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The Obama Morning News || December 24, 2013

The White House PR nightmare . . . Politico 
Last minute Obamacare signup rush is on . . . Fox News
CMS: “Record Day” for . . . Examiner
Pelosi predicts great success for Obamacare . . . Examiner
Transparency WH under fire for secrecy . . . Politico
Lefty surgeon general nominee . . . Washington Times 
Upstart money groups challenge Rove . . . New York Times

31 Responses to The Obama Morning News || December 24, 2013

  1. The gist of the PR Nightmare described by the fine writers at Politico glosses over the nightmarish realization that due to the hated ACA millions of previously insured families are now scrambling to find affordable health insurance.
    The public relation nightmare that is scaring the Dems and the President is just that, public relations.
    They can all sleep tonight secure that their medical needs are covered by the best health insurance and administered by the best health care providers.
    However, their constituents are not that lucky, as they have been lied to by their political leaders and so have been forced into a land of constricted health care and a limited choice of health providers.

    MrObama, every Dem who voted for or supported this nightmare, the outside influences who hoped to profit from the ACA, and those who used their special influence with the WhiteHouse to avoid being thrown under the bus of death-panels and poor healthcare should have nightmares, and find themselves in a court of law as conspirators to defraud the American public.

    • Like like like. These people have no idea what a hassle it is to find another doctor–the false starts and stops. Angie’s List? Really? Or Healthgrades–with two people reviewing, one neg, one positive. I once saw a comment that read: Go before lunch, he takes some kind of pill at lunch. Also people write: Worse doc ever! Another one said: No wonder there is no ring on her finger!, Things like that. And with narrower networks, this may be your choice–between
      “evils.” I wonder if Obama ever saw an EOB in which it said an eye doc wanted to charge $1650 for popping in a healing contact–one sec–coded as surgery. I could go on literally all day!

      • My heart goes out to you and the others who are in the same predicament of being forced to find competent medical care.

        A friend who lost his health care provider due to their refusal to accept Medicare has resorted to self-medicating himself. He travels to Mexico where he buys certain drugs that he believes will treat his illness. So far, he’s fine, but that’s not the answer.

        • I am in a Medicare HMO–are any of the “plans” HMOs–I don’t even know. Finding a doc even there is hard–they don’t check the networks–your doc can be on the outs with the state board and still be on there. The computer doc list may disagree with the printed one. You can research a doc–oops, not in the network.

          • There’s a new kid on the block – ACO (accountable care organization). Just discovered Cedars-Sinai, which does not participate in the exchanges, has an ACO. From what I can tell, it’s primarily for Medicare pts and some Medicaid. Rationing is the name of the game.

          • ACOs are not that new…They are a sort of team approach and if you tend to refuse certain tests or treatments, they don’t like you…It’s complicated. It is about cost control…one hand knowing what the other is doing, supposedly. But it can be about control over you.

  2. Dr. Vevek Murthy, founder of Doctors for America (formerly known as Doctors for Obama) is connected to American Center for Progress. Secrecy reigns! Sounds like a holding tank for future clones of Dr. Berwick and Dr. Zeke. Stop the madness!

  3. “Upstart money groups challenge Rove.”

    Just to let others know, Texans for a Conservative Majority is not a conservative PAC. These phonies share the same love for crony capitalism and establishment Republicans like Cornyn, that Rove does. Most of their money comes from big money establishment donors like the late construction magnate, Bob Perry. Back in 2011, Mr. Perry joined ranks with Charles Butt of the HEB grocery chain and the Republican House Leader Joe Straus to kill Texas’ Sanctuary City bill. The Sanctuary City bill would have put some controls on cities like Austin, Houston, and San Antonio, and prevent them from extending welfare benefits and special privileges to illegal aliens.