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Obamacare is Now Being Changed to Help Democrats

The latest change to the Obamacare law was done by the White House to help Democrats get reelected.


The decision that those who have lost their insurance may now forgo the basic Obamacare requirement to have insurance or purchase a cheap catastrophic plans was actually made in response to complaints from about a dozen Democratic senators – most of whom are up for reelection next year – who expressed alarm that their constituents were hopping mad.

Six of those senators sent a letter to Sebelius Wednesday demanding exemptions from the law for those losing insurance. The response, in a letter back to them from her Thursday night, was swift.

So now we are changing laws to help out Democrats imperiled by a looming anti-Obamacare political tornado that threatens to sweep up purple and red state Democratic lawmakers and consign them to honest work in the private sector. And the White House barely feels the need to pretend otherwise.

And remember, these “issues” with Obamacare are just the beginning. The whole storyline in the press here is that we are now making temporary changes needed to address a few growing pains with a program that was rolled out inefficiently.

Not so. Obamacare is the poster child for everything that is wrong with government. This is JUST THE BEGINNING of your government’s efforts to monkey around with markets and the delivery of health care in order to try to complex make the federal takeover of medicine work.

These delays to Obamacare and struggles to fix broken websites and make the back end work and so on and so forth aren’t aberrations. They are Standard Operating Procedure.

This is how it’s going to be for you. Unless you have enough money to pay for your own doctors and hospitals. Or unless this law is repealed.

24 Responses to Obamacare is Now Being Changed to Help Democrats

    • This is proof that this law was unnecessary.
      It can be changed willie-nillie and at a moment’s notice.
      It can be tweaked or completely made over whenever they want, and then changed back again.
      The rush to have it passed was only because of the votes. The populace didn’t need it.


      Obviously we can’t do anything about it, but let’s hope there is a place in Hell for everyone involved.

      We will have to live with it because the Republicans are cronies, as are the Corporations.

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  1. This isn’t just changing the law, or tweaking the requirements, this move is the incendiary device that will burn up the whole law.
    Whether it burns slowly or quickly depends on the current astonished outrage of voters that the Dems have created a chaotic health care system that had worked for most Americans until MrObama decided to “monkey” with it.

    How can the endangered Congressional Dems promote this during their campaigns; “….look, we fixed it so that even though you used to have health insurance that you liked and could afford, now you don’t have to have it at all until you need it…see?
    It’s going to be great, all you have to do is find the funds to pay the doctors and the hospital if you get sick, and someone, at some point, will reimburse you for the expense as soon as you buy insurance from them.”
    Yeah, this illegal move by the HHS is going to insure the Dems re-election…snort.

  2. Now they are saying only 500,000 lost their policies due to O-care. What? I guess it’s Silly Time–just say anything and hope some idiots believe it. And some idiots will.

    • Nothing to see here.
      Honestly, what’s the difference of what the numbers are. They change them whenever the mood fits.
      sometimes the uninsured in America is 50 million sometimes 60, sometimes 20.
      sometimes the Illegal immigrants are 100 million sometimes 10.

      Facts and Stats are fluid for Statists.

    • I think what they are guestimating that there will be only 500,000 out of the 5.5M cancellations who will be elligible for ‘hardship’ exemptions.
      They must fill out a hardship form with a copy of cancellation notice.

      Interestingly, the ememption list contains a real doozey: anyone who has RECENTLY experienced domestic violence. NO DOCUMENTATION REQUIRED. This opens up a whole new can of worms, lol.

    • They surely will believe it because they are idiots. We must just hope and pray that God will help our country because nobody else will and that includes the Republican selfies and cowards.

  3. The other Obama: Your old health plan had to be canceled because it was “junk.”

    The current Obama: “After consulting with HHS and the polls, we’ve concluded that ‘junk’ is perfectly acceptable until November 2014.”

  4. I have held off on this, but I am wondering if a cerebral set of Articles of Impeachment need to be introduced. Seriously, we are watching our government of laws melt in front of our eyes. I read somewhere that these unauthorized modifications are at 14 and rising. Friends, this is junkie material, “Stop me before I _______ again!”

  5. God is watching over this nation.

    I was really busy — out and about today — everyone — old , young, wealthy, poor, young and old — is on edge and worried. This includes some Dems and young people and others from Obama’s base. There seemed to be an awakening and concern. And a scent of fear.

    A lesser nation might crumble under this lawless period period where some fake Messiah rules by fiat. So, as I said, God must be watching over us.

  6. I love “a monkey with a hand grenade”. That really made my day! But the way Obama breaks laws and doesn’t follow the law at all, is mind boggling and no one does anything about it. We cannot be a free and wonderfuly country anymore as long as the democrats and republicans run the show. It is all cronyism. My heart is broken.

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