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  1. John Stossel did a terrific show, as usual, on charitable giving versus government largesse this weekend. It essentially reconfirms Arthur Brooks’ book “Who Really Cares,” which documented how conservatives give more of their incomes, although conservative households have smaller incomes than liberal households, conservatives volunteer more than liberals and, if liberals donated blood as much as conservatives, the nation’s blood supply would increase by 45%. Admittedly, these statistics are possibly 8-10 years old, but I feel certain they hold.
    I abandoned Fox some months ago because of the continued presence of Bob Bechel on “The Five,” but on reflection I have decided this is Fox providing work for a person of dubious ability and obviously limited talent so that he does not become another drain on the resources of people who capably provide for truly needy people.

    • “The Five” needs a liberal to be “fair and balanced”. To me, his rants and name-calling show how nasty liberals can be. Sometimes, his experience in campaigns is interesting. But he ruins it with his meanness re certain people like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.

          • Right, and he doesn’t like China either. How come he can say all that and no one minds, but if a conservative said the same they’d be pulled thru the mud?

          • For the same reason he could call Guido Barilla a homophobic son-of-a-bitch at the end of The Five the last time I watched it, and Fox News, for just that reason. Barilla had explained in another venue that his family pasta company would never use a homosexual setting as an advertising vehicle. He said he had nothing against homosexuals; but the use of same in an ad would run contrary to the image of the company. Beckel ran his mouth as the show was ending so no panel member could respond. If I were Barilla I would have shot Beckel for the insult of my mother. No jury of men would have convicted me.
            I wasted 40 years in broadcast news and always knew every mike is “hot” and should be treated as such, even on cable. That language may be used in entertainment programming, but it has no place in news. Such language indicates the user is not equipped to participate in reasoned conversation. I regularly defended Fox from the majority of other newsies who called it “Faux” news, and worse. I have never seen the token conservative on any of the MSM “enlightened” shows use such derisive language or defend their opinions so irrationally.
            Haven’t looked back; not even a glance in the rearview mirror.

  2. I have a question. If anyone can give me advise.
    My 30 year old son works for a well known company, Corp.
    He just found out that his insurance will go up $100 a check.
    The management said he did not follow the new system:
    Seeing a doctor twice before end of the year to prevent insurance from going up. They did not have a meeting at end of the year like they use to, to save money. Instead the put notes, paper on the wall to advise employees. My son mentioned to the manager, they have signs all over the place. Notes that state SMILE and all other types.
    Point several employees did not see the note on the wall advising them to see doctor twice. He said he can only speak to his manager, which he has already, other than that it is Corp. and he will not be able to speak to anyone up the chain. $100 hike is a lot. Any advise?

      • They claimed they were not having their usual year end meeting to save money. He was not Emailed, or phoned, and no on (managers) mentioned it. They only put little notes on the wall.
        As I mentioned, and as my son mentioned to his manager: There are all types of signs all over the place, for everyone including customers. As I mentioned they even have signs that say SMILE. Does he have any chance in resoving this without getting fired? That goes for ALL the other employees as well.
        I mentioned O Health issue. My son said he does not like the Health Mess, not sure at this point if it was involved in the way his CO. handled this.

    • I don’t quite understand why not seeing your doctor twice before the end of the year would result in an insurance increase. Is that something that is hidden in the 2700 pages or is that a new company policy? Very strange.

      • I do not know at this point if it is in the 2700 pages. As far as the new policy. The new policy was that the CO would not be having their year end meeting. Instead of managers explaining this, or getting details in the mail, or an Email. Only the little flyers were put up, and as stated their are flyers, signs all over. Including the SMILE signs. I will call an insurance CO to ask for their opinion on this matter. Thanks for your concern.

  3. Get to go to church today! Will pray that God sends a strong, intelligent and wise leader to our nation. Will pray that those folks losing their unemployment benefits will find gainful employment. Will give thanks to God “for the beauty of the earth and all creatures great and small.” Remember this as you go to church and pray:
    “Confess your faults to one another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” James 5:16, KJV

  4. The White House does not dispute the issue in the NYT. I just heard that on Fox News.
    He needs to get off that golf course and take care of this!
    He needs to gIve up golf, untill all these issues are resolved.
    Benghazi, and everyone hear knows the long list of ALL ISSUES.

