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Obama Signs Up for Obamacare – But Won’t Get Obamacare

President Obama signed up for Obamacare over the weekend, a White House official said today, but his experience is not quite, you know, typical of what one encounters when trying to do this.


Obama, the White House acknowledged, gets his health care through the military. The signup was “symbolic,” the official said, and Obama will pay something under $400 a month just to pretend he’s sharing everyone’s pain.


Obama signed up in on the District of Columbia exchange, which is working about as badly as the federal exchange, except . . .


It’s not consistent with national security, apparently, to have the president’s information floating around on an insecure website. As for you, too bad.


An aide went in person and signed him up. Why would the president bother himself with this? As for you, too bad. Plus the press would be demanding “access” which would be inconvenient if something went wrong.

So yes, it was all just “symbolic.” Though, with Obama in Hawaii while an aide signed him up, it seems symbolic of things the White House didn’t intend.

19 thoughts on “Obama Signs Up for Obamacare – But Won’t Get Obamacare”

  1. Once again, it’s all about image!

    I wonder, does this mean that us taxpayers now also have to pay for this $400/month policy that no one is going to use, on top of already paying any of his actual medical treatments & WH physician? I find it hard to picture Barry actually writing a personal check for that each month – or if he did, not getting reimbursed for the expense!

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  3. I have called my “US Rep.” and both “US Senators” and have asked their offices when the “Congressman” and both “Senators” & staffs WILL “sign-up” for “ObamaCare”… since it is so great for We Citizens…

    They hung up on me.

    1. Yeah well, I got “Holiday Greetings” from Kentucky’s SenatorPaul and MrsPaul even though I live 2,000 miles from the nearest precinct in KY. So, neener, neener.

      Serious now, I don’t know why his staff keeps informing me on his activities and receive “personal” greetings from the Senator.
      Heck, I never hear from my own AZ Senators Flake and McCain.

      1. That’s pretty funny. Because I live in Ky and I never hear from the Pauls. They never write. They never call…. go figure. (I despise hearing from the politicians, whether I’m with them or against them, so I’m not complaining!)

  4. Having some DC flunky symboically sign up BarackObama at a special place not available to the general public is just a seedy, distasteful move and won’t impress anyone.
    It’s just another PR fail that makes the POTUS seem small.

    The person who dreamed up this stupidity should be fired.

  5. Like almost everything else, Obama probably didn’t even know he had signed up until it was done.

    When informed what his premium would be, he uttered an unprintable expletive…

  6. Doesn’t one need a valid Social Security number to enroll in Obama Care?

    Seems like that would put the man who calls himself Obama in an awkward spot for signing up.

  7. If the prez should fall and break a leg while out golfing on his vacation, I do hope he gets the best symbolic care available.

    Symbolic will be my new word for next year.

  8. What a joke we have for a prez. We can thank whole democRATic party for this mess.. Reps are bad but not this bad. his presidency is all about ‘symbolic’ stuff and lacks any substance.

    1. A lot of dems are running from it because they are up for re-election.
      I don’t think that this debacle was supposed to fall on it’s face so quickly.
      By the time 2014 rolls around, there are going to be a lot of pissed off people out there.

  9. I suppose the larger question is why does the President receive free medical care courtesy of the US military? Perhaps this made sense at some point in the past when the health care offered by the military was generally the best in the country, however, this is no longer the case. Any major US hospital offers medical care that is at least as good as anything the military can offer (with the possible exception of things like state of the art prosthetics and burn care that a President is unlikely to ever need).

    Having the military provide medical care for Congressmen and Presidents is simply another way of elevating our elite public servants to levels far above those of ordinary citizens. Congressmen and Presidents receive treatment in military facilities that is vastly better than what they would receive in civilian facility and vastly better than what ordinary military patients receive when treated at the same military facility. Walter Reed Medical Center has a special facility reserved solely for our elite public servants. This is not at all unlike how the Soviet union provided horrible medical facilities for normal Soviet citizens yet provided sparkling and state of the art facilities for members of the Politburo, Premiers, Diplomats, and their families.

    Congressmen and Presidents should use the same facilities that the rest of us use. If we have to go before Obama’s death panels and plead for needed treatment our elite representatives should have to do the same. If, by some unforseen circumstance, a President or Congressman needs treatment available only at a military hospital then this situation can be handled on a case by case basis.

    How can we expect our elite representatives to fairly represent us if they never have to “feel our pain” as we deal with the institutions they create and inflict upon us?

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