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The Obama Morning News || December 19, 2013

WH panel urges major limits on NSA . . . Washington Post
Michelle joins Obamacare rescue effort . . . Politico
Reid: Obama greedy with credit for fixes . . . The Hill
Insurers extend payment deadline . . . McClatchy
Sharpton bags Michelle interview . . . Politico
Poll: Two thirds say Obama not tough on Iran . . . Fox News

Senate Dems defy Obama on Iran . . . National Journal
Saudis threaten to act alone on Iran . . . AFP
Budget passes, but debt fight looms . . . Washington Post
Armed deputy prevented school massacre . . . Washington Times
Obama picks Baucus for China post . . . New York Times
Christie dresses down Pajama Boy . . . Politico

17 Responses to The Obama Morning News || December 19, 2013

  1. Panel has recommended significant new limits!
    I recommended that a long time ago.
    What is the next step in this recommendation being agreed upon, or ingnore?

  2. Reid: Obama greedy with credit for fixes . . .

    “If folks had actually good ideas, better ideas than what’s happening in Massachusetts or what we’ve proposed for providing people with health insurance, I’d be happy to listen. But that’s not what’s happening,” he said.


    Wow. He still has a hard on for Mitt, doesn’t he?

  3. Just how poorly are the paid-up enrollments in Obamacare doing that insurers must offer unpaid, retroactive coverage, and the POTUS and the FLOTUS are now trying to sell health insurance as part of their day job?
    The debasement, the degrading of the honorable and respectable positon of POTUS is just unprecented in our history.
    It’s impossible to imagine Russia’sPutin, or Israel’sNetanyahu standing in front of cameras to sell a commercial product to their people.

  4. I see Max got China as a reward for Obamacare. Either that or he made a deal with Barry to get him as far out of town as possible or he would spill the beans.

    Speaking of getting out of town, appare

    • Speaking of getting out of town — roughly — the MN ACA Exchange Director resigned due ostensibly to her taking a luxury vacation while Obamacare website all askew. She went on vacation with the Medicaid Director.

      Something like 4 Directors of State Exchanges have resigned — seems like there is graft, corruption , mismanagement everywhere you look in this disaster. It’s beginning to look like the rest of Obama’s term will be spent with him digging his heels in on this mess and lots of really bad ads.

  5. A sample of Michelle talk from her Obamacare plug yesterday. “And that’s really, really what we want people to do, is educate yourselves.” Then she went on to plug education, but from the above you wonder if she really, really did get an education herself. Her remarks were sprinkled with yeahs and you knows too. Because, you know, she is one of the folks too even though, you know, she graduated from Princeton and Harvard Law School.

  6. We paid over $11 million for Obama to attend Mandela’s memorial and that figure does not include the cost of AF1 or support aircraft. I don’t know why the Obama’s have to go in such grand style. Now we’ll have the additional expense of their Hawaii vacation yet we have to cut benefits to wounded warriors. What is wrong with this picture?

  7. I tried to comment on a Forbes piece this morning on how docs should tell patients (esp old ones) how expensive things will be for them so they can make a decision on whether to have the treatment or test. The author–some prissy academic type–said he was getting a lot of pushback saying he was a hypocrite bec he had plenty of money, was a physician himself, and had inexpenswive, low-deductible insurance…He said he was not a hypocrite. To me this DEFINES hypocrite! I am tired of smugbags telling ME what to do. If I want to weigh a cost–and I do–I can ask the cost. Are docs supposed to say here is your bronze treatment, your silver one, your gold one, and the one you can’t afford that will work? Anyhow, I also could not comment–I tried every which way to sign up–can anyone run this railroad?

    • This is going to sound crazy – but just the terms bronze, silver, gold, and platinum remind me of mortuary services and their affordability. Creepy – just like Obama!