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Quote of the Day || December 20, 2013

“Michelle, listen to this. Charlie Rangel dialed the number from the TV and he’s asking about a reverse mortgage. I don’t care what the task force says, no way I’m giving this up.”

– Barack Obama

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

5 Responses to Quote of the Day || December 20, 2013

    • Interesting Grace. I believe that many boys today think that they live in a confusing, bewildering time, what is really a man ? Too often there is no man in the household , no good man around. The “heroes” in popular culture are often no good either. And no, no, I don´t want rigid gender roles with no room for individuality, just look at the Muslim countries, but still, many boys seem to prefer to live outside society with games and secret clubs. They don´t care about schools, shopping and planning for the future, that is for girls. It´s a Western phenomenom. Oh, they might turn out just fine after their Robinson Crusoe period but It might spill over in extremism. The extreme left and right is calling, offering a “cause”.

      • For some reason, this made me think of a guy I once dated who had a son of about 10. The three of us were in the park one day and the kid threw a wrapper on the ground–I went to put it in the trash and the guy said, “He’s a boy—that is what they do–litter!” He was deadly serious. We didn’t date long, but I sort of “got” how he didn’t want his son to be a goody-goody little wuss…bad execution, tho.