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White House Dossier Slows Down Until Jan. 2

I’ll be cutting back on posts through January 2, getting some rest and doing some work behind the scenes. I will post occasionally below – including some open threads – while leaving this message on top of the website.

Thanks for a great year. I hope you enjoy the rest of the holiday season, and I’ll be back with you full time in a few days.


45 Responses to White House Dossier Slows Down Until Jan. 2

  1. Keith, you deserve a break from the WH beat, BHO and especially the bloggers, including those who want to tell us how we can make a dollar three-eighty working at home. My neighbor was doing that and nearly made a fortune until the vice squad discovered just what he was doing at home.

  2. Happy New Year 2014 is a lucky number. Thank you for letting us vent our hearts. There is something wrong with a man who has to golf all the time even in Hawaii? Does he think he’s a professional golfer? It just seems that something is not right with that. Spite perhaps? as he knows we all keep count.

  3. Nobody’s going to complain if you slow it down a bit in late December. What would have gotten people wondering, would have been if you’d worked like a madman for the entire month, without once taking a break.(>.<)

    So absolutely, go recharge your batteries, as the old saw goes, and we'll see you next week, fit as a fiddle and ready to go.

    Just don't completely overdo the champagne on New Year's Eve. ^j^

  4. Keith, Have a wonderful time away. Thanks for the site, and the information you provide. I keep up with the daily news, but always find more important articles I may have missed. As well being able to comment and read other readers comment.
    Happy New Year!!!

  5. Enjoy your well deserved rest Keith ! I chime in with everyone here, you are doing such a great job with this blog . I just read with great interest your article about Jonathan Karl. I say, thank heavens for men like you and Karl and other brave journalists who require some accountability from this White House, so full of lies and deception.
    Read in the Drudge Report that ” Feds charge white “knockout” suspect with hate crime”. How about that ? They managed to find one white thug among all the black thugs committing this horrendous crime. They are not wasting any time to gear up some more racial division in the country. Well, they constantly need new shiny things to keep the focus away from all the disasters they bring about.

    • I wonder if his legal representation will be able to bring out the inconsistency between how this one white man has been prosecuted and the number of black men who have not. I remember reading recently that the NYT was pooh-poohing the idea that knock downs were a violent trend in the country. Obviously we have an Attorney General and Department of ‘Justice’ which are color blind and racist.

    • Texas has hate crime laws on the books. If the white thug was allowed to be prosecuted in Texas, he could receive up to 20 years in prison. Federal statutes are 10 years. This case has more to do with the DoJ taking a swipe at Texas rather than the root causes of the so-called ‘knock out’ game rather than address the genesis and instigators of black on white crimes. Little spoken about, let alone covered by the press, is the disappointment in black communities of Obama. His presidency is like a golf course to him – he’s just playing through.

  6. I will miss your daily insight of all the crazy, but you deserve a break!
    Enjoy the time with your family.
    We will all be here, ready for a great 2014 when you return!

  7. Since you have to witness all the WH madness and nonsense up close, you especially deserve some R and R! We appreciate all you do to keep us informed and aware. Knowledge is power!

    Take time and enjoy the important things in life…See you next year!

  8. Yes, rest and enjoy but for those times when you are looking for something to do behind the scenes, I still get hung up in your spam folder more often then I get my comments posted.

  9. Enjoy the sabbatical, Keith. We’ll try not leave a big mess for you while you are away. Thank you for being a beacon of truth in a sea of beltway liars.

  10. Enjoy the well-deserved winter break, Keith. The WHD site is a welcome sight for sore eyes that have seen the worst of the worst: hope and change…Obama-style. You are the Sultan of Satire, wit, and all that good stuff. Happy New Year to you and your family!

  11. Keith, you deserve a well earned sabbatical.
    Next year is going to be crucial to the survival of our republic.

    The game is afoot.
    It’s time to “Cry havoc,…and let slip the dogs of War!”

    • “The game is afoot.
      It’s time to “Cry havoc,…and let slip the dogs of War!” – AFVet


      I seem to recognize this quote juxtaposition as being the Shakespeare as read by General Chang in Star Trek 6, although I may be wrong. If so, the comparison is worrisome, as it didn’t end well for ol’ Chang…

      But then, Obama is no Kirk, either! KIRK could LEAD and INSPIRE; these are things that Obama couldn’t do if you gave him a “Leadership for Dummies” book and a flashlight to look in that deep, dark place where he gets his ideas from…

      Nurd break over. Happy New Years all, and enjoy your break Mr. Koffler. We’ll try to keep it down to a dull roar until you get back…

  12. Keith, thanks for all you do! Best wishes for a very happy, healthy and successful New Year to you and your family, and to all the posters and friends here at WHD.

  13. Happy New Year, Keith, to you and yours.

    And as I liked to say to my high schools students–See you next year! (Did I see you roll your eyes like they would do, too?)

    • Happy New Year, Keith. is always at the top of my browser history. It is a welcome beacon (NOT bacon :-)) in a sea of untruths, half-truths, omissions and outright lies spewed by the MSM. What will it take to wake them up completely? Happy New Year to all my fellow patriots, as well. 2014 should be an interesting year!

  14. Topic: Bombing in Beirut and the murder of the Lebanon ambassador to the US, who was pro-Western, anti-Iran/Hezbollah/Assad.

    It’s only going to get worse. We’ve got President Nero with no foreign or domestic policy. Obama’s ‘red line’ is yellow and it runs up and down his back and/or it’s two-toned with white and he’s a skunk as well.