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Open Thread || Your Questions for Obama, Please

Let’s hear ’em. Who knows, maybe someone who will get called on – I’m not going to pretend to you it might be me, even if I wasn’t home with a sick child – will read one of them.

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  1. What is this blab-a-thon in honor of? I forget. The new “you can buy crappier insurance than you had before” campaign, wish me fun in Hawaii, we may not let the NSA come in your house or drone you, what?

    • Megyn Kelly thinks it’s a hail Mary pass: he’s going to ask the insurance companies to offer about 500,000 of those who have lost their coverage catastrophic insurance. The insurance companies don’t think it would be a good idea, they’re not geared up for it, and it would cost just as much as Obamacare.

      BTW, when Michelle Obama went on Sharpton’s radio program yesterday, she referred to something called Obamacare. Isn’t that a racist term?

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  2. Obama supporter in the third row: Has MrsO finished packing for your familie’s well-deserved vacation in your home state, and will you be golfing everyday?

    FOX’s Ed Henry: not recognized by MrO

    MSM chair-sitter tasked with lobbing soft ball question on Obamacare: Now that the individual mandate has been changed, will America come to love the ACA as they should?

    Woman in fourth row wearing a burka: Do you promise to veto any further illegal sanctions against the free and democratic nation of Iran?

  3. An Obama voter asks:

    1. What did you mean last year when you said ‘Tell Putin I’ll be able to do more after my re-election.’
    2. Why are we supporting Al Queda ‘Rebels’ in the Middle East?
    3. Why are we supporting GMO foods for our people when other countries are going non-GMO? Non-GMO would be good for Michele’s laudatory nutrition program.
    4. Why are we going after farmers for re-using their own seeds?
    5. Why are/did we give tax payer money to send so many industries to China (GE, GM)
    6. Obamacare website? Why have no officials or contractors lost their jobs or repaid money for failure to perform?

  4. As the last check in the legislative process, and chance to protect the people (you contantly say you are), why did you sign a bill that seemingly no one had read and only one party had voted for?

  5. The Commerce Dept. just issued their THIRD GDP revision for the third quarter, citing increased business and consumer purchasing. It now stands at 4.1% – up from 3.6% just a week or so ago.

    Do you expect more upward revisions between now and Jan. 1, 2014 now that you have invoked the ‘hardship exemption’ allowing ‘some’ consumers to keep more of their money until after the 2014 election?

    And secondly, do you plan to offer up hardship exemptions to the millions of Americans who fall into the ‘previously uninsured’ category?
    If not why not?

  6. Question:

    Why do you think that the MSM has turned against the ACA, even though everyone knows it’s the right thing… TO DO! Isn’t it for the children?

  7. Mr. President,

    Who would you rather share your villa in Hell with? A) Joe Stalin, B) Adolf Hitler, C) Pol Pot, D) Robert Mugabe, E) John Wayne Gacy or F) All of the Above.

  8. I have two questions for Obama:
    1. If Obamacare is the greatest thing since sliced bread, why are you granting exemptions to big unions, Congressional staffers, etc.?

    2. Do you really think Congressional Republicans will want to cooperate with you after the public non-stop bashing and hectoring?

  9. Mr. President, we acknowledge your narcissism rules out any chance of resignation for the good of the country, but if we bought the house and gave you free use of Air Force One for the next three years would you consider just staying in Hawaii and leave us alone as we clean up your mess?

  10. Why are Americans being forced to purchase healthcare services that do not need or will never use, such as birth control, lactation devices, pediatric vision and dental care, or rehab services ? Many of us have children over the age of 18 (thus pediatric care is not needed) and are past child-bearing ages (thus we don’t need birth control, maternity, breast pumps).

    Why can’t Health Savings Accounts be created and implemented (similar to an IRA, 401K or SEP) which will allow a person to put money aside for future healthcare costs? The HSA’s should also be tax deductible similar to IRA deductions.

  11. Mr. (p)resident:

    Is it your administration’s policy to include voter registration forms on the website? I just renewed my auto insurance and there was no check box for voter registration.
    Do you verify citizenship on the Spanish language version for both healthcare AND voting privileges? If not, why not?

  12. I may be wrong on this, but I can’t recall anyone from the MSM ever asking Barry any questions like the ones posted here.
    There are some hard nosed ” reporters ” here today.

    • Might have something to do with none of us here are more concerned about our Washington party invitations than the state of the nation?
      Plus from what I’ve read over the years no follower of this blog could EVER put their head as far up their a$$ as the current White House Press Corps. Ed Henry excluded.

  13. Is the Governments’ exemption of Obamacare for Federal workers an act of Government tyranny? Quote from one Mr. Thomas Jefferson “Tyranny is defined as that which is legal for the Government but illegal for the Citizenry”.