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Pajama Boy’s Parents Step Forward

Could it be?

Pajama Boy Maddow

H/T The Looking Spoon.

28 Responses to Pajama Boy’s Parents Step Forward

  1. Are you saying if Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow had a child, he would look like Pajama Boy? Would they be said to have played The Pajama Game?

  2. Keith, what rock have you been living under, these people don’t breed. “Thou shall not lie with Mankind as with Womankind, it is abomination” Leviticus 18:22 Abomination: To deprecate as an ill omen.

  3. Ahhh Keith…I cannot tell you the number of times I have spit my Dr. Pepper on the computer or blew it up my nose from reading things like this….but this one for the ages…I did both.

    • lucky for me I took my sip of beer and had swallowed before I came here to WHD. Whew.. a deff TV spit take for sure if I hadn’t!

      Well done Keith.. well DONE!

  4. Perfect Keith. Kudos.

    Unfortunately for the Obama WH, Pajama Boy is trending to define them. An Administration full of Pajama Boys. And we didn’t even have to make it up — it was offered, With hot chocolate no less.

    Although I am pretty sure the taxpayers are on the hook for the onesies and the hot chocolate.

    The best of the holiday season to all you — from a proud Catholic Merry Christmaser.