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The Obama Morning News || December 18, 2013

Reboot: Can Podesta save Obama? . . . Politico
With Obamacare, smokers, obese may pay more . . . Fox News
Snub: Obamas and Biden to skip Olympics
. . . Washington Post
U.S. delegation stocked with gay athletes
. . . Washington Times
Budget deal about to pass Senate . . . Politico
McConnell: No clean debt hike . . . Politico
Obama on defense over NSA . . . The Hill
Liberal group offered up Hillary for 250K . . . The Hill
Colleagues: Ryan won’t run in 2016 . . . The Hill
Biden’s niece in treatment after arrest . . . ABC News

34 Responses to The Obama Morning News || December 18, 2013

    • France and Germany are boycotting too.

      In August. Obama said the gay athlete kerfuffle was no reason for anyone to boycott the Olympics – our athletes need our support. Looks like he’s playing more games of ‘follow the leader(s)’.

      • Girly, as far as I know it´s only the leaders from France and Germany and some other nations who won´t attend. Their athletes will compete. The Winter Olympics is a big, big event for us Northern Europeans, it would not be popular to make the athletes stay out. It´s only the politicians who stay out because of this idiotic political correctness going on and nobody will miss them. They will probably be glued to the TV set at home instead.
        The US sends so many gay signals and so much gay propaganda with this president. In my morning paper I read that Obama sends gay icons to Sotji to mirror the multicultural American society according to the spokeswoman ( or rather make trouble for Putin ). It´s Billie Jean King and Caitlin Catrow. Why do they have to sexualize everything ?! This is a sports event,

        • Thanks, swedishlady. Sorry I wasn’t very clear and, yes, it is only the leaders of France and Germany – not the athletes who are staying home.

          Obama has gone overboard on his ‘gay’ platform and yet he was ready, willing, and able to attend the Olympics up until recently. Nothing has changed politically or otherwise in that short period. I think he was planning to go until the other world leaders backed out. He has no principles, himself, but he decided to follow their lead.
          The BillyJean/Catrow stunt is so childish and petty. Embarrassing!

        • At the opening of the Metropolitan Opera season gays demonstrated because they wanted the opera star and conductor, both Russians, to protest Russia’s stance on homosexuality. No matter that Anna Nebtrebko and Valery Georgiev might have opinions of their own and agree with their country’s position. Peter Gelb, the Met’s general manager, solved the problem by wearing rainbow suspenders on opening night. This thing has gone way too far.

      • “…our athletes need our support. ” – Girly1

        I would HOPE the atheletes ALREADY have a “supporter”! Although I’m sure Obama would gladly hold ’em for them himself…

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    • As we were discussing yesterday, with Edward Snowden over in Russia and all his information supposedly available to Putin, I wouldn’t be poking the Russian bear with a stick if I were Obama.

  1. U.S. delegation stocked with gay athletes . .

    I have a crack along the lines of what James Watt said about diversity, but I’ll keep it to myself.

  2. MrPodesta “saving” MrObama:
    C’mon he’s still learning the job, give him a break.
    C’mon, he’s a really nice guy. Really.
    C’mon, he didn’t lie, he just repeated what some liars told him.
    C’mon, it’s not his fault you’re too lazy to get a job.
    C’mon, he really thought pumping up the Market would make everyone rich.
    C’mon, he deserves this nice, posh vacations, he’s rich.
    C’mon, Obamacare’s not his fault, he didn’t write the act.
    C’mon, he’s a really nice guy. Really.

    • When he told Reid he had a “gift,” he did not mean speaking, he meant the gift of leisure. Some people can’t loaf–it isn’t in them–they watch the curling, whispering waves for 10 mins and think, “I could be doing something useful.” But not Obama–he has the abillity to be in the “now” and let cares slough off his back and just “be.” Still, this gift might not be so great in a leader–maybe in a guru, but not an administrator.

  3. Hard to believe Republicans in Congress voted to take from our brave warriors who gave their all in defense of America’s freedom. Many came home with missing limbs and severe injuries, but they came home alive. Now Congress betrayed their trust by reneging on this country’s promise to these brave men and women. At the same time our wounded warriors have to learn to live with less, lying, thieving frauds like Lois Lerner will receive their full retirement COLA. Why? Because Lois Lerner is a member of the favored group of retired government bureaucrats. Unforgivable.

    • And Congress will still be funding the illegals! Paul Ryan must be the ultimate utilitarian. You keep supporting the illegals because there’s some work to be squeezed out of them which no one else wants to do (supposedly), but our veterans have finished their work of defending us so let’s just chew ’em up and spit ’em out, even the ones disabled in the line of duty.

        • Sorry, Star, you’re just plain wrong. Ryan agreed to it when he and Patty Murray wrote the bill, and furthermore, the Republicans in the Senate went along with cloture and did not allow Senator Sessions to bring his amendment to the floor which would have rectified the treatment of veterans.

      • It is tragic, Julie. Heard about this on Mark Levin’s radio show last night and I tossed and turned all night. How could Paul Ryan agree to something so un-American? The worst part is that Ryan sold this plan with a promise to exempt the wounded warriors from the cutback. Yet suddenly that statement is airbrushed from the legislative synopsis. Paul Ryan and a majority of the members of Congress are as corrupt and unprincipled as the portly potentate of North Korea who airbrushed his mentor uncle out of existence.

          • It was the Dems, not Ryan, that refused to take the money from the illegals.

            I am only half wrong here. Ryan did say he thought the Republican attempt in the Senate was a try at eliminating the whole agreement, which might have been right or wrong. But what I said above is true–the Dems refused the amendments on other money sources–they rule the process in the Senate. Yes, Republicans voted for cloture and a good thing, too, except for this clause–were you hoping for another shutdown or something?

          • It’s not trash when it’s the truth. Julie is right. It was very much a bipartisan betrayal. Ryan had to know what he was doing to disabled veterans was wrong, when he removed that statement exempting them from his synopsis.