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Yet More Golf

President Obama is golfing again, heading out today to the Royal Hawaiian Golf Club.

He’s playing with some of the usual Hawaii crew – Bobby Titcomb, Mike Ramos, Marvin Nicholson, Sam Kass, Marty Nesbitt, Eric Whitaker – as well as Andrew Dibble, who appears to be a friend from Chicago.

He’s continuing his blistering golf pace, playing for the sixth time in ten days on Oahu. It’s golf outing #46 for 2013 and #157 for the period of January 2009 – December 2013.

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  1. Speaking of Obama’s friends a public official chosen by Rahm Emmanuel, the now mayor of Chicago, is facing more than a decade in prison for operating a huge kickback and money laundering scheme when he was the deputy state treasurer in Ohio. Nevertheless, Rahm hired the guy anyway. His name is Ahmed Amir and Rahm claims they vetted him before hiring him to take care of the City of Chicago’s finances. Rahm claims he had no idea he was hiring a crook.

    Amir received more than 1/2 million dollars in kickbacks among other things and has pleaded guilty in a Cincinnatti courtroom. and must pay back 3.2 million dollars. Rahm had no comment.

    The full story can be read on Judicial Watch

  2. Dwight D. Eisenhower will probably hold the record of All Time for playing golf as President, but he’s a whole ‘nother species. Ike was a workaholic Prezzy, 24/7, his wife and staff “insisted” he play a couple of times a week, it was the only way to get him out of the office.

    As a child of the 50’s, I spent my elementary school years on the Quantico Marine Base. Ike had a cabin on the Potomac provided for him for a weekend getaway on the base too. When he wasn’t using it, he let the base girl and boy scouts use it on the weekends for camp outs. I remember it being very primitive. Funny what I remember. :D

  3. Its simply unbelievable that the President has played gold close to once a week for 2013 and 157 times since becoming president. I was a golf obsessive and played to a handicap of 6. There is no way in any one year I could play 46 rounds of golf and be married and keep down a full time job. Its one thing the president taking a break at new year, but its quite another to assume that his responsibilities can be met whilst devoting as much time to his golfing as he does. No reports, analysis, information to read and digest or meetings to influence those who disagree with his views, wants and policy goals could be done? Or are we to assume its all in hand? At this rate Obama could surely run Apple, BP, IBM, JP Morgan and the CIA whilst training for summer and winter olympic sports and being tenured professor at Harvard and Cambridge. Who in their sane moments could convince themselves that such blatant time wasting is acceptable and that carrying out this foolery shows anything but disregard for the job of President, its scope, scale, enormous opportunity and depth? I know I couldn’t , who could? What upsets me most is that despite all this time wasting, frat house behavior and blatant exploitation of position for personal amusement we are to accept when the President stands there and says “I had no idea this or that was going on” Per haps if he attended to his briefs more that would not be so common a problem, the real answer would be perhaps if I actually devoted these years as the elected President of the United States to doing as much as I could to better the country instead of doing a good impression of Jay Z in office. How would the Presidents time look any different if he were no longer President? Well he’d golf and go on vacation and make speeches about waterfalls, and rainbows and human hope and courage blah blah blah. Its the fact that he know she can get away with it that belittles the office emroe than anything. Obama has down more to render the role no longer required than and man before. Not quite what MLK had in mind or would have down given the opportunity.

    1. How can I possibly vote for you? But I would in a heartbeat in exchange for what we have. Do I hear a second to my highly qualified nomination? President Mike D. has a wonderful ring!

    2. Maybe he was golfing the night of Benghazi. With no official explanation of his whereabouts, even though the question has been raised a hundred times, he must have been golfing that night.

  4. It takes 4 hours per round if you hustle, 6 hours if you’re dawdling. Let’s split the difference and call it 5 hours a round, for a total of 785 man(child)-hours.

    Now that his policies have made 30-hour weeks as full-time as most can get these days, that means he’s spent over TWENTY-SIX WORK WEEKS on the golf course.

    “But Bush went to Texas” my (expletive deleted).

  5. I just got a message from Newsmax that the ‘Islamicists’ have declared war on the Olympics. What is Obama going to do? Take their side?

  6. Question:
    Where does a ‘half-breed’ (African father who abandoned him + hippie American mother) who has no known background (birthplace? growing up in Hawaii?) like “Barack Hussein Obama” learn to luv playing golf…?
    Did “Barack Hussein Obama” play golf at ‘Columbia Univ’ or ‘Harvard Law’?
    Did Obama play golf as a ‘community organizer’ in Chicago, or as a Illinois state politican or US Senator?
    Why does “Barack Hussein Obama” play golf…???

    1. I’ll give it a shot.
      He’s stuck in a vacation house (not a resort) with the wife, the mother-in-law, the friends, a passel of kids and a bunch of serious faced people from DC.
      He doesn’t swim, surf, boat, or fish, and really sucks at basketball and biking.
      It’s not like he can duck out with an excuse he needs to go to the hardware store, nor can he just take off to spend some time at the local watering hole, so all that’s left is the “golf course”.
      how’s that?

      1. I wouldn’t care if he liked to have spiting tabbaco contest has a hobby. FIRST he has to come out today with the facts of what went wrong with Benghazi. Untill he does that he does not deserve any fun time. There are millions of people who do not get time off unless their job is done the correct way, and untill it is finished.

