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Et Tu, Uninsured?

Wow. A New York Times poll released today says that the uninsured dislike Obamacare even more than the insured do.

In other news, kids under six were found less likely to believe in Santa than their parents.

From the New York Times piece:

Fifty-three percent of the uninsured disapprove of the law, the poll found, compared with 51 percent of those who have health coverage. A third of the uninsured say the law will help them personally, but about the same number think it will hurt them, with cost a leading concern.

They get it. It’s proof of the maxim that average Americans understand things better than Harvard professors. Because average Americans have to live in the real world, where they have bills. They get that in the real world,


Someone’s going to have to pay for all these wondrous benefits. All the Free Gifts Obama is handing out. Even Santa’s elves have to put food on the table for their families. Obama Claus’s presents come with a price.

The liberal intellectuals roaming the corridors of the West Wing actually do believe in Santa Claus. They think they can drop down the chimney and provide something for nothing, and if a bill somehow happens to come due, they can convince Beijing to cover it.

There are ways to help the uninsured without crippling the entire health care system. Once Obamacare is finished with the medical profession and the economy, even the uninsured will be worse off than before.

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  1. The uninsured will be worse off, there will be far more of them than before, and the pre-existings thing will be a total joke–already fat people, smokers, old people, people who want a specific doc are discriminated against.

    1. 80% of the people were satisfied with their health care.
      This Obamacare debacle has wrecked the entire system.
      The 20% that weren’t satisfied should have had the opportunity to pursue another option whether it be government health care or none at all.

      1. There could have been a national high risk pool–and then leave it alone. None of these bells and whistles required–you could seek them out if you wanted them and wanted to pay. The networks should not have been decimated–I can’t even type it all. Somehow the ‘crats and the ins cos will come out ahead–with the possible exception of the president, so there is that. The followed the Tim Allen motto: If it ain’t broke, you can still fix it.

  2. Where are our Republican/conversative/tea party politicians with a simple alternative plan? Do they have it already and are waiting for the pain to be higher before unveiling it? Do tell. Keith can you get someone to offer an alternative FREE MARKET approach?

    1. Why ask the Repubs for an alternative plan?

      Why not ask the Dems what they’re going to do to ease the pain this mess is causing our fellow Americans. After all, the Dems are soley responsible for Obamacare. If it’s not working right, it’s on them to defund, repeal, or replace Obamcare.

    2. The free market approach has always been there.
      Allow the insurance companies to openly compete across state lines and the free market will take over.

      1. Thank you!
        I have insurance. The dematologist in my small town, don’t take my insurance. I have to travel to the big city for my doctor visit.
        Can you imagine the traveling people will be doing with this Health Mess.

    3. The Republicans have offered some partial alternatives, e.g. being able to buy plans across state llnes, but no grand design. They wouldn’t be able to bring them up in the Senate for sure, but why should they? I think Obamacare needs to collapse in toto.

      1. No apologies necessary Julie.
        The reason that they never allowed the insurance companies to market across state lines is that they have been plotting the ACA for years.

        BTW, I think it’s time for Keith to replace the batteries in his modem.
        This site at times is extremely slow.

        1. That is part of the whole problem. Every other buisness from burgers, cars, food etc: Everyone competes just fine. Does anyone recall giving the logical reason for the state line, or within state line as I mentioned earlier. Why I have to travel 45 mins. to the doctor, instead of around the corner.
          My best guess, would be all the insurance companies meet together with map, and decide who gets what area. If they had to compete more, than the prices would go down, WITHOUT THE HELP OF THE HEALTH MESS VOTED IN.

    1. HOLY COW! I’VE BEEN RELEASED FROM SPAM PURGATORY! I’ve been locked inside Keith’s spam folder for days. It’s like I’ve fallen and couldn’t get out!

      Anyway, Mika on Morning Joe this morning went on and on about this poll. Mika, the doormat for Obama, said it was a tie, it didn’t mean a thing. Oh my goodness, she’ll need to take off those rose colored glasses one day.

  3. Shocking!
    The working uninsured (youth?) would rather spend what funds they have available on trendy shoes, shades, the latest tech gizmo, and of course, a good time at the pub. *
    Those without funds don’t want to be bothered with something they see as devised by some pushy old White people who don’t have a clue. *
    The name Obamacare might suggest MrObama, but the face of Obamacare is MrsSillybus, a pushy old White woman. *

    ***My source: twenty and thirty-something grandchildren.

  4. Pretty amazing, eh? Even with Mooch as the new Chief Pusher, people aren’t buying it. When they find out the care being offered isn’t even portable, and you have ZERO coverage outside your home county, they are really going to be ticked.

    I am worried this is going to end very badly, like with the government using force to quell the coming uprisings. Very much like the Hunger Games. Who knew we’d fall so far, so fast?

    1. Mooch has a conflict of interest: She is hawking a miracle drug called ‘water’ without a license, while at the same time, many youths are suffering from malnutrition from her Healthy School Lunch program.
      Does Obamacare cover anorexia and water intoxication/ cellular damage?

    2. Why does she have to speak at all about this. I did not elect her!
      I do not go to my husband’s place of employment and speak for him. That is his job. I wouldn’t go to my 30 year son’s job either to speak for him. That is my son’s job.

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