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    • That song always brings me a lumpy throat. Home truly is “where the heart is.” This year, I am home where my heart and soul and body reside. I am thankful…and lumpy throated with that thankfulness. God is good and His Love endures forever.

    • I am blessed to be home for Christmas with my family, and my 30 son will be home by Christmas.
      Song brought tears to my eyes, remembering the famly members we have lost though the years. God Bless them all.
      The memories of the big family gatherings as a kid with mom, dad, sisters, brothers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins.
      Wonderful memories.
      Merry Christmas to all the parties posting on this thread, and
      Keith Merry Christmas to you as well. Thank you for your time and news and open thread.

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    • Usually I’m not one for heart tugging stories, but my heart was indeed moved by the story of thousands of people turning up to sing Christmas carols for the little girl who is dying of leukemia. It was one of her last wishes. That’s an It’s a Wonderful Life sort of event.

  1. I was reading an AP report all concerned over whether the man who lives in 1600 Pennsylvania will be able to have an uninterrupted in Hawaii. I am not sure if this is the same guy we know about since AP reports this man as a “typical early riser”. Maybe in Hawaii to get to the links, yeah! But otherwise….he barely makes it to the “office” by noon.

    • Nice share. Still a bit difficult to determine if they want to vote the bums out because they are are socialist OR because they are not good at being socialists.

    • The RevAl meeting was supposed to be about gun control and gun violence in the Black neighborhoods, but the residents were having none of it, so it seems.
      They were angry about the “White people” (MayorEmanuel and his regime) not doing anything positve for them; give them money, so it seems.
      Angry about home foreclosures, no jobs, and Fed money going to “Negro organizations” that don’t do anything for them; like share the money.
      It was ironic to hear them cheer after the elderly Pastor called for “tea party” town halls with their elected officials.

      My takeaway from this short clip was that the Blacks in this meeting were racist, greedy dependents who blame their economic status on White people and the elite “negro” organizations.

    • Thank you for sharing, gracepmc. In my opinion, it is a glimmer of hope. The black community is starting to come to the realization that their elected officials aren’t ‘sharing the wealth’ as their president promised, and they aren’t just blaming the white man for their troubles this time around. Agree their goals aren’t exactly altruistic, but it is a sign that they are waking up to the fact that most of their elected officials are more interested in enriching themselves than they are in serving the needs of their constituents. That is how the Tea Party movement was born. Can you imagine how powerful our grass roots movement could be if we all banded together in the fight against the ruling class?

      • Powerful it would be. One thing seems to be emerging — people are not all that convinced that big government is the answer. In part, I think, because of the blatant lawlessness, the extravagance of the Administration, and the lack of results. Instead real people are getting impacted in negative ways in their own lives.

        Perhaps the Dems and Obama swerved too far left and the country is beginning a course correction.

        Still, the leftist court packing and the increasingly brazen over reach of Obama and the petty tyrants regarding the law and the Constitution is worrisome to say the least.

        As I said elsewhere, God must be watching over us. Lesser nations might have crumbled. But we are perilously close to that edge.

    • Indeed.
      But I can not stand the useless reports from the various network anchors who are in Hawaii “covering” the vaction.
      What-The-Hell is there to “report/cover”…? The press is allowed no where near the Obama’s in Hawaii. So why the hell is the press/”WH press corps” there? They just stand on some hotel balcony and spew the talking points/propaganda story of the day about the Obama’s. What a waste of TV time (and network money)

  2. Im sorry, but what is the deal with that blonde on “Fox & Friends Weekends”…? She reads a story/teleprompter and she sounds like she has no clue what she is reading. And when the witty Tucker Carlson makes a remark she seems clueless and five steps behind in any on-set conversation.

  3. While it’s great to be rid of the Obamas for a couple of weeks, it really irks me that one of the first things they will do in 2016 is purchase a zillion $$$ estate of their own on one of the Islands….either as a permanent residence or vacation getaway.
    They could have afforded their own place in 2009. But, no….they stuck it to the taxpayers. They stuck it to us as no other POTUS in history. When all is said and done, figure each vacay is costing us at least 15M per trip. Eight years = $120M.
    Obama loves to brag about being a member of the one percenters but he is no different from his welfare squatter relatives who are still living on the taxpayer dime. Ungrateful SOBs!

    • IMO, the Hawaiian vacations will be a dim memory for the Os after 2016. They’ll want to be close to the action on the mainland where MrO is most likely going to follow in Bubba’s footsteps to shake down big corporations with sappy speeches.
      MrO likes to give speeches to friendly groups and getting big bucks to do that is just the cherry on top.

