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Obama’s Annual Hawaii Boondoggle

Another year, another waste of taxpayer money so that the Obamas can spend Christmas in paradise.

I’ve reported in the past that the annual trip to Hawaii costs taxpayers at least $4 million. It’s probably much more.

Air Force One alone burns up about $180,000 of taxpayer money per hour, putting the roundtrip flight alone at $3.24 million for an estimated 18 hours roundtrip flying time.

Obama HawaiiBut that doesn’t even include at least one cargo plane that accompanies the president, since the motorcade doesn’t just materialize out of a Hawaiian pineapple field.

Hundreds of staff and security agents must also make the trip. And they must be put up in hotels at vacation-season prices for the 17 days or so that the Obamas plan to spend on Oahu. There are rumors of a side trip to Maui, according to the Hawaii Reporter, which has a good rundown of the vacation-related costs.

An Obama getaway to Miami – five hours roundtrip from Joint Base Andrews – would save millions.

Oh, but Obama is from Hawaii. He’s going home, weep the defenders of this massive indulgence.

Oh please. Yes, the man was born in Hawaii and lived there from the age of ten through high school. I wanna know, how many of you who don’t live in your home state can afford to go back there every year, or even feel the need to? Are the Obamas like salmon that must swim from the far reaches of the ocean to spawn on the upstream gravel beds of the river where they were hatched?

And poor Michelle. Somehow the Obamas never spend Christmas in her homeland of Chicago.


Let’s face it, the Obamas go to Hawaii every year mainly because it’s really nice. I was in Hawaii once. Not only is the weather balmy and scenery exquisite, but the whole place gives off an aura of relaxation, a sense that there’s no need to do anything and nothing to worry about.

Honestly, I don’t know how any work gets done in Hawaii at all.  If I could afford to go there every year – particularly nonstop, first class – I would.

I’m not sure that the Obamas can afford to go there every year. But with your help, they can make it happen!

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    1. Funny, Julie ! There is a lot of Putin-bashing going on in the gay-friendly Western media but these journalists conveniently forget who finally allowed that persecuted young man, our hero, a safe haven, at least for a while. Now, I don´t imagine that Putin had any saintly motives for the rescue but it is important to remember that none of all these politicians now talking so loud about gay rights etc etc and about free speech and human rights etc, none of them wanted to help a man in dire need. No one actually lifted a finger for free speech and human rights. Hypocrites.

        1. I have also read that there are 13 states in the US were homosexual acts are prohibited ( is it true ? ). So why don´t this champion for homosexuality, Obama, send Billie Jean King and friends there instead for some HBQT activism ? Would the good people of Alabama appreciate it, do you think ? By the way, is it Duck county ?

          1. I’m not sure of the answers to your questions. I would think Alabama is Duck country. I admire one of Alabama’s US Senators, Jeff Sessions, very much. He is the epitome of a Southern gentleman, intelligent and well grounded in the US Constitution. Ditto for South Carolina US Representative Trey Gowdy.

          2. Whoever told you that is 10 years behind. Lawrence v. Texas, 539 U.S. 558 (2003) struck down Georgia’s anti-sodomy law. The other 13 states’ laws about it were also invalidated.

    2. If we had access to the AF1 passenger logs, or if we enjoyed anything that resembled a working press, we’d find out that the Chicago “friends” and assorted family members are, or will be in Hawaii with the O’s.

  1. “…the whole place gives off an aura of relaxation, a sense that there’s no need to do anything and nothing to worry about.”

    Which explains the Alfred E. NewmanObama work ethic.

  2. I’m not sure that the Obamas can afford to go there every year. But with your help, they can make it happen!

    See? It’s kind of like Kickstarter for Elected Officials–send these worthy public servants to paradise.

  3. Well, here we go; MrPodesta, brought in to make everyone love MrObama again, starts off by insulting every Repub by comparing them to the lethal “Jonestown cult”.
    Good start there, pal.

  4. I know the PERFECT Hawaii getaway spot for people of the Obama’s caliber!

    The same place the late, unlamented Ferdinand Marcos’ stayed while there.

    It’s plush, in Hawaii obviously, the Secret Service already knows how to keep the peasants away, and they’re already used to dealing with election-stealing, bullying tinpot dictators and their rapacious wives…

    And, as a bonus, it would be familiar ground for SOS Kerry. He’s pretty familiar with Marcos too, having completely failed to stand up for little people as a member of the Congressional Observer Team against even a minor leauger like HIM, which makes it completely unsurprising that he’s just a piker when playing against ACTUAL world playas like the Iranians…

    “From Republican Party Reptile: Most of the Potomac Parakeets were a big disappointment. Massachusetts Senator John Kerry was a founding member of Vietnam Veterans against the War, but he was a bath toy in this fray.

