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How to Deal With Your Liberal Relative this Christmas

Every conservative has one.

Even if your entire family is conservative, you raised your kids to love freedom, you left copies of National Review lying around for them to read, there always ends up one liberal at the family holiday table.

Maybe your daughter found him at that liberal arts college you sent her to and married him. Maybe it’s your sister, who rebelled against mom and dad in her teens and never quite drifted back. But it’s someone.

For me, it’s my mother’s boyfriend. We get along pretty nicely, until the subject turns to politics. And then we go from zero to sixty in about three seconds.

It happened a couple of months ago in a Thai restaurant. You could hear the sound of chopsticks being set down all over the place as the battle escalated. People stealthily craned to look, as if rubbernecking a particularly bad highway disaster. Why everyone was too polite to tell us to shut up I don’t know, because we certainly didn’t care if we ruined their red curry chicken or not.

Anyway, in this video, comedian Tom Shillue explains how to avoid such incidents and maintain decorum at the table this year. Remember, the Left knows it’s right, knows you’re evil, and isn’t listening to you anyway. So just enjoy the ham.

Got any stories to share about your liberal relatives?

H/T to the Daily Caller.

42 Responses to How to Deal With Your Liberal Relative this Christmas

  1. Fortunately, in our small family we’re all on the same page. If I were in the situation where I had one lefty giving everyone else indigestion at a holiday meal, I might pass around a bottle of Tums or Alkaseltzer tablets every time lefty spoke out. For those of you who are the only conservative in a family of libs, my condolences.

  2. I’ve been a Tom Shillue fan thanks to insomnia and Red Eye/Greg Gutfeld.
    The bit about transformers chaffing under their armor is a perfect metaphor for the Left’s terminal diaper rash and Pajama Boy exploits.

    OTOH, Keith, you’re no slouch when it comes to writing comedy gold.

  3. Liberals are rarer than hens teeth among our family, but I do feel your pain, Keith. This guy is fantastic. So true about liberals wearing their politics like body armour 24/7.

    Have a very Merry Christmas WHD friends. Thank you so much for your wonderful, informative blog, and for allowing us a place to freely speak our mind, Keith.

  4. I have an uncle who claims to be conservative but bashes the right at every opportunity. My wife’s family finds the man intolerable and he comes from their side. I welcome the dialogue, engage the man fully and we have a grand old time, but we agree to not talk politics at the table, knowing sharp objects are within arms reach. Despite the moniker of Uncle Shithead long ago christened by a now departed favorite aunt relative, I find his off the wall conspiracies about the Bush clan, big bad Wall Street and big Oil fascinating. He depends on resources such as Snopes and the BBC to bolster his far flung theories…..its hilarious. In the end, the man harms no one and just likes a good argument, and thanks to the current administration, our dialogue will run rampant for years. Merry Christmas to all


  5. I have one brother that is fiscally conservative, and hates Obama and knows what he is intending to do to this Country.
    My other brother still holds the opinion that it doesn’t matter who the president is.
    My sister watches reality shows and can’t identify who the speaker of the house is or the senate leader.
    I do not watch reality shows, therefore the conversation between us would be extremely short.
    The rest of them are kids creating chaos or people that look at you like deer in the headlights if you introduce a subject that they are unfamiliar with.
    Doesn’t matter.

    Also needed is the loud cartoon playing on the TV.

  6. Ohhh boy. Born and raised in solid Dem, union label, never met a Repub that was sane, IronCity beer family.
    They never discuss politics anymore, or maybe not around me to be honest. They think I’ve gone senile or have been corrupted by all the Mormons and cowboys that I live among in Arizona.

    My children and grandchildren are low-infos who know the names of all the Kardashians and spend every waking minute on their tech gizmos, so if I bring up something poltical they just nod and smile at me.
    Sooooo, no. There’s no need for a primer on conservative defense in my family gatherings or phone chats..

    • Same here.
      FDR was a god.
      Unions forever.
      My comment above should indicate that I am considered an alien for holding conservative views.
      After I left the nest and went to the Air Force, it gave me an opportunity to hear differing opinions on various subjects.
      My wife was raised in a hard core democratic family.
      She hates Obama, calls him evil.
      I guess it all boils down to what you think is right.

    • Growing up with me for a mom, it’s impossible for my son not to be up on politics. Two of his presents tomorrow are Orwell’s “Animal Farm” and “1984”. And, his school is a conservative, Christian school in which his world history teacher regularly engages the kids in discussions about FCMABBHO.

  7. being Jewish, we do our big family thing at Thanksgiving. and, being Jewish, we are basically all liberals except for me (and my daughter).

    we managed to avoid politics altogether, except for a few “and if you like your potatoes you can keep your potatoes” zingers I tried, just to see what the reactio would be.

    liberals don’t seem to want to talk about Obamacare. hmm…I wonder why.

    btw Keith: how come you don’t get to go out to Hawaii with the pres?

  8. My niece is a bleeding heart liberal investigative reporter for PBS – 17 Emmys and Peabody Awards on the mantle. She is married to a DOJ lawyer. My sister (her mother) and I and our husbands are staunch Conservatives. My niece has uncovered massive fraud in the CA state govt. but has refused to look at the bigger picture – the Federal govt. She idolizes Barack Obama and supports wealth redistibution wholeheartedly. She is more than willing to put her money where her mouth is.

    For the last five years there has been an icy family schism. My sister and I have had to toe the line in order to prevent a complete break . Thanks in no small part to the tea trolley, we have succeeded.

    Last night there was a small family gathering – the first since the BIG LIE on Oct. 1. For the first time, there was no rancor – Obama’s name never came up in conversation. It was surreal. I take it as a tacit admission that my liberal niece has seen the light, lol. Will see what happens tomorrow at the Christmas dinner. Gotta stock the tea trolley now,

    Merry Christmas to all – and to all a good-night!

  9. As a child in Kansas City, Mo, our family regularly went to South Texas for a family Christmas. Since they were all Democrats and my parents were GOP some interesting conversations occurred – BUT with the understanding that it was an effort to score points – wittily and with humor – and to avoid any rancor or anger. Everyone yelled, gesticulated wildly and a great time was had by all of the participants.

    • Coming from a very Irish family, two topics were always taboo at the dinner table: religion and politics. Too much danger of a either a fistfight or someone getting shot.

      My grandfather and uncle once got into a fistfight when my uncle ripped the picture of Michael Collins my g-father had placed there.

      Ah, fun times!

  10. Keith, Thanks for all you do. This is just a great place.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

    We can own 2014 and start to take back the country we love.

    Blessings to you and yours.