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White House Changes the Law Again, Secretly

The White House unilaterally – and this time secretly – extended the Obamacare signup deadline again, giving consumers an extra day to choose a health care plan.

Instead of midnight tonight, everyone has until midnight Tuesday.

From the Washington Post:

Without any public announcement, Obama administration officials have changed the rules so that people will have an extra day to enroll, according to two individuals with knowledge of the switch.

Over the weekend, government officials and outside IT contractors working on the online marketplace’s computer system made a software change that automatically gives people a Jan. 1 start date for their coverage as long as they enroll by 11:59 p.m. Christmas Eve.

Why the secrecy? It appears the White House is worried the FIXED website won’t work right, and so they wanted to create a buffer. But it’s not clear.

50 thoughts on “White House Changes the Law Again, Secretly”

    1. Excellent! Maybe when Obummer is out of office he can move to some 3rd world dump and become their “ruler” where silly things like a legislative body won’t interfere with his noble mission.

  1. Legally, how can the executive branch change a law passed by the legislative branch??

    Why isn’t someone doing something about this abuse of constitutional power?

  2. Christmas Eve is not a traditional day for checking the family’s health insurance status, but if the WhiteHouse thinks it will help to give everyone another day…………………
    There isn’t enough Fabreze in America to cover the smell of desperation wafting from DC.

    1. It’s the “gift” that will keep on giving.. or taking.

      I see BO is going to sign up sometime today. Maybe after a round of golf?

    1. This worries me, I have an adult disabled child on medicaid, does this mean when he dies they can take our house, savings and other assets to pay them back?

      Or should I just turn him over as a ward of the state, burden the taxpayers @85k a year vs the @8k a year he receives in SSI ?

      D’oh me, can’t believe I even typed that. Of course not.

      1. You might want to check into it and talk to a lawyer to make sure your assets are protected.

        This new Medicaid provision is to ensure that no inheritance gets passed on to future generations so that the cycle of poverty will continue in the next generation so that they will remain on the Democrat plantation. Social Security does the exact same thing.

  3. At lunch (ramen, natch), I was watching a guy from AP outline the big 10 stories of the year. Of course, number 1 was Obamacare and he stalled and stalled and finally said, “I haven’t wanted to mention this.” And some people still think AP is not biased?

    1. So my daughter has done nothing about choosing a Wendy’s offering or anything–does her tax refund get deducted–what happens to her? NPR said we had until March 31…

      1. Dunno, friend Star. Truthfully, I can’t figure out what anyone is supposed to do about health insurance. Really.

        My prediction is that MrObama will suspend or delay the whole shebang for lack of interest and political concerns after he returns from Hawaii.
        I’ve been massively wrong before, but I can’t see any other way out of this mess.

      2. Star, As far as I am informed, there is no mechanism (currently) for the IRS to attach [read: punish and tax] refunds. I don’t know what your daughter’s tax status is, but I would suggest that she makes the necessary tweaks so that she is not owed a dime from treasury. You may want to consult with a tax preparer on both issues.

  4. At what point does someone have standing against these changes? Is it January 1? Is this the day that we can begin to file suit? Those people who were actually able to sign up on time – will they finally have standing then?


      1. Good one, Bob–how many employees does Santy have? Are the full-time? Do they need pediatric dental checkups from excessive cookie consumption? Aromatherapy–maybe some nice pine? Santa is getting on for working a 24-hr day…has he has his colonoscopy–it’s FREE! America is getting it colonoscopy now–and it’s not free.

    2. I bet you he will make up another one of HIS LAWS stating people cannot file suit.
      Everyone who is still standing behind him needs to show me that they know what the laws are.
      Show they have read the Constitution. If they have read it, and disagree in following, they need to move to a Communist Country. I cannot understand how they would look forward to leaving their children in this down grade of our Country.
      Does everyone understand all the country’s we helped though the years are nodding their heads back and forth. They are wondering why we are standing for this.
      Every time I turn on the news, or read the news another fowl thing is happening to this Country.

  5. While they want everyone to spend their Christmas Holiday on the computer with this Health Mess, he is on vacation.
    Does he understand everyone else has plans for the holiday?

  6. The NYT is back to its lying ways. Their version is that the deadline was extended through tomorrow midnight because the traffic on the website has been so high this Monday morning. Wasn’t the latest revision made before this morning’s ‘high’ traffic?

      1. He did not do this with an Executive Order, correct?
        If not, What is the next step?
        Where are all the people in government today, to question this move?

  7. Please note he symbolically signed up for the least expensive plan. And does signing up for It mean he will actually pay something to an insurer for health care? I am betting no, not even for his children.

      1. Everyone else was told to keep punching the keys on the computer for this health mess. O had someone state side do it for him. I am sure everyone else has something else to do as well.

  8. I was searching for the answer regarding O making up his own law.
    At that time I found this long list: First President to do:
    It has a very long list.
    I still cannot find answer to who questions and holds him responsible when U.S. President makes up own law, without Executive Order.
    Still searching.

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  10. The excellent policy I had will be cancelled on the 31st, so I applied with the same company for a policy that would meet the Obamacare regulations. The policy is a few bucks cheaper, but the deductible and the copays for doctors and prescriptions has more than doubled. It has cut the vision down to one exam a year, no glasses or contacts; cut the dental down to two exam/cleanings, nothing on crowns or repair work. I have heard similar stories from other people, it’s pretty tough on people who are already stretched to the max with the cost of gas, groceries, property taxes, and all the “hidden” Obamacare fees that ramp up prices. God help America, we don’t have much time left under this ugly anti-American and his corrupt crew…

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