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New Obamacare Tax You Didn’t Know About Kicks In

As we’ve discussed around here, somebody has to pay for Obamacare.


Starting January 1, a new tax will be imposed on health insurance plans. According to Stephen Moore of the Wall Street Journal, you’ll pay on average about $100 more next year, rising to perhaps $500 by the end of the decade.

Please factor that into your Christmas present buying plans.

Are you a member of the middle class, who received a promise from Obama that your taxes wouldn’t be raised?

Sorry Charlie.

H/T to Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit. Jim also has a nice little piece showing that more people believe in Bigfoot than think Obamacare will improve their health coverage.

11 Responses to New Obamacare Tax You Didn’t Know About Kicks In

  1. Everyone deserves a vacation! Everyone should go where ever they want. However: MOST honest people pay for their own vacation.
    I cannot believe this man and his CREW are going on this long vacation with all the troubles under his belt.
    There is a long list, everyone here is familiar with.
    How many people tell the people they work for I am going on vacation with out doing my job correctly?
    There are so many scandels, Benghazi, IRS, Health Mess. He should be sitting behind a desk trying to investigate, fix, apologize for errors,

    • just as Dorothy replied I am startled that a single mom able to make $8568 in a few weeks on the computer. browse this site ;;;;

    • He goes because he can and thats why the first family is the first welfare family, I always have the feeling he is laughing at all of us. Monkey with a hand grenade. No shame, he will take all he can get from the Americans he despises.

  2. The logic or implentation of this tax isn’t clear at all. Does one pay a tax on the estimated yearly premiums, plus or minus Fed subsidies, or on the actual benefits being paid out for health care, or just for the privilege of having health insurance?

    In light of the WhiteHouse denonating the nuclear bomb of exemption from the individual mandate that effectively guts the core of the law, this tax, along with other Obamacare taxes, might just be moot.

    • I am not clear on all these dopey deadlines, either. My kid works at Wendy’s–I will ask her what they have told her in the several letters she got. I am a Mom discussing health care–kill me! Still, I hate to see her gigged for some overpriced thing or her refund cut. Help!

    • I do not know the answers to your question, but my husband noticed that the withdrawal for the premium was $40 more, so he called and asked. They said it was for all the various new taxes – due to Obamacare. So, it’s monthly. Tacked onto your premium, like a sales tax.

    • Another new scam is the name of the game. Lawless administration and nothing is being done about it.
      Why, ’cause he’s the President? Must be kidding Republican selfies and cowards who let this lawlessness go on and on and on. And soon election fraud and we will have another moron and baby killer, Clinton.

  3. I don’t know where they get the low-ball $100 figure, because we’ve already had to pay our January premium, and it ‘s $40 for the month. That adds up to almost $500 a year, and we do NOT have some super plan. I would say that more people will be trending toward that $500 mark, than the $100.

    I mean, those that actually pay for their insurance.

    BTW – I tried to search for a breakdown on these taxes and found nothing. This was two days ago.