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Live Stream || Obama News Conference – December 20, 2013

49 thoughts on “Live Stream || Obama News Conference – December 20, 2013”

      1. Well–according to the local birdcage liner, the Oregonian, he is becoming a force in DC, especially since he single handedly pushed through the nuclear option to stop those evil Republicans from shutting down the Senate through the use of filibuster, or so the Oregonian would have us believe. Portland Metro would re elect him, no problem, no matter what the rest of the state thinks or votes..

        P. S. I’m in Beaverton, too!!

        1. Thanks, Nelly. I know he will get the the votes in Multnomah County, but I was just wondering about Clackamas and Washington. I can see Clackamas going Republican next year. Yes, if the three counties stick together, there is nothing the rest of the state can do, but I don’t think Multnomah County by itself can override the rest of the state. Of course there are Democratic pockets in Salem and Eugene too.

          1. Washington County has been trending Democratic the past few elections. Clackamas may buck that trend, but I don’t think that could overcome the “progressive” machine now in place in Multnomah with its tentacles stretching into Washington County.

          2. I used to live in Tigard (Washington) and then Lake Oswego (Clackamas). At that time (long ago!) Washington was pretty Republican except for the abortion issue. That’s what started the change to Democratic.

          3. And about Oregon there is this —
            **********Mandy Snip :) ********
            The head of the Oregon Obamacare exchange resigned just this week. The state spent $160 million dollars on the website and didn’t hit their targeted numbers, assuming their targeted numbers were greater than zero.

          4. Grace, CoverOregon is making a laughing stock out of our state. Democratic Governor John Kitzhaber is a physician who turned down Sibelius’s job so, believe it or not, she might not have been the worst the country could have ended up with. Thank God he wasn’t my doctor! Yet he seems to be getting a pass while underlings are paying the price, AND he plans to run again.

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  1. Correction: “The press conference begins at 2:00 p.m ET” should read: “The press conference is scheduled to begin…..” Rudest administration evah!

      1. 2:25. That gives the 24 hr news networks plenty of time to fill trying to predict what he is going to talk about. Or, reciting the talking points emailed to them from the White House.

          1. Let’s all request that he begins his Press Conference when he arrives in Hawaii. Better yet, lets request he does the Press Conference at Dawn, on the Beach in Hawaii. Since we are paying for this trip we will have a beautiful backgound to look at, and just turn down the T.V.
            Maybe he can stop a woman running on the beach, and watch him take a Selfie picture with her.

  2. I’m positive his spin team said if he strolled in and said a few lines on a Friday afternoon no one will notice when he picks up and leaves on a luxury vacation while this Obamacare madness explodes.

  3. I don’t expect we will get any ‘live’ shots of the WH today. Would love to see all of the U-Haul trucks out in front – loading up MO’s trunk-loads of vacation apparel, wighats, make-up, and delicasies from the WH kitchen. Not to mention the ‘human cargo’ – all of her relatives, friends (?) and hangers- on who will be aboard AF1, courtesy of US taxpayers.

    Why is it we never get to see a manifest of passengers on AF1 or supporting aircraft? We’re paying for it!

    1. …..holding a pineapple that has a paper umbrella and straw sticking out of the top.
      5 minutes into the presser, MrsO appears on stage, makes a show of looking at her watch…he says…Gotta go! See ya!

  4. I’m actually watching this buffoonery on MSNBC just so I can watch the spin afterwards. I’m sure Tingles and Mrs. Greenspan are wetting themselves as I type. Friggin disgusting.

  5. I’m one of the people here who cannot bear to watch, cannot bear just to look at him, so I’d appreciate hearing some analysis from Keith and the rest of WHD. The National Journal blistered him and said that the questions were feisty. Obama, for his part, shared a lot of corny jokes and self pity. He said that he beats himself up more than Ed Henry and Jonathan Karl do. Hah! I think being named the liar of the year (although that was depersonalized by being the lie of the year) has finally pierced his amour propre.

    1. I took an afternoon nap, did something leave his lips that said, “I am a screw up and don’t belong in the WH” – otherwise, it’s just Pete and Repeat.

    2. I’m with you Julie in not being able to watch (or listen) to our president. But I was baking and my hands were full of flour and when he came on the tube, I was forced to take in the press conference. I contend he’s has the biggest chip on his shoulder of any man on this earth, that he can’t take any criticism and finds it utterly acceptable that the press corps doesn’t adore him still. Chuck Todd threw him a curve, saying something bad about OCare and I thought wow Chuck, way to go, but when Obama went on and on about how good Ocare is and how the world will appreciate his incredible talent for cretins it, then I realized Todd was a shill – his question meant to elicit a positive lengthy response.

      The Obama press conferences are a ShamWow. After three questions, I washed my hands (of the flour – I only WISH I could wash my hands of the President), and turned to TBS to watch an episode of Friends!

    3. Same here–his voice has the effect of fingernails on a blackboard. I turned on the vac and swept the entire house, turned it off and “the president” was still droning on and on and on-I,I,I,me, me, me and My administration–I turned the radio off at that point.

  6. A stump could give a better speech than Obama.

    It’s embarrassing to see him “working with” a teleprompter. Either he can’t keep up with it or it goes so slowly he has to stand there with egg all over his face, waiting….

    He reminds me of the old south Texas saying, “All hat and no cattle.”

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