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Obama Departs for Sixteen Days in Hawaii

The Obamas have left the building.

From the pool report:

Marine One touched down at 6:54 p.m. at Andrews Air Force Base. President Obama, Michelle Obama, daughters Malia and Sasha and first mother-in-law Marian Robinson soon emerged and quickly boarded Air Force One.

The president wore a dark suit but no tie, while Michelle Obama was casual in black pants and a jacket.

The Obamas — including First Dogs Bo and Sunny — are embarking on their annual holiday excursion to Hawaii. Our destination tonight is Honolulu.

At 7:03 p.m., we are rolling.

Sixteen days in Hawaii. Sixteen. Not including travel aboard the luxurious presidential aircraft. President Obama and his family will be there through January 5, the White House says. Imagine.


Keith, get a ahold of yourself. Gosh. You have plenty of nice things to do here in Washington and you can buy tropical drink mixes at the Safeway.

I mean, even if you are a person of means, I doubt you will be taking sixteen days in Hawaii this year. Because most of you who make a lot of money – don’t tell liberals, it will ruin their fun – work extremely hard and are paid so well because YOU ARE NEEDED AT YOUR JOB. In fact, you probably don’t use all  your vacation days, because if you did, something would get screwed up.

But that would be news to a someone who has worked in the public sector and academia all his life.

Well, bon voyage. Hoping no volcanoes erupt while you’re there, either the real ones on the islands or the figurative ones presidents must deal with at any moment.

117 thoughts on “Obama Departs for Sixteen Days in Hawaii”

  1. Flying 2 dog’s on Air Force jet’s after cutting pay and benefits for current active members and those retired, including disabled vets, I say, well done you sorry p.o.s.
    Sleep well and enjoy your vacation.

      1. And Michelle’s handmaidens/handlers bet they don’t come cheap
        at all probably for this long on an island they get hazardous duty

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  2. Leaving the WhiteHouse for an extended vacation during the holiday season seems reasonable and, of course, traditional for FirstFamilies.
    But, why Hawaii, why travel thousands of miles away from the mainland just to sit in the sunshine and play golf when they could enjoy the same pleasures in our southern states.
    None of the Os fish, or dip in the ocean for surfing, snorkeling, or swimming, so the island aspect isn’t a compelling reason to travel there.

    As a private citizen, MrO can vacation or live wherever he pleases, but as the POTUS whose presence might be required at the WhiteHouse for any number of emergencies or national issues, he really should be closer than 11 hours away.

      1. The Bush families (41 & 43) always spent Thanksgiving & Christmas at Camp David (as did the Reagans) so that their staff and security details could be closer to their own families during the holidays. When you add up the days that Bush 43 was on “vacation”, it totals the weekends plus 2 weeks each year of his 8 year presidency. I know libs don’t like to do the math, but it helps if you get out a calculator. The Bush compound in Crawford was set up to provide security without much added expense for “We The People”.

        I thought Hawaii had strict rules about quarantine for domestic pets so as not to bring rabies onto the islands. Maybe that is incorrect info, or maybe you don’t have to worry about that if you are the POTUS.

        1. I don’t think Bush ever left for vacay with a signature program in tatters and millions of Americans with their health care insurance wrecked as a result, leaving them to twist in the financial winds if – G_d forbid – anything happens to them after January 1st; and Obama’s fig leaf for his Democrat fellow travellers will not help and he knows it…

          Also, Bush gave up golf as frivoulous with the troops overseas.

          Last I checked, they’re still there, and getting murdered like never before thanks to Obama’s arcane rules of engagement and insistance that they leave themselves exposed to “green on blue” backshots, exposure to “war crimes” trials by our enemies if they actually try to do their jobs, and the certain knowledge that OUR goverment thinks its THEIR fault if a Muslim kills them over a shoe sole being pointed at them, or a causal question about their families…

          Do you think anything could make Obama give up golf – or anything ELSE he wants? Doubt it…

          Personally, though, I wish he would just STAY on a vacation in Hawaii, and I’d even go so far as to say we could fully fund his and Moochie’s “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” style of taxpayer funded vacations for the duration! PLEASE, golf away!

          On condition that they take his phone away and he is no longer allowed any direct control of the Government, that is…

          Trust me, even if we give him this for a lifetime – even if we pay for his entire high-dollar posse – we’ll come out ahead. And wouldn’t it be nice if NONE of those folks ever came back!