      • I agree with M. They are thinking this story vindicates their “video” gambit. I saw the author of the NYT piece on Meet the Depressed and about all he he had to say was Al Quada in the Benghazi case was not the Osama branch. David pretzeled himself silly to try to jab Issa and everyone in sight with some big lie.

    • Just a week or two ago Susan Rice made some comments downplaying Benghazi on a TV show. Wonder if all this is a part of a concerted plan. Why can’t the Republicans see that there really is a there there. Otherwise, the Democrats would not be making the effort. Still, John Boehner refuses to name a select committee on Benghazi, and Darryl Issa cannot manage all of these various investigations on his own. Maybe they do see, however. Maybe the fools think they must rule every other issue out except Obamacare.

    • Kavkaz doesn’t have anything about it yet, but it reports on the car bomb that killed three cops Friday. (This is a Russian jihad site, and English is not its first language.)

      A car bomb killed three Russian police in the northern Caucasus Emirate’s city of Beshtau (aka “Pyatigorsk”, Province of Nogai Steppe) on Friday in a news development for the Kremlin as Russia prepares to host the 2014 winter olympics in Sochi in six weeks.


      Pyatigorsk is located in the northern part of the Islamic state of the Caucasus Emirate with near-daily military operations in a long-running Jihad. Its leader, Emir Dokku Abu Usman, aka Dokku Umarov, urged Mujahideen in a video posted online in July to use maximum force to prevent Putin staging his “olympics”.

      Mujahideen want to create an Islamic state in North Caucasus. Their Jihad is rooted in two post-Soviet Russian-Chechen wars in Chechnya, one of 5 Caucasus Emirate’s provinces.



      What’s Putin gonna’ do? If he cracks down hard on the jihadists, he’ll look like an ogre to many. If he doesn’t, he’ll look like a wimp to others, especially if there are more attacks.

        • Well Denise , Barry has a certain fondness of all things gay….
          I read an excellent article today in Wall Street Journal by Camille Paglia, ” A feminist defense of masculine virtues “. It is food for thoughts, really. I think she means that the de-masculinization , ( in media, schools, culture, politics ). has increased ( or even started ) during this government.

          • I read that excellent article too. I don’t know if you’re aware of the suspensions and expulsions of little school boys here who make guns, and in one case a bow and arrow, out of their hands and arms and point them at other kids. Punished for imaginary play! What a turn around from my grade school days when we all ran out at recess and played Allies and Axis on the playground.

            I hope my comment is not moderated as my reply to Lee was.

          • I heard on Fox this morning, that neighborhood in Fl. is not going to allow children to ride bikes, play in the street. So instead of parents making rules for their children, SOMEONE else is going to make the rule.

          • Obama is turning our world upside down. The latest – transgender bathroom laws – Grades K through 12.
            I am so thankful my four daughters escaped this madness. My heart goes out to today’s young parents.

          • Are the parents in California fighting this at all?
            These young children don’t know the facts of life yet.
            Picture a shy young girl in the bathroom, and a older BOY walks in.
            Picture a shy young boy in the bathroom, and a
            older girl walks in.l
            If they are doing this in school, I assume they are doing it in all bathrooms.
            I am 52 and didn’t even let my mom in the bathroom when I was a little girl.

      • Crack down hard. This will have to be done at all future Olympics, Russia, USA, wherever. Terrorists do not recognize the classical Greek pax imposed on the Olympian games.

    • That was terrible. I heard about the train station attack early this morning. They did not mention the other 2 attacks listed in the article that you noted.

      • Yes, what happened in Volgograd was terrible. I read an interesting article in Zero Hedge that linked the attacks to Saudi Arabia. They had promised Putin “protection” in Sotji if he gave up Syria. ” Nice little place you have here, would be a shame if something happened to it—-“

    • I just saw that on Drudge. Instead of worrying about impeachment, as I have mentioned he should be behind his desk trying to resolve all the scandels. For the benefit of the people involved. They should have warned him a long time ago, that their may be impeachment on the table if he keeps up with EVERYTHING. Now they want to raise money!!! The family of the people killed, and injured in Benghazi or not concerned with any money be raised for anyone.

