air over there.
        Julie, I hope that 2014, started with sunny, nice weather over here, will be a year full of merry moments and happy events ! Happy New Year !

          • Oh. how nice, another fellow Scandinavian, Just-saying. I am from the south, from Skåne. This part of Sweden is a formerly Danish province. Denmark and Sweden fought many bitter, bloody wars over it and in 1658 Sweden finally conquered it. To be a southerner here is a tad like being a southerner in the US, proud and special. Where are your relatives from ?

    • And Swedish Lady, I don’t know when we will get a chance for another open thread so I have a question here. Do you know why so many Roumanian and Bulgarian immigrants are being admitted to Great Britain and Germany? I was wondering if it was because they live so close to Turkey and the Muslim radicals are gaining there. Eastern Europe has historically been the firewall between Western Europe and Islam.

    • Yes, swedishlady, we Canadians take our hockey very seriously!

      Russia beat the USA this morning, 5 – 3, and Canada meets Switzerland today. Good luck to Sweden in their game against Slovakia this afternoon.

  2. By their own admission, the Obama administration announces there are fewer people with health insurance today than were insured on 1/1/13.
    Justice WiseLatina has delayed the Obamacare mandate forcing a Catholic hospital to provide insurance coverage for certain contraceptive items, thereby opening the door for all religious based entities and individuals to claim the exception for themselves. .

    The Dems are kidding themselves and hoping the public buys the fantasy that Obamacare will not be a nationwide political issue in the midterm elections.

    • Have you noticed recent stories about the US population declining? I wonder if this is to bolster the idea that there will be enough medical personnel for all citizens or to encourage the idea of amnesty or both. The real reasons are economic (the young not being able to afford marriage and children) and social (the environmentalists persistently telling us that we are OVERpopulated, the availability of contraception and abortion, and the rise of the gay life style).

    • “Speedy” to the rescue!

      My NewYear’s song has always been:
      Tennessee Ernie Ford’s……….
      “You load sixteen tons, what do you get
      Another day older and deeper in debt
      Saint Peter don’t you call me ’cause I can’t go
      I owe my soul to the company store”

        • Susan thanks for the clip. I have not heard the whole song in years. Growing up an Uncle of mind had his own Juke Box, with all types of songs from the 50’s.

        • It fits the times, these times. I was surprised to hear my dental hygienist–early forties I should guess–knowing the words. Only we owe our souls to the government today.

        • @Susan, as soon as the CGI geeks finish messing up Obamacare, they promised to build me a website wherein (for a small donation) I will predict the future, read minds, and offer advice for the lovelorn.

          • Ha! That’s one way to jump on the taxpayer gravy train, srdem. Unfortunately, by the time CGI gets through with your website, you’ll have to charge a fortune for your fortune-telling business. Doubt I’ll have enough greenbacks left to employ your services. Perhaps you will take a page from Obamacare and start offering subsidies and waivers for US poor unfortunates?

  3. Ok, this is funny. Funny in that way that sick, cynical way that funny has become for me since the Obama thugs decided to transform this country into some divided pit of class, cultural and racial warfare — funny.

    The link is to a Drudge linked article by AP. It seeks to marry the Clintons to the deBlasios. The funny part is that deBlasio was not going to allow press coverage and then assented to AP. AP then responds

    “We appreciate Mayor-elect de Blasio’s swift response,” said AP Senior Managing Editor Michael Oreskes. “We also appreciate that the AP’s insistence on access for independent journalism has been upheld.”

    The funny is the “independent journalism ” part. This is nothing but propaganda for the deBlasios and Clintons and “Progressivism”. Note the role of McCray.

    • Thanks for the link. It’s always a puzzle why the MSM would support the very people who choose to eliminate their jobs.

      Of the Mayor: another puzzle
      When did elected officials decide that their victory at the polls means that the electorate wants them to raise their taxes, restrict their personal lives and just do any old thing that comes to their minds?
      Just as there was no public outcry for something like Obamacare, is there a desperate call for the tax-payers of NYC to fund daycare for poor children and did the “wealthy” agree to pay more in taxes than others? I think not.

      • The MSM went to school. The indoctrination started in very small ways in elementary school, ramped up in high school, and then they were totally socialized by college. Nearly all journalists, with the exception of a few, Keith, are left wing (nut jobs). They have lots of time to write, and hope to get published, since they are living for free in the basement of Mom and Dad. They could take a job, but anything available is beneath their education and, of course, intellect. This also helps account for a shrinking population.
        since they are young and healthy, they will not sign up for Obamacare. They will have to file some sort of tax form and will simply pay the $95. fine. Swedish Lady may make Europe look inviting after all!

