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Podesta’s Non-Apology Presages More WH Lies

Incoming White House senior advisor John Podesta’s supposed apology for his statement comparing House Republicans to the cult led by Jim Jones – who poisoned hundreds of his rabid followers with cyanide in Guyana in 1978 – suggests we’re in for yet more truth shading from the Obama White House.

“They need to focus on executive action given that they are facing a second term against a cult worthy of Jonestown in charge of one of the houses of Congress,” Podesta said of Obama’s advisors in an piece published in Politico today.

What’s the big surprise here? We already know that Podesta is a brutal partisan who will do whatever it takes to advance Obama’s agenda, and that his appointment was made to reduce cooperation with Republicans and help Obama rule by fiat from the White House.

Caught expressing a view common among Obama insiders – and Democrats in general – Podesta today issued a fake apology via Twitter:

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 5.11.05 PM

Let’s break this nonsense down.

My snark got in front of my judgment. Notice he doesn’t say the statement was incorrect. He laments his “judgment,” which could easily refer to his judgment in saying something insulting out loud that he nevertheless believes.

I apologize to Speaker Boehner, whom I have always respected. So? Boehner is not considered by Democrats to be among the GOP jihadists. They think he’s trying to control the crazy people in his caucus. By apologizing to Boehner, Podesta is pointedly NOT apologizing to the conservatives he meant in his original insult.

Podesta, an old Washington hand, knew exactly what he was doing with this “apology.” It’s deceitful, and it’s the kind of stuff we can expect this White House to continue to disgorge once Podesta arrives.

36 thoughts on “Podesta’s Non-Apology Presages More WH Lies”

  1. He’s a fine one to be talking about cults as the supporters of Obama cover his errors, soften his faults, and spin his bon mots to mean something benign.
    We could pick any number of groups who fit this description, starting with the MSM who had invested themselves and their professionalism into covering for this man as he campaigned on lies, composites and a hidden background.
    How can the 95% support of the Black community for MrObama be considered other than cultish, when he’s actually made their lot in life worse than it was before he was sworn into office.

    Whatever the Obama minions expect from MrPodesta, unless he has a magic wand, he can’t make America trust this lying, scoundrel of a President again.

      1. Susan – On “The Five” today, the panel was discussing her use of the word “we” – saying “we were so disappointed.” Was she referring to the left or to the press? I wish Gilda Radner were still around; can’t watch the “real” B WaWa.

      2. Years ago I was so proud of her. Growing up.
        I have lost all respect for her for even to joke about him being a Messiah. She shouold have resigned off public view a long time ago. I do not need to hear any more of her ignorance.

    1. Agreed. He’s underwater in almost all of the tracking polls, and once the employer mandate kicks in, it’s going to be Katie bar the door.

      Meanwhile, did anybody else see the Gallup poll about what the biggest threat to the country was? Big government was north of 70%, and that included 72% of Independents.

      Once the current crop of Marxists, quislings, and fifth columnists has been relegated to the ash heap of history, America will have a new birth of liberty. Again I say: it will.

      Will the next few years be easy ones? No, they will not. Will the return of liberty be an easy transition? No, there will be upheaval. Will the statists go quietly? Absolutely not.

      But mark my words, and mark them well. America will be back, and stronger than ever, once all of this is over.

      Don’t waste your time, your keystrokes, and especially not your spirit, on fatalism. That’s what the enemies of freedom want, for you to throw up your hands, say it’s over, and all that miserable malarkey.

      Be strong and of good courage. We don’t need any more Scrooges in the season of light.

      1. Not to beat a dead horse with a broken record, but if the high info voters, such as many on this site, trash most of the Rep candidates, none of what Darkangel said will come true.

  2. My gut tells me the public is beginning to turn. Slowly. They are looking for answers — straight answers — from a President who is now known as a liar. So the partisan hack Podesta might just backfire or misfire.

    As for the cult. Apparently Mr. Podesta failed to notice the huge tapestry of the WH Messiah at the Embassy of Barack Obama in London!

    1. I have that same gut feeling. People will be looking for the anti-Obama candidate, I mean, one who is sincere, modest, hardworking, concerned for the citizens who are the backbone of this country. One of us.

  3. Obama is reaping his just rewards. His own house of cards is collapsing on him. He chose to lie his way through his first 4 years in order to buy another four years. It was revealed in the book Double Down that he was afraid of the debates with Romney – they weren’t his style. He had no agenda for his second term. Did he realize the jig would be up if he won a second term? Did he secretly harbor a wish that Romney would be the victor so that he wouldn’t have to face the music? I think so.

    The only thing left for Obama now is convincing the country that he really is a ‘nice guy’ – a ‘cool cat’. How pathetic. He is reduced to a series of radio talk show interviews and side shows with human props.
    He is a pariah on the international stage, as well as domestically. His
    ‘rescue team’ is stooping to the same Alinskyite tactics that have become Obama’s trademark. Birds of a feather.

    In the meantime, we can all sit back and enjoy the show as the rats all begin to jump ship. Just heard that Obama offered Max Baucus the Chinese ambassadorship – a little reward for putting his career on the line for Obamacare. Hope he has enough appointments left for every DEM who is going to lose their seat next November!

    1. Apropos of nothing, I started to watch the movie KILLING ME SOFTLY and it opened with Obama speaking the H&C garbage in the first campaign–I turned it off. Just could not do it. I also remember SrDem saying it was a dopey movie–I am sure it was.

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