    On Sunday night, two days after the election, thirty of the computer operators from COMELEC walked off the job, protesting that vote figures were being juggled. Aquino supporters and NAMFREL volunteers took the operators, most of them young women, to a church, and hundreds of people formed a protective barrier around them.

    Village Voice reporter Joe Conason and I had been tipped off about the walkout, and when we got to the church, we found Bea Zobel, one of Cory Aquino’s top aides, in a tizzy. “The women are terrified,” she said. “They’re scared to go home. They don’t know what to do. We don’t know what to do.” Joe and I suggested that Mrs. Zobel go to the Manila Hotel and bring back some members of the Congressional observer team. She came back with Kerry, who did nothing.

    Kerry later said that he didn’t talk to the COMELEC employees then because he wasn’t allowed to. This is ridiculous. He was ushered into an area that had been cordoned off from the press and the crowd and where the computer operators were sitting. To talk to the women, all he would have had to do was raise his voice. Why he was reluctant, I can’t tell you. I can tell you what any red-blooded representative of the U.S. government should have done. He should have shouted, “If you’re frightened for your safety, I’ll take you to the American embassy, and damn the man who tries to stop me.” But all Kerry did was walk around like a male model in a concerned and thoughtful pose.” – P.J. O’Rourke

    I guess we know where Kerry developed his foreign policy skillz, and perhaps his affinity for election fraud as well. Perhaps he coached Obama on where Marcos went wrong, and the SOS job was a reward?

    Anyway, sorry Hawaii, you get to host the grifters again. Although I sorrow for our whole Country as well, and for the same reason…

    1. Lived in Hawaii for quite a few years. Locals I know do not look forward to Dear Leader’s visit. Just makes the already crappy traffic crappier. Anyone who knows the H-1 and the Middle Street merge knows what I’m talking about!

  5. Two questions (since it is “home” to him):
    1. How many times did they travel there Before he was president.
    2. How many times will they travel there After his presidency ends.

    We need a running tally, kind of like the tally of golf outings.

      1. He didn’t even visit his own mother on her death bed after she returned to Hawaii for cancer treatment. That was before he was elected to political office though.

    1. Ha Julie:) I tried to comment from my “work computer” earlier that it was so nice out I couldn’t get any work done as Keith pointed out. We have some storms brewing and I can only afford a 2 day vacation so I hope the Obamas stay out of MY airspace!

      1. Aloha, Island Girl….those storms brewing are coming straight from Chicago – an ill-wind (from the stockyards) called “Obama”.
        Don’t let him ruin your vacation – have a great time!

  6. Speaking of Hawaii–if you want a droll book, try THE STENCH OF HONOLULU by Jack Handey (smile out loud funny). And also in the foreign lands category–FIVE STAR BILLIONAIRE by Tash Aw, about pretty dull, exhausted, overworked Chinese moguls. If it’s such a bummer to get rich, who needs it?

  7. They would go to Chicago of course, but the cold. This warm climate is so much better for Michelle’s mother who has sacrificed so much to care for the children while Barack and Michelle have the stress of the presidency to deal with. So really, this is just a small gesture of thanks for all her hard work on behalf of the First Family from Barack and Michelle and the American taxpayers who are, it should be noted, receiving the gift of “free” and “better” than sub standard healthcare.

    So on behalf of a grateful nation and First Family “Here’s to You Mrs. Robinson”.

      1. Oh, yes she did.
        He has within him the possibility to change the direction and tone of American foreign policy, which need changing; his rise will serve as a practical rebuke to the past five years, which need rebuking; his victory would provide a fresh start in a nation in which a fresh start would come as a national relief. He climbed steep stairs, born off the continent with no father to guide, a dreamy, abandoning mother, mixed race, no connections. He rose with guts and gifts. He is steady, calm, and, in terms of the execution of his political ascent, still the primary and almost only area in which his executive abilities can be discerned, he shows good judgment in terms of whom to hire and consult, what steps to take and moves to make.


        1. Reagan is her first love–she is a Republican. I read her every week–have for yrs. She was “intellectual” about him as a phenom and may have been too fair–but she is not a KA drinker. Feel free to disagree, of course….snip snip.

          1. You point out when people get nasty–why just yesterday…. That comment was so far over the top there was no top–the one about Ryan being the same as the N Korean dictator. Really silly, when you stop to think about it.

        2. Noonan was one of those beltway insiders who were impressed with Obama’s pant crease. She, and others, thought Obama would turn moderate, as Clinton did.

          She was completely wrong, and her belief in the image presented by the MSM does not reflect well on her judgement.

          That she NOW recognizes him? I enjoy her columns, but her analysis now is a little too late.

          1. Go ahead and hate on her. I read her every step oif the way and maintain it’s more nuanced. But I am not going to defend the Murmuring Matron to the death–she can take care of herself.