          Of course, Hawaii would suffer – sorry, Island Girl, but it is YOUR state he pretends to come from – but its sacrifice could conceivably save the REST of the nation – and perhaps they could even convince The Won to stay on ONE island and wall it off, “Escape from New York” style, for his protection of course…

          And it’s not like you’re not familiar with having tinpot, election-stealing tyrants and their rapacious, power-hungry wives exiled to your island. After all, HOW long were Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos there?

          Then we could finally turn to the task of repairing his damage. If it CAN be repaired, that is. It will take generations, but we can’t even START as long as THIS guy keeps opening new holes below the Titanic’s waterline. So please, Hawaii – take one for the team? Keep them forever? We’ll give you gold…

      1. What, no bookstore? So he can buy lefty Stephen King and Jonathan Franzen blithering and Berenstain Bears for his kids–even tho they are teens?

        Did you see that in his presser he said “millions of Americans were POISED to get health insurance.” Poised? And Millions? Isn’t there a saying involving horseshoes and hand grenades? Can you imagine one of those clipboard people coming in your booth in the ER and you say, “Potentially I have insurance–I am poised…”

          1. Great find Lizzy ! That’s what I was looking for … the mad dash between Marine One and Air Force One…lol.

            Funny they also noted how “tired” Obama was at his press conference and really “needs” a vacation. Well played Barack, well played. ;)

          2. Thanks, Lizzy. They don’t look too happy. Obama and Obama Mama as well as Harry Reid looking for pity.

            That figure, $100,000 must be wrong. Shouldn’t there be another 0 and then multiply by 4?

  3. My team and I are given a quota for each month and for the year.
    If we don’t achieve it, we are toast.
    It doesn’t matter if we were out sick, on vacation, or had a death in the family. The bottom line is…what was the number at the end of the month.
    I never ever use all my vacation.
    Because I’m not paid a salary. I work for a living.

    Performance = Success
    Bad Performance = no money = wife and children leaving me. ha ha

    What does this do for the President.
    Let’s face it. In most cases the country would be better off if we had no President, No Congress.
    We need a Commander in Chief (who doesn’t hunt down American Citizens) and the military.
    We need the CIA and the FBI. mostly.
    We need rules here and there that deal with interstate commerce (e.g. child labor laws, discrimination, Interstates, etc)

    The rest of the crap can be handled by the States.
    that’s about it, isn’t it.

    1. “Bad Performance = no money = wife and children leaving me. ha ha” – scottso

      This wouldn’t be a punishment for Obama, they’re not really his in the first place…

      Especially in the case of Michelle Antonette. Consider what would happen if you really COULD make her leaving for good a consequence of Obama’s poor performance. Talk about perverse incentives!

      Of course, this depends on what you believe Obama’s TRUE motives are, and who his TRUE master is. Since his words and actions to date suggest that destroying this Country is his motive and Satan is is true master, I’d say his performance has been STELLAR, from HIS point of view…

  4. I was in Hawaii two years ago when Obama was there. Anytime he went anywhere the main road of Hawaii (the H2) was shut down and EVERYTHING on the island just stopped for a few hours.

    But the Hawaiians didn’t care, they just love him.

      1. Island Girl, I can say “I Feel Your Pain”, and – unlike the guy who made that phrase famous – actually MEAN it!

        During BOTH election cycles, Ohio was a key state, and Obama spent a lot of time here. He had a particular affinity for Cincinnati in fact, since it had at the time a Mayor that was basically a mini-me version of him, right down to the – eh – lack of interest in the ladies. We also had a City Council that was just a little left of Lenin, and a countywide demographic shift from the dispersion of the “projects” throughout the County into Federally-forced Section 8 housing that made one of Ohio’s most populous counties very pro-Obama.

        He was such a fan, in fact, that he even came here and stood with Cincinnati’s Mayor to promote his “stimulus” package, with the Brent Spence bridge in the background as his poster child – EVEN THOUGH THE BRIDGE BELONGS WHOLLY TO KENTUCKY AND OHIO/CINCINNATI HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!
        (The bridge never did get fixed or replaced, BTW. Surprise, surprise…)

        Anyway, point being that WE spent a LOT of time being inflicted with this jackleg and his apparatchiks, not to mention all the local party politicans and fawners – of BOTH parties – that wanted to bask in the glow of their hero, and maybe pimp themselves for a cushy Federal job – not to mention that Cincinnati has more than its share of race hustlers that 100% LOVE this guy’s divisiveness that he brought out of the woodwork – and traffic would get backed up, swatches of the City would get closed down, TV couldn’t talk about anything else, and the smell of fetid political ideals would otherwise permeate all Southwest Ohio for the duration.