      • I cant wait for NYC to revert back to “Taxi Driver” days…
        (peep shows in Times Square ;-), “Warriors” like gangs running all over the city…)

    • And in a new creative writing exercise: “The new mayor was elected two months ago by a record margin…”

      Which while technically correct is misleading. 17% of the voters were for De-blase’ or less than 9% of the pop chose the leadership and direction for NYC. Just another example of you get what you vote for. Good luck NYC.
      “In the city, Democratic Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio’s victory could be viewed as a tale of two measurements. From one perspective, he rolled up an eye-popping landslide, crushing GOP candidate Joe Lhota by 73-24 percent. But the participation levels ran counter to most people’s vision of a popular uprising. Early tallies showed 1,026,169 out of 4,275,813 registered active voters coming out for the race, just shy of 24 percent…”

    • And this little recap of Day 11. Read carefully, don’t know how to take it. Some snarks or not? Like the two middle aged aerobic exercisers in the parking lot as the king’s motorcade departs the gym? And PROCLAMATIONS?. And as for NYEve, with friends — who knew Obama had friends and not just sycophants and suck ups?

    • We should just assume that all of us are in violation of some local, state or federal law as we climb out of bed. Then it’s downhill from there.
      If the powers that be want to ‘get’ you, there’s a law somewhere that has been violated.

        • I have a good one. As you might imagine, I quite often yell at the news–my kid busts me all the time. The news is always on, I am always agitated. So finally, I said, “You know, you need to get some health insurance.” She said, “Why?” I said it’s the law. She looked shocked…”Are you KIDDING me?”

          • Another good one? There is a cafe in France where you pay more if you don’t say thank you–it’s on the menu, one price for grab and glug, a lower price if you are nice. Forcible Gratitude Act? I am tellin’ ya–the urge to mold and control others seems pretty baked into humans.

          • Things are not so subtle here in the US. More and more restaurants are including a 20% gratuity whether you say ‘thank you’ or not. I’ll take the ‘forcible gratitude’ law any day, thank you.

          • In a recent poll of young people, those interviewed favored Obamacare by a large percentage over the Affordable Care Act. So much for the enlightened youth that voted him in.

          • The “law” is outrageous, as is the messaging. Your daughter doesn’t stand alone, I suspect.

            And we are all paying for the progressives folly.

            There are real people out there with real life threatening diseases whose insurance was yanked right out from under them, for lack of maternity and pediatric services they neither want or need. But that are in large demand by illegals and their children. The health of those people is in Obama’s hands.

            Apologies for the mini rant. Your daughter’s comment made me laugh. So, thanks for that.

            And I kinda’ think a thank you is lost on most of the French. Although with a 75% tax I suppose there will be a lot of mercis now.

          • Very aware daughter you have there, Star. Obamacare is some law. Preezy has arbitrarily changed it many times over the past few years, so it’s more lawless than it is law. You could have told her it was her “patriotic duty” to sign up for Obamacare like the MessNBC witchdoctor did to her kids.

    • Here’s hoping the book has a great ending, starting around November….

      I have already done five sit-ups this morning, because you can only hit the snooze button so many times. … Happy New Year all, near and far.

      • lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Happy New Year!
        I can’t do that work out. I have to keep my alarm across the room. Have done that ever since they provided the snooze button.

  4. On Daily Caller their is an article about Obama Pollster:
    Reporters should stop covering polls in 2014.
    After a year of seeing Obama aprroval ratings plummet.
    Boo Hoo

    • eh, the story says it was a “libyan reporter”.

      IMO, the NYT misjudged the reaction it would get for this strange story of Benghazi. We already know why the Obama administration insisted it was the result of some obsure video; they couldn’t admit that terrorist were still active during MrO’s reelection as he kept claiming the opposite.

      What we want to know is where he was and what he was doing that night, and who decided not to send aid to Benghazi.
      We want to know what AmbStevens was doing there, why the CIA had an operation there, and why they’re all lying to us.

    • Our local radio station pre-empted Steyn so I had to listen to a Va Tech football game on my walkies yesterday :(

      I think my favorite Rush substitute has been Erick Erickson so far, he’s a fiesty one. Have been reading Red State for years and he always came across so serious.

      • Never knew much about Erick Erickson until he subbed for Rush. He is fantastic, and not the establishment Republican I thought he was. He really won me over when he talked about his wife’s quilting addiction. As a quilter, I can identify with her. I have more fabric than I can make use of in my lifetime!

