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Video Satire || Obama’s Policy for You

17 thoughts on “Video Satire || Obama’s Policy for You”

    1. My, my, that seems like a real stupid idea, but..hey, the MSM will be happy to cover it in case we miss the blessed/damned event.

      I don’t care so long as they don’t televise the consummation of the marriage.

    2. One word: BOYCOTT !!!
      This year’s theme is Dreams Come True. The idea of exposing children to such a spectacle is disturbing. Perhaps we also need to double-check the gender of the “Rose Queen”.

      Jan. 1 also marks the debut of transgender bathrooms for CA schools, Grades K through 12, Sickening!

      1. That was the gist of the comments following the article.
        Many people are enraged at the audacity of the in your face blatant disregard for the children that will be attending what should be a family event.
        If the networks broadcasting the parade had any sense of decency, they would block the video of that particular float.
        But we know that that will never happen.

        1. The in your face blatant disregard is what bothers me too. I don’t understand why all the public exhibitionism is so important or necessary. They want us to respect their lifestyle but show total disregard for ours.

          1. Dressing up is fun–and it’s not the majority of gays or even close to it…Haven’t you ever been to a Gay Pride Parade–that was a yearly event in DC–tacky but amusing. Quite creative, really.

      2. re: the unisex bathrooms in schools
        Every time it seems that the loons in California have hit a new low, they dig a little deeper.
        Did they even think so far that a young girl might not want to be in a bathroom with 5 or more boys? Or that the boys might get very shy when 5 girls walk into the bathroom?

        1. Shyness is not one of the LGBT’s priorities obviously.
          Once again it is probably a small minority of children that will even participate.
          It’s just another reason to take the child out of the public school system.

    3. I read about this. They seem to be a reasonable long term couple dedicated to AIDS prevention. And their argument is that long term relationship — a marriage — is the best prevention against unsafe sex.

      That said, really? Getting married on a Rose Bowl Float? That just screams ME ME ME and my politics and in your face America.

      Why they just do perform a sexual act with condoms and have that filmed and televised worldwide? Or did they just not think that far in advance,

      And the RB Committee that approved this? Just as bad as every other organization and enterprise and individual in America who submits to this public bullying.

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