        For these and other reasons, it was a happy occasion when he left, sort of like how good it feels when someone stops hitting you with a hammer. His lackeys would rejoyce in the afterglow for a bit, look hopefully at the horizon for the Return of their KIng, and eventually pipe down as it gradually dawns on them (for the second or third time) that Obama was just here for the votes and won’t come back between elections, since he cares about Ohio for real about as much as he does for the REST of flyover country…

        It’s like Obama said, “Money’s on the table, biotch. Don’t call me.” to them after he’s used them for his perverted pleasures, and the realization of his TRUE feelings for them settles in with the cold of morning; and perhaps I can be forgiven just a LITTLE Schadenfreude after how they treated the REST of us for the duration…

        So I can truly say I weep for your discomfiture, Island Girl. Take heart, though, that it is but a fleeting thing, and that he won’t be campaigning (more than usual) while he’s there – so at least you’ll be spared THAT…

        He is but a passing evil. Regard him as such.

        This is alredy too long, but just a side note; this is why Boehner is the way he is. Hamilton County is infected with Obamanistas, and the Government has done everything in its power – which is a LOT – to spread the infection up the I-75 corridor into Bohener’s district, which shares a border with Hamilton County’s First Congressional district. The disease has moved briskly into towns Boehner “represents”, such as Hamilton, Fairfield, and Middletown; and the only countervailing force is the noveau riche that fled to West Chester to escape the Bolshevik Revolution in Cincinnati, but still in Prius range of their big-money jobs at politically-correct MNCs like Proctor and Gamble. THESE folks are just happy if he brings home the bacon, keeps the peasants out of their gated communities, and assuages their rich liberal guilty feelings with OTHER people’s money. Boehner can do all three things by kowtowing to Obama.

        This is why no ACTUAL conservative is likely to win there, and why Boehner so zestfully attacks those that ARE conservatives. I don’t see any real hope of “primary”ing him out because of these things.

        I know, O/T, but some folks tend to ask me this when I get into local politics, so just puttin’ it out there as a service for AFVet (whom I greatly respect and thank for his service, BTW) and others…

        1. No post with so much insight is “too long”, IMO. Most interesting analysis, @Cincy on your home town.

          My main interaction with residents of Ohio was with those who live outside the big cities. Small towns, farming communities, all of whom seem to be more conservative than even those from the fly-over western states.

    1. He has invaded my neck of the woods at least 17x in the last 5 years. When he has a fundraiser in the neighborhood, the local LE issues an advisory: Please remain indoors when the (Messiah) arrives and remain indoors until he departs.
      Once, I had to wait 90 minutes to get through a barricade which was half a mile from my house. The barricades start going up mid-,morning even though he is not scheduled to arrive until late afternoon. Locals must show ID to pass through.
      This is unprecedented and should be outlawed.

  5. BO goes to Hawaii not for vacation but for the top notch golf courses. He gets more driving distance playing on land made of rock.

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      1. They could have spent Christmas at the mansion for Christmas. They could have invited the Uncle, he had forgtotten about.
        They couild have invited relatives from his mom’s side of the family.
        By the way does he have any family left alive on his mom’s side of the family? I never her a word about them.
        As far as the dogs, Did they bring them, or leave them at WH?
        There is some rule of animals being brought to Islands.

    1. “How do you say: “F— You Obamas” in Hawaiian…?” – Langley Spook

      Just say “diancuk”, it’s the language of Obama’s REAL hometown…!

      BUT, if you still want to use the Hawaiian, it’s mai’a!!

      He won’t listen either way, flyover. You’re just a peasant who shouldn’t dare speak to such a superior creature (sarc)…

      I don’t usually care to write them out like this, I’m not a fan of swearing… but you DID pose the question, and in Obama’s case it’s very well deserved…

        1. I am sorry if it offends anyone, but as I say, in Obama’s case it’s richly earned. In fact, there is NO word STRONG enough – in English or any other – to equal the invective that Obama has so richly earned from we “U.S. Persons” (although Russian seems to offer some interesting choices…)

          And it DOES answer LS’s question, although given his apparent occupational history, it’s likely he already knew and it was meant rhetorically…but I just couldn’t resist this one time…

          1. Where am I? Whaaa? Sorry, had the vapors. As I said a few days ago, you people can show your true colors as much as you want. I think we all hold the Obamas in disdain, but if you get your ya-yas being gross about it over and over, do whatever you want. I know I get emails privately that urge me to continue to be a pecksniff…but I am bored with that as well as the unimaginative comments.

