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Obama Makes it Three Days out of Four

President Obama is golfing again today, the third time in four days in Hawaii, playing at Marine Corps Base Hawaii at Kaneohe Bay.

I gather he can’t play on Christmas, and two days in a row without golf would have been too much.

His golf partners include Hawaii pals Bobby Titcomb and Mike Ramos, Chicago buddy Eric Whitaker, White House trip director Marvin Nicholson, and former presidential personal aide Reggie Love.

It’s golf round number 43 of the year and 154 of his presidency.

14 thoughts on “Obama Makes it Three Days out of Four”

  1. Don’t most people spend Christmas Eve with their family, especially spouse and children? Don’t most Presidents do that?

    Merry Christmas to all who post on this site and observe Christmas. And Happy New Year to all!

    1. With all the nation’s problems solved and preempting any possibility of negotiations with people of the other national party, what else is there to do except play golf?

  2. In all fairness, 8:18 PM Eastern is 3:18 PM in Hawaii with the time zone difference. His Christmas Eve activities will be taking place in what will be the wee hours of Christmas Day on the east coast.

    5 more rounds in 6 days…anyone think he’s up to it? Double up on Dubya’s eight year total in 2013 alone?

  3. I can’t understand why we paid for the trip to begin with.
    I can’t understand why he went all the way to Hawaii to play golf.
    If i were in Hawaii or Pensicola the majority of the time I would be on the beach!

    1. And Barry-O’s good friend/supplier Bobby Titcomb is right there. I guess that arrest for soliciting a prostitute in 2011 didn’t disqualify him from being a BFF.

  4. Nice family vacation….ok guys you family men out there….how many of you play golf on family vacations? Maybe one round in a week, right? I guess the first lady would rather spend their traditional family vacation at their family vacation home with …..her kids.

    If you like your golf, you can keep your golf, the wife will get the kids…


      1. Is Michelle just going to use the home in Chicago as address/mail drop off so she can “run” (aka; buy-steal) ‘Obama’s’ senate seat…?

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