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Michelle’s 50th Birthday Bash set for January 18

First Lady Michelle Obama, who turns 50 January 17, will host an exclusive dance party for herself at the White House the following day, according to the Chicago Tribune.

From the piece:

The White House has been sending out save-the-date emails for a Jan. 18 gala dubbed “Snacks & Sips & Dancing & Dessert,” sources told the Tribune.

Guests are being told: Wear comfortable shoes, eat before you come and practice your dance moves. Who’s invited and who’ll entertain remain under wraps.

No doubt very famous people will be on hand to croon to her.

At least she won’t be taking the party on the road, like the president did for his 50th celebration, according to the Tribune. His festivities lasted a couple of days, included events in both Washington and Chicago, and even featured a massive fundraiser.

62 Responses to Michelle’s 50th Birthday Bash set for January 18

  1. No doubt that it will be a celebration fot for a queen.

    Oh, wait, she is our queen.

    I was gonna fly in for the party, but I spent it all on my health insurance policy.

  2. I would not be surprised if this is a mini kick-off for fund raising for Mrs. Obama and her run up for the Senate in 2016. She is like Hillary, and wants/needs the power of an office to maintain a sense of self worth.

    The Obamas, like the Clintons, thrive on power, and will do anything and everything to keep some of that power. Even if Obama implodes completely over the next three years, the missus will be able to dive into the political arena. Look at how well Hillary did after the Lewinsky affair.

    Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac, once tasted and felt, it is not easily released.

  3. Once again, the Os show themselves to be oblivious to American traditions, good taste, and how their excesses appear to the public.

    No woman turning 50 years old wants a party announcing that fact.

    Eat before you come to the party!?? How about BYOB, too?.

  4. Oh darn, the rest of the article is behind the ChiTrib paywall. With hopes there’s a mention “in lieu of gifts, donate to your favorite charity” or something?

    Who throws themselves a milestone party? And I agree, it’s a politcal move because it will be the biggest “ticket” in town and there will be many donations coming in / Obama positive articles being written / etc. I know the routine now. I’m sure there will be a “Win An Invite to Michelle’s 50th Birthday Party at the White House” contest too.

    I know there will definitely be a campaign email “Wish Michelle A Happy Birthday” fundraiser too. Of course you’ll be required to give your email and zip info, and a chance to celebrate with a donation before you get to sending your greetings part :D

    • I just looked up 17-Jan birthdays ( – let’s all watch for the ‘guest list’ (unless it gets classified) :
      Mohammad Ali (1942)
      Maury Povich (1939)
      James Earl Jones (1931)
      Doug Wilder (1931) (Gov-D-VA)
      Robt kennedy Jr. (1954)
      “ray j” (1981) (singer?)
      “shabba ranks” (1966) (rapper?)
      Mick Taylor (1948)

    • And it wouldn’t be complete without a few ignominious “On this day…” references:

      1501 Cesare Borgia returns in triumph to Rome from Romagna
      1861 Flush toilet (with separate water tank and a pull chain) patented by Mr Thomas Crapper
      1874 Armed Democrats seize Texas government ending Radical Reconstruction
      1893 Queen Liliuokalani deposed, Kingdom of Hawaii becomes a republic
      1976 “I Write the Songs” by Barry Manilow hits #1
      1983 Alabama Governor George C Wallace, becomes governor for record 4th time
      1989 Gunman opens fire in California schoolyard; 5 students slain, 30 wounded
      1997 NBA suspends Dennis Rodman indefinitely/$25,000 for kicking cameraman
      1998 President Clinton faces sexual harassment charges from Paula Jones

      Okay, it’s out of my system now. :)

      • lol. That’s Ok, it’s a nice look-back for us.
        How odd that MrCrapper’s device carries his name to this day, but others who invented things we still use aren’t so

  5. Well I’m certainly offended January 18 is my actual birthday. My knickers
    are certainly in a bunch celebrate on your own day. Besides it’s my 63
    and reaching that during these dark and dreay years of Obama I claim it!
    I’ve got the birth certificate and wrinkles and gray hair to prove it geez.

  6. Let her have her day…who cares…. they’ve already trampled the high integrity and importance of their positions and the office they serve, so why bother getting bothered about these rather trivial events. The real hoopla awaits every one with a small to medium healthcare plan in 2014. Now thats a hootenanny not to be missed.


    • This is probably a red herring that it isn’t going to be that big of a deal, but in fact it will be a very big deal and maybe off-limits to the press so who would know.

  7. I’m sorry…but, these people are VERY wealthy…part of the 1%…so why is it that the 40% are footing this bill? They should pay for their own parties and GIFTS!!!

  8. Oh… so is the party now going to be in Hawaii? Since OBAMA is giving her a BIRTHDAY PRESENT.. allowing her to stay by herself in HAWAII??? On whose dime?
    OR is this birthday party going to be in HAWAII???
    This shit has to stop.

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