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Hinckley Granted More Freedom

The man who tried to assassinate President Reagan in 1981 is now spending more than half his time not incarcerated.

HinckleyJohn Hinckley Jr. has been granted permission to walk out of St. Elizabeth’s hospital in Washington – where he’s been receiving treatment since being found not guilty by way of insanity three decades ago – and head to his mother’s hometown of Williamsburg, Virginia for 17 days a month. This is an increase from the 10 days previously permitted monthly.

This even though Hinckley, who is now 58, is still practicing “deceptive behavior” and has no friends or associates. His lawyer says he is on a “trajectory moving toward unconditional release,” and the judge who increased Hinckley’s freedom says he “will not be a danger to himself or to others.”

The Secret Service, which monitors his movements, is not so sure.

12 Responses to Hinckley Granted More Freedom

  1. Are we reading this right?
    He used to be sane for 10 days a month, but now he’s sane for 17 days a month.
    Are we to assume that the rest of the month he’s a danger to himself and others and not sane?

    There’s no sensible reason to release him to the public. He’s been incarcerated for too long to be a productive, free citizen, and no one would want to hire him, or even live near him.
    He’s institutionialized, the same as any criminal who has spent way too many years in custody.

      • When he was sane for 10 days a month, he passed the threshold for democrat party membership; 17 days a month, republican party. If he regains sanity 24/7, he may join the TEA Party. If they have told him the truth about Jodie Foster, he will have to find someone else to impress and some other stunt to do that.

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  2. If he was doing anything productive on his sane days off. Working for the people of the U.S. one way or another to show remorse. If he is not insane what treatment are they giving him at the hospital?

  3. “…the judge who increased Hinckley’s freedom says he “will not be a danger to himself or to others.””

    Let’s test that theory out, your judgeness, by moving him next to YOU!