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Obama Back on the Golf Course

President Obama today is golfing at the exquisite Mid Pacific Country Club in Lanikai on the island of Oahu.

Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 3.11.05 PM

With him are two of his oldest and best best friends, Eric Whitaker and Bobby Titcomb, as well as White House trip director Marvin Nicholson, Obama’s Number One DC golf buddy. To the right is a photo from the club’s website.

Unless that volcano blows, should be a nice time.

It’s Obama’s second time playing since arriving in Hawaii Saturday, the 42nd outing of the year, and the 153rd trip to the links of his presidency.


41 thoughts on “Obama Back on the Golf Course”

  1. Does Marvin Nicholson serve any other role other than Barry’s surrogate wife? Barry spends more time with that guy than he does with MO.

    1. We’re done for now, @DeniseVB. Reading Pravda!
      I think I hear the black helio outside now……

      So funny, Pravda quotes the UK’s Telegraph’s story.

    2. I was rather amused that Putin held (is it annual?) four-hour press marathon. I know there are stat keepers for O’s golfing, travel, etc., but I couldn’t find how many press conferences he TOTUSED for the year time-wise. I don’t believe O could do anything for four consecutive hours except play golf. Maybe the press could stick a TOTUS pole in every other hole and he could putt his way to answering questions on the green.

      1. Mai, oui!
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  2. For the next few days, I will not obsess about golf,lousy Moosh fashions or plain ugly vacation photo ops. I will enjoy my family and friends and thank God that we can be together again to celebrate this Christmas season. I will pray very hard for people,who had their health insurance canceled, will be able to afford another policy;’esp. For “their peace of mind”. After that, the obamas can drown in their lies

    1. Family after the disastrous pictures they make me think of seat
      fillers they use in Hollywood for the big awards shows so it won’t look like there’s a empty seat.

  3. Life is good for a Dictator Obama plus golfing gets him out of the house and away from his scowling harridan of a “wife”. By the way isn’t Bobby Titcomb the one who got busted soliciting gay sex from an undercover officer? Dictator Obama certainly has a peculiar group of “friends”.

  4. Notice the empty course??

    Is he now an official Social Golf Part Time Resident Member – “For the Golfer who resides in Hawaii part of the time.” ?

    You know he pissed off allot of players today. Private players :-)

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