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Video || Obama Plays Golf in Hawaii

In an unusual move, the White House Monday decided to let the press pool view President Obama playing golf. Could be in response to press complaints that photographers are being excluded from presidential events.

Obama was playing at the Mid Pacific Country Club in Lanikai on Oahu.

I always love the “thank you pool” you hear from the press minder. It really means, “get the %^$& out of here.” They often have to say it several times to get anyone to move. As in, thank you pool . . .  THANK you pool . . .  I SAID THANK YOU DAMMIT!!

16 Responses to Video || Obama Plays Golf in Hawaii

  1. Thanks, but no thanks.
    No offense to the press pool looking for something, anything, to justify their paid vacation in Hawaii, but it would seem that only the most rabid Obot would want to watch MrO prance about a golf course.

    • I’m with you, srdem. I have no interest in watching this sociopath enjoy himself at play, while the rest of America struggles to get out from under the boot of tyranny.

  2. Mr. President, enjoy this vacation. The Christmas spirit forces me to say these nice things to you.
    I know you have nothing but contempt for me and my ilk (People who believe in the Constitution), but we wish you good health, and a happy life. Stay out of our lives, but again The Christmas Spirit makes me wish you well.

  3. I doubt these videos will play well overseas or in flyover country. Wonder why Obama allowed the filming of him playing golf ? How about something more symbolic, like having Christmas dinner with the troops in their mess hall ?

    Oh wait, the troops stationed in Hawaii aren’t exactly on hardship duty, but it would be better than BO appearing as an “out of touch, rich, elitest Republican” hanging out with the country club gang. Hypocrite.