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Reid Leaves the Hospital

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was released from the hospital Friday evening after spending the day under observation. Reid, who checked into George Washington University Hospital Friday morning, was diagnosed with “exhaustion.”

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22 Responses to Reid Leaves the Hospital

  1. It seems to me that Obama and Reid got together and said, “Let’s play the pity card.” Ain’t gonna work. Obama and Reid and all the Democrats who voted for the abomination should know that when a sports team loses, all the pity in the world will not turn the score card around.

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  2. And that “exhaustion” was of his own making. If he hadn’t played pure partisan politics and blown up the Senate for the sake of letting Obama pack the D.C. circuit court he wouldn’t have had to stay during all those hours of debate the Republicans were left no choice but to demand.
    Reid is an abomination upon the American system and the sooner he is gone from Congress the soon the American people can begin to recover.

    • The efforts to destroy our republic can be taxing.
      It has been noted that Obama looked ‘tired’ in his presser.
      I harbor no sympathy for either of them.

      • Let’s see. Reid cannot be tired from bringing up House-passed bills. He only has to count to 51 now… And Obama can’t be tired from coding for long hours or even talking to people who hired coders…So I am calling them out on the tired gambit. It’s not like they are hanging drywall.

  3. It’s so curious that only drug-addled entertainers and beleaguered politicians are admitted to a hospital for “exhaustion”. That isn’t even a medical term, it’s not treatable, and no ordinary person has ever been diagnosed as “exhausted”.

    As a faithful viewer of “House”, I diagnosed MrReid’s aliment as sheer panic as their beloved Obama, and his legacy Obamacare are both exposed as frauds. His panic extends to the next elections where he is positive that he will be delgated to the back row of the Senate as some hated Repub takes the Majority Leader’s podium.

    • You mean those of us who are exhausted by Reid and Obama’s daily antics, ObamaCare, the coverups of Fast and Furious, Benghazi, spying on the citizenry, the IRS scandal, etc. won’t be covered by ObamaCare?? ;+} On another point, when I was a youngster in Maine, the polite word for someone who was hospitalized for a psychological breakdown was that the person was exhausted and needed a little rest..

  4. Yes, piling up all those bills on the end of his desk is very hard work. A man can because enhausted especially if he is a mean, vindictive man.

  5. I sure hope that no poor illegal alien was deprived of care because Mr. Reid jumped ahead of them in line. I’m assuming he didn’t have to spend any time in the waiting room.

    He didn’t want to stay overnight, because he was afraid that the “Death Panel” would have determined that he was too old to contribute anything useful to society. He was afraid they might have just given him a sedative and witheld food like they do in the UK.

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