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Obama Faces Keystone Protest at Basketball Game

President Obama was having a nice afternoon watching his brother-in-law’s Oregon State Beavers lose to the University of Akron Sunday when, according to the pool report, this popped up:

A man dressed in a full polar bear costume and a woman with an anti Keystone Pipeline sign (“Beavers Hate Pipelines”) entered the arena, across the court from where the Obamas were sitting. The duo began dancing during a second half time-out, but it was unclear if the president noticed them.

The polar bear fellow and his date plan to be in Hawaii throughout Obama’s vacation to try to annoy him into rejecting the Keystone Pipeline. Knowing how Obama rolls, it’s more likely to have the opposite effect.

Anyway, Michelle’s brother Craig Robinson coaches Oregon state, which lost 83-71.

Here’s a little more color from the the pool reports:

The ride was uneventful; some people whose cars were stopped along the way for the motorcade got out of their vehicles to wave at the spectacle and flash the shaka sign at the president.

The First Family entered the arena, to cheers, shortly before game time. (They also made their first jumbotron appearance before tip-off). Obama, wearing a purple polo shirt, and his family are sitting courtside just behind the Oregon bench.

Obama, wearing a purple short-sleeved shirt and dark blue jeans, left the court during halftime, though he stopped to high-five some Oregon fans on the way out. He returned just before the second half began.

Also sitting with First Family at the game: (Obama friend) Bobby Titcomb, and the rest of the Robinson family — Marian Robinson (Michelle and Craig’s mother), Craig’s wife, and his children, according to a White House aide.

The teams were playing in the Hawaiian Airlines Diamond Head Classic at the University of Hawaii.

Obama spent the morning tooling around his vacation house, where he was updated on the situation in South Sudan. Obama notified Congress over the weekend that he may take “further action” there after three U.S. aircraft attempting to evacuate Americans were fired on, wounding four U.S. service members.

45 Responses to Obama Faces Keystone Protest at Basketball Game

  1. I wonder if his briefings include anything on Obamacare, or maybe he’ll just find out when he gets back to DC.

    Tomorrow and January 1 will put two more nails in this turkey’s coffin.

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      • Test. Why are my comments not showing up?

        Is MH or whatever her name is at the moment a moderator?

        Doesn’t change the fact that whoever she is, she’s a bigger liar than Obama and that’s saying something.

    • …Sudan has also been a ‘training ground’ for Red China’s “military expedition forces” (but the the Chinese claim its nothing but some construction/security/training units)

      • A very good friend (refugee from Sudan) told me how Egypt, Saudi Arabia, among other “kind and loving” muslim nations are sending jihadists & support to wipe out ALL black Africans (especially if they’re Christians) in the south of Sudan. And China is only there for the oil in the ground. This story gets no airplay..the media is too busy feeding us stories about celebrities, Phil Robertson ,etc…. And not a peep out of the “Reverends” jesse jackson or al sharpton..

        • Not related–exactly–but I also read about some Univ of Wisc people who are trying to save albino children and adults who are hunted for their body parts in some parts of Africa. Little children cut up into Viagra equivalents. This is a nasty nasty world–even at Christmas. And yes, I think the Janjaweed in Darfur were Muslim, were they not?

  2. Someone said at Obama’s briefings………..”At this point what does it matter”…?
    A note from somebody’s attorneys…. This is not a real quote.

  3. Send in the troops to another area where the U.S.A. has no business being. My question is what American would want to live or work in an area where death by violence is rampant and a daily occurrence

  4. He was chomping on his disgusting gum like there was no tomorrow and his wife had a sparkly head band on.
    So proud Mr and Mrs O…way to represent.

  5. “beavers” hate pipelines? sure they do. They’re now forming a PAC to petition Oregon’s US Senators to keep the pipeline from passing through their state. Oh. The proposed pipe line doesn’t pass through Oregon.
    Oh, well.
    However, polar bears probably love beavers and would munch on them if they had the chance. The bears have no comment on the pipeline since none of them live in the US.

  6. So Mr. Obama can’t slow the rise of the oceans, but he can arrange to have his brother-in-law’s basketball team in Hawaii during his vacation. That’s executive power.

    BTW: as to Keystone opposition, the Left looks to have a billionaire answer to the Koch Brothers. John Podesta said that due to the efforts of Steyer, chances of success for Keystone have dropped from 90% to around 50/50.,0,6539543.story#axzz2oASCeNum

    • Have you seen any outrage from the enviro-nutters about Obama allowing his wind farm buddies “accidently” kill bald eagles without the 30k fine? Yeeesh, the hyposcrisy, it burns ;)

  7. “people whose cars were stopped along the way for the motorcade got out of their vehicles to wave at the spectacle and flash the shaka sign at the president”

    I hope there were people flipping him the bird.

  8. Is the press pool reporter sure it was the shaka sign being flashed at Preezy Revenge and not the one finger salute?

    Sure hope Preezy isn’t planning on starting another war while he’s on vacation. What are our troops doing in South Sudan anyway? Have we learned nothing from Libya? Leaving a US embassy open in the midst of a civil war only invites mayhem.