    1. Just wondering; one photo shows MrsO carrying a bag/purse as she deplanes.
      Why would she need to carry such a thing on AF1 and what in the world is so important that she must carry it?

      She doesn’t need her driver’s license, her ‘house keys’, makeup items, tissues, cell phone, her passport, gum/mints while on the most luxe airbus ever. Sooooo, what’s up with the bag/purse?

      1. Jammies? We know she’s not smuggling booze because AF1 has the top shelf stuff. :D

        Did you see the butt shot at MOTUS ? LOL, People of Walmart boarding our beloved and respected plane. Hope she treats the crew well.

      2. She’s probably got her purse filled with snacks. Remember that trip she took to Africa? Someone posted a photo of the receipt from Costco and the commissary – she had enough food and snacks to feed an army. Trail mix, candy, nuts, chips, tic tacs, chewing gum and what not.

    2. My husband is hard of hearing so when I called him over to see the cartoon on Michelle Obama’s Mirror, he said, “What about her rear?”

  7. I pulled up: How to take your Pet to Hawaii
    Hawaii Airports- Hawaii.Gov
    I pulled up as well:
    How to take your dog to Hawaii/USA today

    A lot of steps before and after arrival for the Pet
    I could not find the cost for any of the steps.

      1. What’s the violation of yet another law to the lawless President…

        C’mon folks, he’s too smart to be bored with legalities and such!

        But, if you insist, I’m sure he can write an Exective Order granting his latest dogs special citizen status as part of his DREAM act override so they are exempt from those boring peasant laws YOU have to follow; or, alternately, he can pardon proactively everyone who doesn’t do THEIR job to enforce the law; or – hey, wait a minute! Who are YOU to question such a superior being, some kinda racist or somethin’?

        The NSA has recorded your insolent comment. Eric Holder will be over shortly to “interview” you about it, and you can expect an IRS audit after the first of the year…

        1. “he can pardon proactively everyone who doesn’t do THEIR job to enforce the law;…”

          And, he can pardon crack dealers who helped destroy their communities.

      2. Several years ago we were on vacation in Hawaii. As we were leaving the hotel parking structure to head for the airport and our trip home, I spotted a tiny kitten rummaging through a trash can. I told my DH to stop the car! The kitty was no more than 3 weeks old – emaciated and starving. I knew I couldn’t leave him there, so I picked him up, put him in my tote bag, and smuggled him on the plane. We kept asking the flight attendant for coffee cream – she probably thought we were nuts. Big Kahuna survived the flight home and i snow our 20lb bundle of joy.

      3. 4 MONTHS!!!!
        Has anyone figured out how much money we are spending on the dogs??? When we travel WE PAY for the Vet shelter, or my brother n law keeps her. We do things in return for my brother n law. There must be a nice butler, maid, cook, lawn keeper, etc. at the White House that would like to take care of the dogs.
        With the tax money being spent on the dogs trip, I would rather a homeless person being taken to Hawaii instead!!!

  8. For a window into America, read the comments on the (AFP) puff piece at YahooNews about yesterday’s press conference: “Weary Obama seeks Hawaii sun’s waking touch.” Here’s one such comment that’s received nearly 50 thumbs-up:

    “Boo hoo. The rest of have to deal the mess he has made of the economy, healthcare and inflation. He gets ANOTHER vacation. My hours are being cut, my healthcare cost is almost tripling….AND I have to work until 9 pm Christmas Eve instead of celebrating with my family and friends because he’s made such a mess of the economy. I used to get off at 6 pm Christmas Eve, that is, when we had a REAL president . I don’t know who the next president will be, but i hope he/she loves this country. Vacation? Heck, most of us are holding on to our jobs with our bloody fingers….not a vacation in sight.”

    1. The light is on Anne.
      The American People have been awakened.
      Christians and conservatives are under relentless attack by the left and with the recent Duck Dynasty situation, it is now beginning to come to a head.
      Our feckless president is unwittingly destroying himself and the democratic party.
      About time the conservatives had a voice.

