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The Ad Heard Round the World

This ad targeting Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) is getting a lot of attention, and for good reason: It’s devastating, and it’s exactly what Democrats will be facing all next year as they claw for reelection.

Take a look.

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  1. From Joe Ricketts’ Wiki: Ricketts served on the board of trustees of the American Enterprise Institute from 1999 to 2007. His son, Pete Ricketts, is a member of the Republican National Committee. His daughter, Laura Ricketts, is a lesbian activist and prominent bundler for Obama.

    Should make for interesting Thanksgiving dinners.

  2. It is a fantastic ad, so it must not be a Rovian production. Rush was talking about this ad and he made a very good point. The ad may be too confrontational for the establishment Republicans. Besides, if one of those radical groups that espouse Tea Party principles is responsible for the ad, GOP, Inc. will drop the idea like a hot potato.

  3. Completely uninterested in standard retired-guy leisure pursuits like golf (says son Tom: “He doesn’t have hobbies; he has passions”), Ricketts moved into the next phase of his life. In 2004, with two of his sons and a group of friends, the 63-year-old Ricketts climbed to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. There he fell into conversation with his guide, a Masai man named Shange Wilson, and learned that Wilson was using his meager savings to build a school in his village. Ricketts returned the next year and announced that he was starting the Educational Opportunity Foundation. Since then, the foundation has given more than $10 million of Ricketts’s money to more than 1,200 schools in Africa, Asia, and India. Says Tom Ricketts: “Dad gives rich guys a good name.”


    Does Soros do such things with his money, or does he focus solely on destroying the United States?

  4. Where the heck were these people during the 2012 campaign? Why didn’t our side run hard-hitting commercials during the last election.

    Honestly, sometimes I think our side is being run by pansies. Grow a pair, Republican Party. Fight like you mean it.

    • I am still wondering what happen to the debates between Romney and Obama. The first debate Romney was fantastic. However the other debates it seems to me still that Romney, back down. I feel he did that so he did not appear to be tough.
      I feel it cost him the election.

  5. While I like the ad, I don’t find it extraordinary that the opposition has put Obama’s infamous words into play. Good grief – he opened the door for a gazillion ads with those words.
    I wish Congress would use those words against him ….in a court of law.

  6. OT: must see TV
    Drudge is reporting that RevSharpton will interview MrsObama………….
    oh boy. Now that’s one interview I can’t wait to see.

    He can’t speak English properly and she can’t put together a complete sentence without a teleprompter.
    A preview of a future SNL skit!

  7. This is a good ad. We need more. And more visibility.

    That said, this whole Obamacare PR campaign, especially through the holidays — and a special shout out to the guy in the onesie — is just a joke. It is so sad, so desperate. Not only is Obamacare a rotten disaster so is his PR effort. He should fire the agency and whoever else is coming up with this dreadful misfire. Pathetic — but oh so ripe for ridicule.