In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


A One Hour Hike and Then . . . Golf

President Obama today hiked for just under an hour with his family and then got down to the day’s principal activity, golf. The Manoa Falls Trail is in a forest reserve on Oahu, just northwest of Honolulu. The trail is described as an easy hike that leads to this: At 12:32 p.m. local, in a light drizzle, Obama arrived at Ko’olau Golf Club. That looks

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WashPost Zaps Jonathan Karl for Questioning White House

The Washington Post ran a story earlier this week suggesting rather strongly that ABC’s Jonathan Karl, who aggressively takes White House Press Secretary Jay Carney to task on a daily basis, is wasting everybody’s time with a self-serving made-for-TV performance. Let’s be clear. Karl is among only a handful of reporters – like, maybe three – who are willing to seriously go toe-to-toe with Carney

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Obama Skips Church on Christmas

President Obama and his family skipped church this Christmas, despite issuing a call last week for Christians to remember the religious aspect of the holiday and not overdo the commercial. But he also spent a good amount of time with members of the armed forces serving in Hawaii, invoking the spirit of Christmas, even if not within a church. The Obamas had attended church on

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Michelle’s 50th Birthday Bash set for January 18

First Lady Michelle Obama, who turns 50 January 17, will host an exclusive dance party for herself at the White House the following day, according to the Chicago Tribune. From the piece: The White House has been sending out save-the-date emails for a Jan. 18 gala dubbed “Snacks & Sips & Dancing & Dessert,” sources told the Tribune. Guests are being told: Wear comfortable shoes,

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