    • LOL. My favorite story of the day, Denise. What a silly thing to do – advertise that you are scared of impeachment…using ghetto thug-speak, no less. I really believe the thought has crossed Obama’s mind – more than we think it has. He has nothing to worry about, unfortunatellyl.

      “Show these Republicans that they are way, way off-base, and give President Obama a Congress that has his back,” according to the DNC email, noting that Democrats need to win 17 GOP House seats to reclaim a majority.

    • Impeachment…snort. As if.
      If the Repubs held every seat in Congress they are not going to impeach the first sorta-Black President. They might use the threat to keep him from his constant changing of laws, or making up his own as he wishes, but the big “I”…nah.

      The Dems are seeing their numbers (and Os) tank into the abyss and need something, anything to get back to holding their base. They lost that base of the young, the women, and even though the Black community publically still supports MrO, methinks in private they are really upset with him..

      • I tend to agree with you srdem65.
        The outcome of the 2014 election will determine the possibilities of impeachment.
        The least we can hope for is to stymy his attempts to further destroy the republic.
        Now if the executive orders start flying, that is a different story.

        • I third that. Unless the Congress becomes conservative (both houses), we will not be able to get our hands on the evidence for one thing and for another, witnesses will continue to be afraid to come forward.

  5. I saw this quote from George Carlin on another comment thread this AM.
    “When we are born we get a ticket to the freak show. If you are born in America, you get a front row seat.”

    Ain’t it the truth !

  6. At the risk of ruining a perfectly good thread I must ask: Did anyone see Meet the Depressed this morning? You know, that show where David Gregory and Andrea Mitchell show the world how easy it is to climb in and get all cozy up there in Obama’s a$$?

    This morning however was worse than even the usual worst because……..gasp…….the New York Times had an “investigative” story saying that ………gasp………Obama and admin was right all along, it WAS the video and there is ……..gasp………absolutely no evidence that the attack was Al Queda. (Never mind that the NYT piece is a rehash of everything already out there with a pro-Obama slant and the reporter did NOT have access to any of the classified information that those in the know still say Al Queda and elements were definitely involved.)

    Rumor has it Gregory and Mitchell are the short list for being “moved along” by the new brass at NBC news due to their high cost and low ratings. After this morning’s performance it’s no wonder the low ratings and the idea to move them out a no brainer.

    • Thanks for watching Geoff so I didn’t have to :)

      Scanning the analysis of the NYT article, most agree it’s a cleansing for Hillary to run in 2016. Also it still leaves some questions unanswered, where was Obama that night and why didn’t Hillary send extra security when the Amb. requested it ?

      As I recall, she blamed Republicans for cutting her budget or something? In the meantime, State was spending millions to buy art and green cars for other embassies.

      • And let’s not forget that the Brits and the Red Cross pulled out of Benghazi because of fears and threats. It seems to me that those people should be called as witness, but what do I know?

        • I read somewhere that the video they’re blaming again had only 6 views at the time of the attack. I guess there are ways to track that, I have to remember to save links !

          We haven’t heard from any surviving witnesses from that night either, weren’t they all told to shut up or else?

          • The people who told them to shut up, probably told all the Reps to shut up as well. All of them need to answer for not doing anything for letting our Constitution and Country go down the drain.

    • Thanks for the summary of Meet the DePressed. I finally quit watching that show but look for reports of what I missed – or didn’t miss. Mitchell should have been sent packing years ago and Gregory has destroyed what used to be a good program.

    • Out with the old year – in with the New Year. While Obama is lounging around on Oahu, the NYT wipes the Benghazi slate clean for Hillary; a judge rules that NSA spying is legal, as long as it collects everything; and Obamacare success stories will start rolling in on Jan. 2. It’s the new 2014 version of the Obama Etch-a-Sketch game.

    • I don’t watch the Sunday news shows any longer. In my opinion, they are no more than circus acts for the ruling class elites. Not surprised The New York Slimes is trying to rewrite history. They have a rich and storied tradition of redefining history with their glowing, positive articles about mass murdering tyrants such as Stalin, Mussolini, and Hitler.