      They’re going to need some major funds to maintain the lifestyle they enjoyed while living at the WhiteHouse.
      WE pay for the people who cook for them, clean their house, carry their laundry to the washing machine and the dry cleaners, drive them around, and that takes more money than they have now.

    • I wonder what the deal is on their Chicago house ? Is it just sitting empty? There’s no “home” there that’s for sure.

      Except for the Clintons, most prezzies LOVED going home on their breaks. Carter had his farm, the Bushes had Kennebunkport and a ranch as did Nixons and Reagans. All located on the mainland.

      I think the Clintons had many more friends and were invited to their homes or given use of their homes. Most wealthy people have built in security, so less headaches for secret service guys. Then there’s Camp David which they used a lot.

      • The O’s are squeezing as much as they can out of us while the gettin’ is good. MO made it pretty clear she doesn’t want to go back to Chicago – the winters are too harsh. Well kiss my grits, lady, you never cease to remind everyone that you are from the Southside.
        Their behavior is typical of nouveau riche lottery winners. They weren’t exactly pillars of the mainstream community, lol.

          • If you key in these words: “Obama neighbors welcome four more years of increased security” you can read that the Obamas 6400 square foot Hyde Park home in Chicago is still being protected with our tax dollars. All of the neighbors on the street have to call the secret service if they are going to have company and blah blah blah…

          • I wondered why they didn’t invite that crew over and all of them celebrate Christmas right there.
            It would have cost me (you) a lot less money.
            This really need to be addressed, another issue getting brushed under the rug. If they pay their own way, I don’t care if they go to the moon.

      • I think the Chicago house must be a major embarrassment for Michelle Antoinette in that it’s not the huge and elegant mansion that she feels she deserves.

      • The “Obama’s” are FAKES.
        Everything just worked out that ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ ended up in Chicago [a hot bed of corrupt Democrats/Neo-Socialists] since he had no ‘life/school/college/work’ records.
        “Obama” somehow became a “local politician” and then he and the ‘wookie’ Michelle found each other…
        And the rest is Fiction…a no body State politician from corrupt Chicago/Cook County becomes a “US Senator” who did nothing (?) and then the “President of the USA” in 2008…???

  4. I’m going to try a little experiment this week. The Obamas don’t exist. There is a fine, conservative (generic) President and his family in the White House. All is right with the world. This afternoon, I am part of a wonderful chorus singing our third performance of Handel’s Messiah in three days. (This part’s real.) I plan to leave the beautiful church we are singing in (St. Anne’s in Annapolis) with love in my heart and a smile on my face. Anyone want to try this with me? Singing is not required! :-)

  5. The original ‘Rosie the Riveter’ girl is now 93 years old and still working on the California assembly line (47 years of commitment and self reliance)


    Pajama Boy sipping hot chocolate in his footed pajamas in his parents home

    Old School Rules!

  6. Rosie-the Riveter vs Pajama Boy

    The original Rosie-the-Riveter has worked on the CA assembly line for the last 47 years and is still working. A demonstration of a strong work ethic and self reliance vs pajama boy sitting in his footed pajamas sipping hot chocolate in his parents home.

    Old School Rules!

  7. I’ve spent a few minutes unsuccessfully trying to find out who might be the Senate Majority Leader should 1) the Republicans win back the Senate and 2) Mitch McConnell not be re-elected. Does anyone know or have a good guess? I know seniority plays a role in the decision but it’s not the conclusive criterion. I was hoping Jeff Sessions stood a chance. We need someone with knowledge of the Constitution.

    • I really like Jeff Sessions – he is a strong opponent of amnesty. When it comes to the Constitution, no one knows it better than Ted Cruz. I hope it’s not strictly a case of seniority – that would be John McCain, no?

      Hope there is a new majority leader in the House! Rep Mike Kelly (PA) would get my vote. Boehner, Cantor, and McCarthy need to be sent home..

      • Agree. I think Cruz is too new to get the top position plus, unfortunately, too many RINOs are left to oppose him. It’s not strictly by seniority, and I feel pretty confident McCain would not get it. I share your hopes on the House. If the conservatives get the majority of new House seats in 2014, they will vote in a new House leadership.

    • How about Ted Cruz ?
      Or Mike Lee ?
      BTW, that would be my ticket for 2016 also.
      Although I admire Sarah Palin, I think that she would make a great senator as opposed to running on the presidential ticket.
      After the Obama administration concludes it’s devastation of America, we’re going to need a major movement to restore this Country back to the Constitutional Principles it was founded upon.
      3 more years is a long time given the way this regime works.
      The devastation already has impacted us for years to come.