      1. As far as the Duck Dynasty situation,
        I am not going to watch anything on that station, untill they aplogize and put him back on salary (show) right away.
        Everyone in America has the right to Free Speech. I do not like other peoples thoughts, I change the channel.
        There are show on early on the prime TV stations, with things going on that I would not allow a child to see.
        Can you imagine John Walton, or Gilligan, doing some of the things that are on the in the early evening today?

        1. When a feminist group complained to HBO about Bill Maher’s fugly misogynist comments and using the c-word, HBO replied, just change the channel. A&E should have done the same to GLAAD. Maher is so much more vile than what the Duck guy said.

        2. I don’t watch it after I saw that the crap they’re selling is made in China, perhaps by people in labor-camp prisons for the crime of being Christians.

          1. I used to watch Billy the Exterminator and would again–much better than DD! Also that one with the cute cop with the golf club–it’s off now. Otherwise that isn’t a big channel for me. I do know any news segment on that Robertson guy–I lunge for the remote!

          2. I quit tuning in once they stopped running Sherlock Holmes (the ones with the inimitable Jeremy Brett), Lovejoy and Agatha Christie.

      2. AFVet, a little OT, but you ask me here and there about Boehner’s postion in SW OH politics from time to time, and I usually respond after you’ve left the room, so I’m hoping to catch you here. Please go up a little to a response I gave Island Girl if you’re still interested…

        I tend to go on WAY too long, I know that, so I won’t replicate it here out of respect for Mr. Koffler and in the interest of not tiring my fellow bloggers further; but it is kind of a capsule version of why Boehner is the way he is. If you have patience, I think it will answer your questions on that subject…

        Also, since you’re “AFVet” and have said you’re to the North of me, I’m guessing Wright/Patt? Just curious…

        Anyway, thanks for your service, and Merry Christmas!

        1. I am a little east of you in a small town directly south of Columbus on rte. 23.
          I served in the Air Force many years ago.
          Since you live in the vicinity I thought that you might keep us posted on any potential candidate that has the balls to go up against the Boehner machine.

          Merry Christmas cincy.

      3. Just a “Duck Dynasty” note;

        If you or anyone you know likes merchandise tied to the Robinsons, get the “Duck Commander” branded stuff and NOT the “Duck Dynasty” stuff. A&E gets a cut from the latter, and NOT the former…

        1. Good point, cincycinco. Already blocked A&E on every DirectTV receiver we have. In addition, will be adding Cracker Barrel to our list of restaurants never to set foot in again. The Robertson family has their own internet storefront at

          Senator Cruz is right. “Tolerance is a two-way street.” Something the vocal minority of homosexual activists and their acolytes seem to have forgotten.

    2. If the msm were smart, they’d pay attention to those comments and adjust their coverage (or journalism they like to call it) and do some real reporting.

      When Obama supporters show up, it’s not to defend BO, but to personally attack his critics with namecalling like ” you racist teabagger”. Reading comments on news sites is very eye opening :D

          1. I wanted to ask your thought on the pensions being cut on the military? I did not see you on the site the other day.
            I never served but my full respect always for anyone now or in the past in the service. I was outraged with the issue.

          2. I think that they should cut the veteran’s pensions right after they cut the pensions of the of the congress members.
            Fair is fair, yes ?

          3. Thank you for your imput.
            Please understand there are thousands of people who are just as upset as I am by the issue.
            I think they should go to a retired Veteran facility and stand right in front of the men who served to discuss it!

    1. If anyone wants to read really scathing comments, or as MO would say ‘really, really’, go to the post at Breitbart on Paul Ryan’s cuts on military retirement benefits. I believe it originally comes from Yahoo. Somebody can kiss his presidential aspirations goodbye.

  9. This from last year. Nothing’s changed:

    “In his recent book Presidential Perks Gone Royal, Robert Keith Gray, a former Eisenhower staffer, revealed that last year the U.S. presidency cost American taxpayers $1.4 billion. Over the same period, the entire royal family cost British taxpayers about $57 million. There’s nothing “royal” about the current level of “presidential perks”: The Obama family costs taxpayers more than every European royal house put together.”

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  11. The Queen flew on the same plane as the King? What a step down for MIchelle Antoinette. Wonder what The One had to buy to pacify The Wife?

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