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Netflix Releases Trailer for “Mitt” Documentary

Looks like this is going to be pretty good.

17 Responses to Netflix Releases Trailer for “Mitt” Documentary

  1. Romney was fantastic at the first debate!!!!!!!!!
    He backed down at the other. My only guess is that he did not want to appear to tough in certain eyes.
    That was a mistake. If he would have put Mr. O. in his place has he did at the first debate, I feel he would have won.
    Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda.
    We all do things one way, and a day later regret not listening to our gut.

  2. It isn’t what could have been – it’s what should have been. The election was stolen by a serial liar who should be spending the rest of his term in federal prison.
    I hope Mitt has a change of heart – he’s still the best! He has it all – character, values, love of country and family. And he ain’t bad lookin’.

  3. Romney would have been a great president. Ann would have been a great first lady. Instead we’re stuck with the first grifters who are sucking the life and spirit out of our country. I pray we survive.

  4. Reading the article about finding voter fraud big time in Ohio…..does make one wonder what the outcome would have been, had this been an honest election.

  5. Should be good.

    And about that election and all. There is chatter about the Obamacare PR campaign and how bad it is and how could that be given that the marketing and PR was sterling in the past and got him elected in 2008 and 2012.

    Bull. It wasn’t the brilliant “messaging”that this WH is so proud of. I am waiting for the discussion about how the election was really won — in addition to the voter fraud — a lot of it was about lies and withholding information until after the election and the use of the IRS as a politcal hammer against the dissenters.

  6. Mitt ” lost ” the election, but his honor, integrity, faith and his love of America and its people remain intact.
    My respect and admiration for him continues.

  7. I voted for this man because I believed in him for many reasons. our country lost a great president and instead got a Muslim loving American hater for a owner. May God bless Mitt for trying to save our great country and may God save America from the evil people we have in Washington today.

  8. You know – i don’t care that he is a moderate – in many ways, I am too, but that doesn’t mean he would not have done things that the conservatives liked. He’s a decent man who unfortunately wasn’t a perfect candidate (according to all the beltway people). We liked him. With minor exception, our entire family (blood and extended) didn’t care less about charisma – we really believed he would have been a great president. Ethical, knows how to be a businessman and would have brought everyone group into the discussion. It’s a huge loss and one we have to live with.