      Roger Simon has an excellent 3 part expose about the leftist bias of this particular paper.

      Act 1:
      Act 2:

    • There is an offensive shift I think going on in WH PR. One is Benghazi — with the NYT story and a few days back I read a piece about STSSusan Rice where she is back on the video trail and Benghazi nothing really. (my poor summary).

      IMO either this part of a clear pathway for Hillary on Benghazi or we are being set up for another FP disaster in the ME.

      And over at Politico and elsewhere there are feel good, this is a success story on Obamacare.

      Maybe it’s Podesta with a plan. I don’t know.

      IRS has dropped off the radar screen, but I expect a push back on conservative 501cs will resume prior to the elections.

      Press gearing up to support the Dems in 2014.=

      • I think that you are correct grace.
        The Benghazi affair is still percolating and it will damage some reputations if more of the truth becomes exposed.
        The NYT has lost most of it’s credibility among the people that pay attention.
        They are running offense because their defense is full of holes.
        Fast and Furious is still simmering.
        IRS scandals are still in the kitchen.

        Barry has a lot on his plate for next year.
        I am going to enjoy watching him wiggle.

    • MrsClinton was right about one thing…what difference does it make who was responsible…and that is what this new Squirrel! is all about. Video, alQuada, whatever.
      The shame, the scandal is about the refusal to give AmbStevens more security forces that he begged for, and to allow Stevens and four others to die, and hundreds(?) to be injured while fighting an overwhelming force of attackers.
      They ignored the request for security, and refused to send any form of aid to assist them.

      Whoever the attackers were affiliatied with, they were well armed, and surely organized. It’s not like Abdul and Fakir grabbed their RPG’s for a night of fun, or that a “flash mob” appeared, this was an organized timed attack.
      Why did they attack?
      We’ll probably never know, as we’ll never know why so many CIA operatives were in Benghazi.

      • Skeletor..I mean Mrs Greenspan said maybe the Clapper coverups were to pretend there was no CIA presence (the Annex etc). Issa for his part did say they had looked into it and although they had no more classfied stuff than the NYT reporter did, they did not find any evidence that the so-called video was viewed significantly there or was known to the average guy running around with rocket launchers.

  7. It’s nice isn’t it — with Obama away on vacation. He’s not in our face 24/7.

    Yes, I know there’s still stuff swirling and there will be a big blast when he comes back.

    For now, I am just glad that he is off the mainland.

    • One can only imagine that he is desperately trying to keep the Country together given the fact that Barry is in the islands smacking his balls around.
      We can be assured that sheriff Joe is right on point, targeting anything that he can to defend the republic.

  8. I should spam block these, but too much fun to smell the desperation….


    Are you expecting the Tea Party to roll over and play dead after throwing temper tantrum after temper tantrum this year? Well, we sure aren’t. We’re prepping for their nastiest temper tantrums yet as they try to keep their majority in Congress.

    If we want to let the adults govern and start solving problems, we’re going to need your help before our HUGE FEC deadline! Can you click here and donate today to our Tea Party Rapid Response fund?

    If we want to stand up and stop the Tea Party, we’ve got to go into 2014 ready for whatever the Tea Party throws at us. Because with a failed record like theirs, they are going to have to go all in and pull all the tricks out of their hat if they want to win.

    We’ve got to be ready for whatever tricks they pull. Click here and contribute to our Tea Party Rapid Response Fund today!

    Let’s do it!

    Progressives 2014

    • Hmm…maybe you should forward the spam to “Attack Watch”. Remember the charming red button to click and report. Btw, it’s still operative.

    • The Tea Party holds the majority in Congress? No doubt Harry ‘the cryptkeeper’ Reid and John ‘the grim weeper’ Boehner would challenge that assertion. With five mentions of the Tea Party in four short paragraphs it’s not hard to see – the commie progs fear the liberty movement.

      • I’d much rather they try and defend Democrats than tear apart the “evil right” tea party. Big deadline coming up Tuesday, end of quarter and year, have a feeling donations have been hard to come by.