  8. I wish I had more time to research this, but a quick calculation based on some educated guess-based numbers:

    Say the vacation costs $10,000,000. The real cost is likely more, but let’s stay with $10MM. Let’s assume that the average net federal income tax contribution per household is $10,000. That’s probably high once the freeloaders are added in. Assuming that these figures are somewhere close to being accurate, that means that the ENTIRE federal income tax contribution of a thousand households FOR A YEAR went to pick up the tab on the king and queens vacation.


    1. Hey they’ve added Maui this year! Probably a day trip they have
      some beautiful golf courses. I took my Mom there I promised but
      it’s a beautiful place. But should it be an overnight well the math
      goes out the lani with the trade winds. You’re going to be a busy
      fellow Scott calls for Cheetos.

      1. They will commandeer the air-ferry to Maui and interrupt everyone else’s trips, or plans. No-one else but his clan, SS, and Jarrett can be on the boat when their there. I would bet a cool thou on that.

      2. Probably going to get some golf in and visit with mama Oprah. Shutting down 2 islands during the most lucrative time of the year is sinful. it’s not like they contribute to the economy while they are in Oahu as their clan get discounted gov rates at posh hotels. those rates during high season are triple what they are (should say you are) paying.

  9. “Barack Hussein Obama” “is from Hawaii”…
    Yeah. Whatever.
    Show some “proof” of that AND his “college/law school records”

  10. OT but a boondoggle some school is actually paying kids to eat healthy
    Michelle approved food cause it’s been going in the trash. Seriously the
    whole Let’s Move and Force Feed Your Kid is pouring money down a
    hole. Now you’re going to pay them can you imagine if we had said to
    our parents or school I will if you pay me? We’d still be sitting in front of
    a plate of something green and petrified.

  11. He has some nerve – branching out to Maui on the taxpayer dime. I bet he never even visited the other islands when he lived on Oahu. No one seems to have any recollections of him during those days of bliss-filled chooming.

  12. Obama, sending gay patsies to the games for spite! Thats why they call it the Spite House. I’m all for gays and gay rights but who are we to tell another country what to do. I remember when the police raided gay bars in New York City in the good old USA. There are other countries like Australia and Saudi Arabia, why doesn’t Obama start trouble there too, He should be afraid of Putin, he better watch his back and stop annoying him.

  13. I just can’t stand the thought that Obama, and family including the mother-in-law? Michelle’s mother? taking our taxpayer money for these ten million dollar trips to Hawaii, Greedy aren’t they? There is a term for this family but I won’t repeat it here. Like I said a million times before, why hasn’t this Obama been impeached and stopped from being a complete dictator. We never had an Administration that is so crooked until now.

  14. He came from nothing, he is a spore of the devil I believe when I look at his face. Truth is he is rich now, and every one knows he was a waste of skin before Soros and the far, far left picked him up, and dumped him on the political scene of Illinois, now all he does is rub his sucess in our faces by wasting money as fast and as hard as he can. And, the democrats think he is one of them. They don’t either know who they are and what they believe in or they surely don’t know who he is. Only a small group of people do, and I don’t think they have America’s best at heart.

  15. The Obama’s don’t spend Christmas in Chicago no only because it would freeze their A$$ but they would be spending their time dodging bullets, or participating in the “Knock Out Game”. Both Obamas are a true product of Chicago and should be labeled as such.

  16. Pretty hefty price tag to fly Air Force one huh? You forgot to mention the other 747 which fly behind it as well as the two helicopters. Then there’s the motorcade of 50-75 vehicles, then the protection detail and the food and housing. Does that make you mad? It’s called the presidency and every president does it. Some do it more than others but each and every president since the conception of air travel does it. Bush traveled more than Obama, so stop complaining. You forgot to mention where possible Obama has used air force 757 usually reserved for the VP to save money. Obama paid 56,000 of his own money for his housing for the next 16 days, much more than Some……you should be more concerned about the idiot Republicans who try and tell women what they can’t do or the same idiots who try and cut back on funding for the poor just to give their cronies tax breaks. Stop complaining about the healthcare website and it glitch problems when republican controlled states like florida can’t get the unemployment website to work but have the nerve to complain. Just my thoughts.

  17. “And poor Michelle. Somehow the Obamas never spend Christmas in her homeland of Chicago. You know why? BECAUSE THEY’D BE FREEZING THEIR ASSES OFF.”…

    …And dodging bullets in the utopian “gun-free” zone that is Chicago… no one has guns there… it is illegal. Unfortunately, the math behind the homicide rate among residents, especially minorities, doesn’t seem to correlate with the anti-gun law..

  18. Wouldn’t it have been a nice gesture if Obama had gone to Chicago for his Christmas vacation? Instead of spending millions of dollars on luxury in Hawaii he could have used the money to feed thousands of street people, taken some homeless into his home for a few nights, etc. It would show he cared and made a nice impression on all of us. So much for my tax dollars going to help people. They ended up paying for a few dinners for Obama.

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