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Smackdown! CNN’s Don Lemon Assailed as Pro-Obama

Now this was entertaining.

Media no like being called out as Obama sympathizers!

Larry Klayman is the litigant in the case decided this week in which a federal judge ruled that the NSA phone record collection program is likely unconstitutional, a ruling that has put President Obama on the defense.

Klayman appeared on CNN Tuesday and dug into host Don Lemon, calling him a left-wing Obama supporter.

Lemon, who as far as I can tell is a left-wing Obama supporter, didn’t like it and eventually cut him off. He accused Klayman of making the discussion about Klayman – after Lemon himself had made the discussion about Klayman.

In fact, what you don’t see in this video below provided by CNN, but can find here, is the set-up piece preceding the discussion, which is a hit job on Klayman.

Now, is Larry Klayman a nut? I don’t know, I haven’t really followed the guy. Sometimes it takes a little craziness to get things done. Whatever Larry Klayman is or isn’t, the case is important.

But here you have Don Lemon running a piece disparaging Klayman, inviting Klayman on his show, and then turning off his mike when Klayman fights back – and meanwhile allowing CNN’s liberal legal analysts Jeffrey Toobin to freely call Klayman a “lunatic.”

Here’s the video. It’s pretty compelling.

30 thoughts on “Smackdown! CNN’s Don Lemon Assailed as Pro-Obama”

  1. What is the point of asking someone on your show to do nothing but call him names? It amazes me. If a liberal activists with the ACLU had received this legal opinion during a Republican Administration there would be a parade. A conservative wins they resort to name calling.

    Obama has the head of major tech companies to the WH to speak about NSA issues and he changes the subject to speak about how great his Healthcare website is improving.

    This, if you can’t win demonize your opponent mentality is really old………

  2. Interesting that here Lemon is being assailed as an Obama promoter.

    Yet over on “The Root” (the publication run by Skip “help me, I’m a persecuted black man being assaulted by a racist white cop” Gates), Lemon was assailed as a potential race traitor and a self-serving narcissist for having the gumption to use his CNN platform to advocate for personal responsibility in the black population.

    As Obama himself learned, it’s tough being just “black enough”.

    1. I pop in there once in a while.
      The hatred toward any Black who dares oppose anything MrO does or says is stunning. The commenters don’t hesitate to call them the most vile names.

      Liberals , Dems, or progressives seem to be the most bigoted, hateful, and intolerant of all political classes.

  3. Strange that Lemon thinks that his political views are somehow a secret. It’s not as if Klayman asked him about something private or trivial that one might not have run across. What a joke.

  4. As I write this, the total national viewership for this segment of CNN has risen by three, to a total of 100,003. Most of the viewers were travelers stuck in snow-bound airports who have no idea what the guys on TV are talking about and briefly wondered who this Klayman guy is.

    When the segment ended, the viewers thought;….. hmm, Black guy loves Obama and hates the White guy because he doesn’t. Who’s the other old-looking White guy and what’s his deal…….

  5. This is why I do not watch CNN! But I also saw more bias on MJ this AM–they were lamenting the cuts to COLAs for vets in the budget bill–and the panel said why couldn’t they find other places to cut. Well, on F&F it said the Republicans wanted to cut IRS refunds to illegals instead–gosh, MSNBC didn’t mention that. Back to CNN, Lemon was dopey asking, “Are you OK?” as if that Klayman had just fallen face down on the desk–he was just saying something you didn’t agree with, guy.

    1. I as well don’t watch CNN for a long time ago.
      He handled like a child. He should have smiled and made the point to leave who he voted for out of it. Than right away ask him to please continue with everything else he was saying.
      If the man insisted on discussing who he was far. That was his right. They should have at least let him finish his sentence without interuppting. Than let the audiance decide for themself!!!
      We all forget at one time years ago. Newsman gave us the facts and the news only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. What really caught my attention is Toobin’s comment that he disagrees with Judge Leon’s initial ruling. How can an attorney, one with any level of honesty, truly believe that the NSA’s far reaching program of data mining is okay?

    Leon is correct, in my opinion, that the NSA’s actions are a violation of Fourth Amendment protections, and the only way to correct this problem is via litigation. It is obvious that no one in Washington has the courage to stand up and fight for the privacy rights of the individual American.

    Perhaps with Klayman’s “win” in this case, the entire NSA will begin to undergo a massive review, one that is forced by the American people. Let reporters like Lemon and his ilk have their time in the sun, and try to make a mockery out of Klayman. All they are doing is bringing to light what many of us have known for years, the US government is out of control, and needs reigned in. The more air time Klayman gets, the more people will hear about what is going on.

    Now if we can only get Jon Stewart to have him on his show, then a good portion of the uninformed might actually hear about what has been happening.

      1. It’s not jus the NSA–I blogged today on how they find people with certain diseases for studies–not through medical records, thru a combo of credit card, cable transactions, pharm records, what car you own, what music you like–they can amazingly accurately tell if you have say, diabetes or arthritis. We are just pawns on the board.

  7. Keith, If I may change the subject for one moment:
    All miitary personal. I respect and appreciate all of you!
    It’s amazing the majority of people deciding and voting on the pension issue, have never walked in your shoes.
    You have chosen that job for several reasons, one of them is the security of salary, retirement, pension, medical. Otherwise you may have chosen a different career in life.

  8. A few years ago I was flipping around the TV and there was in interview with Lemon. Apparently he suffers from vitiligo, and has to cover all his white patches with makeup, a process which takes several hours before he goes before the cameras.

  9. I love how he interrupts him, and then says he isn’t going to argue with him. If you aren’t going to argue, then stfu and let the man talk. But then he’d actually be telling the truth, and we just can’t have that.

  10. oh but here’s the funniest part: all the while Lemon was saying “You are making this all about you, Larry, and it’s not about you” the onscreen headline read:
    “Who is Larry Klayman?
    NSA plaintiff also filed birther suit against Obama”

    yeah, where did that wacky Larry get the idea the segment was about him?

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