  5. Your tax-dollars at work:

    “A black leather band covered her breasts and a loincloth stretched around her narrow hips. Rich white pelts dangled from her belt, concealing pouches that held her shamanic tools. Her legs were bare to the knee, where boots encased them like a second skin. He’d wanted those long legs wrapped around his waist for years now…”


  6. Too funny. There are many references around to Potemkin Villages of the Obama Administration, most notably Obamacare. When I went to refresh myself on some Potemkin projects I saw this at Wikipedia:
    In fiction, The West Wing episode “Twenty Hours In America” (Season 4, Episode 1) had the character Josh Lyman quote president “Jed” Bartlet as saying “the challenge of running the country is too great for a Potemkin presidency…” Lyman also says in the episode “Freedonia” (Season 6, Episode 15) that his campaign staff should thank their “Potemkin advance team”.
    Obama,a Potemkin President works for me.

  7. Meanwhile, reports in the Russian press, not officially confirmed, named the man behind Sunday’s railway station blast as Pavel Pechenkin, who lived in the republic of Mari El, 400 miles east of Moscow and converted to Islam last year. Pechenkin’s father, Nikolai, has already given a DNA sample to aid identification, the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper reported.

    Pechenkin, a former paramedic, was reported to have adopted the Muslim name Ansar Ar-Rusi in the spring of 2012 and to have left home soon afterwards. He told his parents he was going to stay with his younger brother in Moscow, but they later learnt he had gone to Dagestan, the restive North Caucasus republic at the heart of an Islamist insurgency.


  8. I would love to have a complete video of everything and everyone barack obama has blamed since taking office! ATMs, internet, tsunami, Fox News, government, Bush, technology, insurance companies, founding fathers but never ever himself! ..

    Thank you for keeping Americans informed!!!

    • That would be the longest video on record, MC. Has there ever been a statement, a TOTUS speech, or a press conference when he hasn’t blamed his epic failures on someone or something else? His epitaph should read: “Don’t Bame Me. I don’t know nuttin’ about nuttin”.

    • Might as well add, any week with a Tuesday.
      President Maynard G. Krebs never believed for a moment that he has an actual ‘job’ to do. For Obama, it’s always been a position of that of a temp worker. More accurately a temp-shirker.

  9. According to the transcript of his interview with Michelle Obama from Hawaii today, Al Sharpton angered the first lady when he accused her of “cock blocking” the president during the Mandela memorial. Rev. Al never fails to entertain!

  10. Happy New Year to everyone.

    I’m just happy to see 2013 go away. I mean, really…Iran got closer to The Bomb, the Middle East is pretty much going up in flames, the “knockout game” went wide, North Korea is rattling a nuclear sabre, China is getting more aggressive, Russia has started flexing its muscles again, al Qaeda had a banner year, the Boston Marathon got bombed, and American liberty was under its most sustained assault in generations. The world is a MUCH worse place today than what it was on January 1, 2013.

    And that’s BEFORE Kim Kardashian had Kanye West’s baby.

    Seriously, go kick rocks, 2013.

    Here’s hoping 2014 isn’t an unmitigated disaster.

    Happy New Year, WHD.

  11. From the National Weather Service: Forecast for 2014:

    There’s a 0-100% possibility of snow, rain, sunshine, clouds, wind, heat, humidity, thunderstorms and lightning. Temperatures will vary between 8° and 98° +/-. For a more detailed outlook: a) open a window, b) look out of a window, c) open your front door (unless you live in a high-rise).

    I can’t be sure of anything else during the coming year, except showing up here to enjoy Keith’s coverage and all of your comments – minus the trolls.

  12. Another of Obama’s hundreds of lies and promises. When the new communist democrat party put Obama up for President as their TOKEN black, he promised that seniors would not have to pay tax on their 401 accounts when they withdrew money! He said this just to win, among other lies. I know because I withdrew some of my hard-earned money from my 401 recently and guess what? I had to pay a lot of tax to government. What a bunch of b.s. and it keeps on coming.

    And we pay for his expensive trips for him and his wife and family and HIS MOTHER-IN-LAW? cAN YOU BELIEVE IT? THESE CROOKS HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO SHAME, THEY TAKE IT ALL. They think all Americans are jerks and maybe they are right, no one stops this corrupt government. And next is Hillary Clinton, the little woman of Bill Clinton? She’s a real 60’s commie hippy. To be continued.