      Anyway,…that’s my take Julie.

  8. New subj–anyone else having fits with debit or credit cards bec of the Target thing? Chase cut amt you can get to $200…which came as a shock to my kid who works nites and shops in the early hrs of the morning–predawn. Card bounced. She tried another one (of mine, which she has permission to use) and they also bounced it–then called me this AM to say someone tried to use the card for an even amt of money at 4 am in Walmart. Uh. yes, us! I guess they are trying to help us…I can only take so much helping…

    • i think it’s a limit of $100 for a withdrawal and $300 for purchases. Heard some financial expert on FOX who said the US is the only country on the planet with such an antiquated fraud protection system. It’s a matter of ‘cost’ and the banks do not want to spend the $$$ to upgrade.

    • PNC Bank sent me an e-mail today that they are on the watch as far as any charges made to Target.
      That’s great, as we do not shop at Target.
      Also, we do not use debit cards.

    • I got a call the other day from Master Card via USAA savings bank saying my card was compromised (two charges made in a UK and South America “gift shop”). Somehow a flag went up and my card was frozen. They sure know my shopping habits :) They’re sending me a new card/acct number and all.

      And no, haven’t shopped in Target in months. Scary, huh?

      • Same thing happened to me a few months ago with VISA.
        I saw a discrepancy on my statement, called them and they immediately issued me a new card.
        They don’t mess around anymore.

      • I had one of the those small charges on my Visa card–it was something like $6.17. I called, the card was cancelled, and a new one sent.

        That went so much easier than when my daughter’s credit card, on our account at the time, was stolen and almost immediately used. We reported it within an hour, and Walgreen’s wouldn’t believe that she wasn’t buying diapers and formula (she was in college at the time).

  9. I just got back from shopping. Had to stop at the big Wolly World store.
    As usual when your leaving you have to show your receipt.
    I told the young lady, this is starting to look like a communist country, when I cannot walk out the store without being checked.
    She was young. and cannot remember a time when people could go shopping without being checked.
    I still appreciate the time I could open up a medicine bottle or milk, without ripping a nail off.
    We maybe advancing with all types of things like computers, cell phs, etc., but I feel other things now make life a bit harder.
    I also found out last week. That they can listen to conversations at the wonderful Wolly World store. So I have cameras filming me all day long, now being listened to as I choose what I would like to buy.

    • She wanted to see your receipt to prove that your are not a shoplifter.
      The young lady is employed, and was told to check for receipts.
      She is performing her job as to the mandates that the management has set forth.
      Keep in mind that the camera is on her too.
      Next time,….wish her a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
      Put yourself in her shoes.
      Standing there for hours checking people’s receipts.
      A very intriguing job indeed.
      I hope that she is successful in her endeavors in life.

      • Oh no, I did not blame the young lady. I had a pleasant conversation with her. Just comparing now and than. I see her quite often and she knew I was not blaming her.

    • COSTCO has the same procedure. Sooo degrading. Speaking of communist countries, plastic bags are going to be banned in L.A. county starting Jan.1. Paper bags will be available for 10 cents apiece for 6 months. After that, you’re on your own.
      The enviros have gone crazy! I hope we won’t be fined or thrown in jail if we are caught red-handed with these banned bags cuz I am going to order them in bulk and just take them when I go shopping. The tote bags that are sold at the markets are unsanitary after a few uses. The heck with them.

      It feels like a third world country now – no incandescent bulbs, plastic or paper bags. What’s next – recycled toilet paper?

      • Question if you don’t mind; what about pre-bagged items…apples, potatoes, etc…no plastic for them either? No plastic covers for paper products, or meats, frozen items?

        I hate to ask this, but..why? Why not just recycle plastic bags?

        • I would like to make another point since we are discussing bags and groceries.
          I am tired of the boxes getting smaller. As well the cookies getting smaller. We are paying more money for less product.
          I know, I know: We have more important things to be concerned with.

        • Good question, srdem. The pre-bagged and plastic for meats and perishables will not change. Only the carry-out bags.

          The $64.,000 question is why not recycle? It’s inexplicable:


          When a bag ban is enacted, the use of reusable bags – 90 percent of which are imported from China – and paper bags jump significantly. Life cycle studies show that imported reusable bags must be reused more than 50 times to provide an environmental benefit comparable to that of using a plastic bag only once.