        • I don’t see the word Democrat or Republican in that entire email. Probably looks similar to one of Rove’s campaign emails, although he’s still pretending to be on our side. Besides, the Chamber of Commerce already jumped on the commie prog bandwagon in openly attacking the Tea Party movement.

          • Susan I agree. Before I added Progressives to my Pajama Boy comment I had to go back and read it to make sure it wasn’t the Rove/COC/Amnesty Establishment going after the whackos and spoilers.


          • Karl Rove is a great liability to the Republican Party. His Crossroads ads stink. No one can win an election with such mediocrity.

  9. I can’t believe that Sotomayor is going to drop the ball in Times Square. This woman has no sense of dignity of the position she holds! She wasn’t in the chair for two years before she wrote her life story. Someone should tell her that she’s not supposed to act like a politician nor have a high profile public persona.

    • The Supreme Court Justice is dropping the ball in more ways than one.
      Of course, MichelleObama was slated to drop the ball, but she refused to leave Hawaii, and HillaryClinton is resting at a private clinic as she was suffering from exhaustion.
      Not to worry, though, MrsClinton will soon be back in the public eye much refreshed and perky looking.
      No one wanted MrsSillybus, MsRice, or MileyCyrus to drop the ball, even though they have much experience in that.
      Soooo, the call went out for a wise Latina,or a bi-racial, transgendered, undocumented immigrant with a Doctorate in Physics. JusticeSotomayer was the default choice.

  10. Today for Catholics is the Feast of the Holy Family. Here is a partial from one of my readings. You can imagine the Left’s frustration at trying to promote the role of the State in our lives.

    *also I read “family” to mean whatever/whoever a person’s family is — birth or chosen.

    “The family is the privileged setting where every person learns to give and receive love ….The family is an intermediate institution between individuals and society, and nothing can completely take it’s place….a necessary good for peoples, a ….foundation for society….The family is also a school which enables men and women to grow to the full measure of their humanity….”

    Gee, where did we go wrong?

      • I mentioned the other day, teacher was teaching wrong facts of how HItler came into power. She said he rolled in with tanks, etc and started the war. Three AP students raised their hands, one at a time explaining how Hitler came into power. The principle was called in to sit though the rest of the class. Than the Coach was told to punish the same three young men by giving them laps.

    • This nation is not a Catholic nation. Nor is its society of that denomination.

      I will no more have a pope dictate to me my life than I will have a president dictate to me my life.

  11. Have been watching the Kennedy Center Honors for the past 90 minutes.. Obama hasn’t stopped chomping on his da*n nicorette gum – not once. Soooo uncouth!

  12. A new terrorattack this morning on a bus in Volgograd ( formerly known as the Stalingrad from WWII ). At least 15 dead, many injured. Horrible ! And what a nightmare for the Sotji games. I assume that Putin was prepared for something like this to happen but the risk of Sotji becoming a new München is there.
    We have a World Championship for Juniors in Icehockey going on in a city nearby. Sweden will play Russia New Years Eve. I hope security will be tight and that there will be some sort of manifestation before the game.

      • Oh, our hockey games are in Malmö, far, far, far away from from Volgograd but this big town, were many terrorists obviously hide, is only 400 miles from Sotji, were the Winter Olympics are going to take place. But terrorists are a travelling murderous lot so security must be tight wherever there is a possibility.

  13. Fox News this morning is stating that sources, witnesses in Bengahzi are angry with the NYT article. Claim complete lie.
    They asked for help! They asked for help! They asked for help!
    That alone is horrific.
    By the way: Congradulations Manning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Peyton Manning breaks Drew Brees record for passing yards in a season on a touchdown.
    I am a old Archie Manning fan, Peyton is family even though he plays for another team. Now I have to cheer for Drew Brees to beat that record!

    • Even a guy on MSNBC (MJ) this AM said the NYT story on Benghazi just showed how “complex” it was–not that the video set it off. The consensus I see so far is that the NYT might have been fronting for Hillary to remove the stigma of her blase attitude toward the event–and try to focus on the negativity on those who used the term AQ too loosely for their taste.