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Chef Morimoto Slices Raw Fish for Obama

Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 9.20.22 AMAs the deadline for insurance sign ups hits, President Obama Sunday evening headed directly to his favorite sushi hangout in Honolulu, Morimoto Waikiki, presumably for some of Chef Morimoto’s famous sliced fish.

Obama goes there every year soon after his arrival in paradise.

The president is an utter creature of habit. Every vacation it’s the same stuff – one trip to the beach, one trip to a bookstore, one trip for ice cream, a bike outing and, every other day, a round of golf. Nice, comfortable, familiar.

And expensive.

Morimoto’s is not for the middle class. The sushi combination platter starts at a bare bones plate of $40 and and heads up in $40 increments to $160.

Poor press pool. Had to cool their heels at the Outback Steakhouse.

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  1. Middle class! MrObama has a personal multi-million dollar fortune to call on for his personal pleasures, and the taxpayers are on the hook for the lavish life that his family enjoys while they live in the WhiteHouse.

    $140 for a dinner plate is nothing to them. MrsO spends 5 times that for a bag or a simple garment. There’s nothing wrong or surprising about what she spends on herself; after all she’s married to a man who is a member of the 1% that enjoys a multi-million dollar fortune.

    If we’re talking ‘middle class’, it seems that after they left college neither of them could have been called ‘middle class’ as their incomes and purchases suggest. A 6500 sq ft manse is not in the budget of anyone in the ‘middle class’, nor is a job that pays $350K a year considered ‘middle class’.

    • Yeah, they have tried in the past to convince people that they lived on credit cards and royalties from those possibly ghostwritten “memoirs.” What person in their 30s writes two memoirs–or however old he was. Then she got a makework job tossing poor people out of hospital for $350K. Just boo boo hoooooo! to them. Bah humbug! Middle class my rosy one.

      • I always think paying off those student loans is suspicious too. Every bit of information on Obama is sealed. So why release that particular piece?

    • The mansion came much later. After BO and MO were married, they lived upstairs for several years in the one bedroom converted apt. Mama Robinson rented from a relative. One bedroom. Don’t know who slept on the couch but I doubt it was Mrs. Robinson.

      In the book, The Amateur, Klein stated that Obama told one of his backers that Michelle wouldn’t let him run for State senator until their credit cards were paid off. He borrowed the money to pay off the cards.

      Since Obama is the one who drove an old car and owned only one suit, it must have been MO who had the champagne appetite. She was going to leave him just before they struck the lottery – he wasn’t making enough to support her extravagance.

      • Obama’s what you’d call an underachiever and never liked hard work. Such a shame after such an elite education.

        On the other hand, Sarah Palin would be an overachiever, a basic college education and many successes in her life. Not many people start as a PTA president, city council, then Mayor and reach the Governor’s office at such a young age. She also was a mom and business owner during those years.

        Too bad the media never caught on to those glaring differences between their Messiah and Caribou Barbie.

    • Ten cents a meal–if you don’t add a few frozen veggies…I usually do, though. We call it lunch over here. I read a piece recently on some reporter trying to live on the $4.50 a day you get from food stamps–he relied on eggs and peanut butter for protein and said he was gaining weight. Of course, he also said he stopped it after a week. Yeah, what a break for you, guy.

      • They sure don’t look like they are enjoying their multi-million dollar vacation on our dime. Guess it’s kind of hard to control ones image when attending a public function. No Pete Souza around to make them look more majestic than the rest of the regular schlubs. Mooch just invites criticism with the short shorts and Hillary headband anyway.

        • I know that yesterday there were two environmentalists there heckling Obama about Keystone, but someone today commented that the heckling also included ‘liar’, ‘Benghazi’ and ‘if you like your doctor’.

  2. Just curious. Does WH chef/golf partner, Sam Kass, accompany the two gastronomes to all of the 5-Star restaurants? Are we paying his restaurant tab, too? Would love to be a fly on the wall.

  3. OT,…but here goes.
    First of all I want everyone to know that I LOVE this site.
    It is unique as far as Keith’s ability to cut through the crap that we are being fed by the MSM.
    The people that contribute their thoughts and opinions here are highly regarded by me as sage incite.
    All of us have been frustrated at times with trying to contribute our comments.
    Keith did respond to me through e-mail that the spam filter was collecting comments from certain individuals, and hence they were not showing up, or showing up in the wrong place on the thread.

    I don’t know how many of you have made an effort to alert Keith of this frustrating glitch that seems to occur on this site.
    I took DeniseVB’s advice and contacted Keith, and as I stated above, he responded to me.
    With the response that the site gets on Sunday Open Thread, perhaps more of us echoing the same complaints would result in a site that responds a bit better given the traffic that it attracts.

    I think that it could be a WordPress problem given the periodic errors of posting too fast,…slow down.

    It will be interesting to hear your opinions.

  4. Just stumbled upon a caustic tweet from Matt Drudge – Dec. 18

    Impeachment star Podesta back for another?
    (photo of Bill Clinton and Podesta included)

    From your lips to G-d’s ears, Matt !

    • ot: am I the only one that noticed that MrPodesta has that same predator look on his face as does DrZekeEmanuel?

      As for his new, undisclosed role inside the WhiteHouse; are they expecting an “I” word action in 2015 if the Dems take over the Senate?

      • Vultures! Dr. Zeke reminds me of the Grim Reaper.
        Podesta is only being hired for a year, so they say. We can kiss impeachment good-bye if the DEMS take the Senate in 2015. Unless, of course, Harry Reid opts for ‘early retirement’ or something unforeseen occurs, healthwise.

      • No you aren’t.
        They are going to pull out all the stops in the prior to the next election.
        Gloves are off,…. brass knuckles are on.
        You bring a knife,…we bring a gun.
        They are desperate to retain their power, and the American People are beginning to awaken as to what is happening to this Country under the control of the Obama regime.

        The constant changing of the laws and regulations within Obamacare is going to become an issue as we approach the election in 2014.
        One more year of the turmoil should convince enough Americans that we need to change back to the principles that our Founders laid out in the Constitution.

        • I hope the American People & the republican party have opened their eyes enough to see that something gets done to insure that the libs don’t own the voting machines again, like they did in 2012, otherwise it does absolutely no good to vote. And I haven’t heard ANY news about that or know of ANY action taken to even address it.