          Perhaps most troubling is evidence that where local bans on plastic bags have been implemented, there has been an exponential increase in the use of paper bags. Sadly, the anti-plastic lobby and public policymakers are now ignoring the fact that a single-use paper bag requires cutting down and shipping trees to be manufactured, using millions more gallons of water, energy and chemicals. The process emits staggering amounts of industrial pollution and destroys animal habitats. Yet, this is somehow now an acceptable alternative to plastic bags.

          Read more here:

          • Dare County, North Carolina, (Outer Banks) banned plastic bags years ago because of the bags winding up where they weren’t wanted, i.e., the shore and ocean. Paper bags are okay.

      • You can wash those canvas totes–I have blogged on how you should. In 50 yrs most of us will be dead anyhow. How are we supposed to get soda home in 5 yrs–in our cupped hands, which in a few gens will be webbed?

        • We also go to Fry’s for grox–a Kroger div. A year ago, maybe more, they started interrogating us about items on the bottom shelf of the cart that we might “forget” to “declare.” This upset sis so much she complained to national management–and finally they quit doing it. They would stare at you in a meaningful way like an Israeli airport security guard and ask, “Is there anything else in your cart?”

      • There is a ban on plastic shopping bags in Austin, Texas. Not on packaged grocery items, just carry-out bags. Hard to believe the Austin environazi’s are ahead of L.A. county. Really stupid because it just drives shoppers out of Austin and into the neighboring cities.

  10. Those supporting the Phil Robertsons stand or dislike the morality common on TV, might like to ask their Representatives to support McCain’s S 912 Bill. S.912 – The Television Consumer Freedom Act of 2013, would allow unbundling of Cable Channels. In short, you could add or subtract cable video channels on a ‘a la carte basis’ with your cable provider.

    This Bill would allow you to put force into your TV channel selections. Networks don’t care if watch or not because they still get paid. But if you do not have to pay for an offensive network and their staffs networks would be much more sensitive to the public. At present for example, you have to buy MSNBC to watch FOX 9 (and vice versa). Under the proposed new law a television broadcast station that does not retransmit an over-the-air signal identical to the signal retransmitted would foreit the spectrum license of the station back to the FCC for re-auctioning. TV commercial advertisements of up to 60 seconds in duration would be stil be exempt.

    Support a la carte programming.

  11. What’s with Greta Van Susteren? She was on Steffie’s program bemoaning Obama’s last press conference and how the WH reporters were picking on him when he’s down instead of supporting him? Maybe she belongs on MSNBC.

    His being down is all of his own making or calculated to make you feel pity for him. Apparently it’s worked with Greta.

  12. Cracker Barrel restaurants replaced all of the Duck Commander items that they had removed in response to the controversy. They issued a public apology to their customers for their action.

    IMO, too little, too late. In a rush to be PC for the LBGT community, they offended their whole customer base.

      • I am offended by that place. I am the consumer, and I make the choice if I am interested or not. I do not appreciate them speaking for the public. I am going to buy an item today.
        THIS IS A FREE COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!
        FREEDEM OF SPEECH!!!!!!!!!!!
        I have to listen to vulgarity and other things I am not interested in, but I can change the channel. I do not need anyone doing that for me.

    • My first comment is in moderation, so I’ll change a few words and try this again. I respect Cracker Barrel for listening to their customers, and admitting they made a wrong decision. If only something like that could happen in Gomorrah on the Potomac. Imagine politicians actually admitting they made the wrong decision when they passed Preezy’s liberty stealing health insurance scam.

  13. Heard on the radio just now that the mayor of Houston, tweeted her dislike for the man let go by A&E.
    All the problems any big city has, and the mayor is tweeting against someone talking about his beliefs.
    Well she forgets while she is tweeting she has the right to give her comment, but she don’t like anyone else having the same right!

    • You forgot to mention GAY mayor of Houston. You can be gay, you can be mayor–just don’t push your lifestyle and way of life on others. The mayor of Houston is in a class all her own.

    • That creature is Democrat Annise Parker. She is a radical homosexual. Tolerance for another person’s religious beliefs is not a two-way street with her type.

      Annise Parker ‏@anniseparker 21 Dec
      When i called Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty “a redneck wingnut whose views are completely irrelevant” I was serious. Who cares?-A

    • “By Associated Press, Updated: Sunday, December 22, 6:42 PM
      HONOLULU — President Barack Obama and the vacationing first family momentarily skipped the beach in Hawaii on Sunday to take in a college basketball game.

      Obama, first fady Michelle Obama and daughters Sasha and Malia attended the Oregon State-Akron game Sunday at the Diamond Head Classic tournament in Honolulu”

      “..first fady…? lol.