    2. Golf is a great sport. As a young man starting my business career, golf was a great way to get to know mankind. If I were to play golf with President Obama today I would probably beat him even though I have only played 4 times this season. I do also know that I would make sure that I drove the golf cart because that way I am sure he does not keep the scores.

  7. Keith, If you don’t feel like posting tomorrow we’d understand if you just changed a few numbers and resubmitted this.

    Pretty much this is the Obama news.

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  9. Who cares if he likes golf, oil painting and turns up his polo shirt collar. Just when he looks like drowning we shoot ourselves (and i say we meaning those who dislike our current government and overall public service ineptitude) in the foot. I’m so angry at just how easy it is for the President to get away with this. Yet there he is time and time again saying “I had no idea this was happening” No wonder , he does not in any shape form or manner take the role seriously enough. Sure the odd photo op or flowery speech but can you imagine if you were President. the depth and breadth of info requiring your attention for each 4 years period that you willingly pursued to serve in is mind blowing. Tax, health, industry, banking, foreign affairs, security, farming, roads, finance the list is endless and cyclical, yet here we have the guy in one of the most important roles in the world, carrying on like he’s retired, golfing and vacationing. My issue is more than just him, its that the system is rigged and broken in parallel. Senate, congress and the Presidency don’t work as they should. Every decision is predicated on self interest by those making the decision. So if the GOP get a candidate to win the presidency the problem is that person is sat right in the midst of the same old system. We can’t advance or improve under these parameters it needs changed. but with what? The swiss vote as a nation on every bill on line. Seems to work great. No matter what we pick it needs addressing as we don’t have endless time to work this out. I’ve also never seen race used as a more devisive measure by a president who ran on a ticket of inclusion and collective partnership. Thats just an aside. Discuss?

    1. Well, when you were writing this I was reading over at PJ Media and here is a summary.

      Over at PJ Media there is a column about the most under reported stories of 2013. Christian Adams writes about what Mother Jones headlined as the Massive New Liberal Plan to Remake American Politics.

      This is the little noticed Democracy Initiative which ” seeks to alter process in three areas: 1)
      bloating the voter rolls and attacking election integrity laws, 2)
      restricting the filibuster, 3) restricting political speech through
      restricting financial participation.”

      It’s pretty straight forward and the Dems are focused and moving it along.So, what are the Republicans or the Tea Party prepared to do?

      There never seems to be a plan.

      Christian’s discussion is part of other comments and it is short and worth the read.

      1. <>

        Right! Has anyone heard of any plan to correct the control by the DNC over the rigged voting machines or the authorities who perform the counting? Hmm?

    2. Great comments, Mike, this one and the other one.
      Yes, this president behaves like some rich irresponsible celebrity, famous from some nonsense soap opera for the low informed but irrelevant as a politican, and I believe he is deemed irrelevant in more and more places outside the US. Will the US be in a limbo for some time now waiting for real politicians to enter the scene ? I understand that you see it as more of a dysfunctional system than a person problem but new strong captains will go a long way, I believe.

  10. His royal person is allegedly Hawaiian by birth and his royal person does play at golf and his royal person uses a club, ‘though whether it is a club specifically suited to the game is dubious, but his royal person is regal in no way, shape or form, his royal personal opinion notwithstanding!

  11. So, this World Championship in Icehockey for Juniors ( in their twenties ) is going on nextdoor and my husband loves hockey, therefor he is dragging me with him today to watch Sweden play Russia. The city is swarming with international hockeyfans so I look forward to sit and cheer with some Russians this New Years Eve. Oh, they will probably win but I don´t mind, they have enough with problems at home, terrorism, Putin and everything.
    I have heard that these young players bring much more fire, joy and fighting spirit to their games compared to the spoiled, professional hockeyplayers who skate around lazily, avoiding injuries, making too much money per the hour.

    1. Have a good time, but come back soon. I want to ask you about the influx of Roumanian and Bulgarian immigrants into Britain and Germany.

    2. If that’s what you think professionals act like, then wait until April, and get over to the US for the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

      I’ve seen more than a few of those games in person, and believe you me, there is NOTHING like it.

      In fact, I’ll bet you didn’t know this: NHL players do not get any extra money for playoff games. Their salary is their salary, whether they win the Stanley Cup or finish dead last. So they essentially play the playoffs for free–some of them playing through injuries that take months of rehab once their postseason is over.

      Spoiled and lazy? You MIGHT get away with that in the SEL, MAYBE. But in the NHL, there’s ALWAYS somebody who wants your spot on the roster, and if you don’t work hard, they will find someone else who will.

      If you think hockey players skate around lazily trying not to get hurt, it might have something to do with the 100-foot width of international rinks, which makes the game a passing contest, not a hitting game. North American rinks FTW.

      Pardon the provincialism, but whatever you do, do NOT pick on hockey players. Look up Brooks Laich’s famous tire change from 2010, and then come back and tell me you stand by your comment.

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  13. It sounds like he is always on the golf course, but I am pretty sure he has the most stressful job on the planet.

    It must be heaven to be out on the course away from all the stress.

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